Institute for Rare Earth Elements and Metals

The Institute for Rare Earth Elements and Metals e.V.

About us

The world economy depends on oil. This fact was realized at least with the oil crises of 1973 and 1979. In the same proportion, as much as the awareness of the scarcity of oil increases, so does its price.

However largely unconsidered, we have actually fallen into a second dependency – of the so-called Rare Earths for a long time: In fact, these 17 difficult to obtain metals are required in many high-tech fields, from cell phones and LED TVs for the modern medicine to electrical and Hybrid engines that are intended to solve the mobility of oil. Today, the Rare Earths are among the most valuable raw-materials in the world.
Likewise, the largest supplier of indispensable elements is by far China. Moreover, similar to the Arabic states with oil, the People’s Republic wholly has the market in hand. Although, China has drastically reduced the export quotas for rare earths in the past, a further reduction is going to be announced in the near future. The reason for this monopoly, among others is that China has not considered the reduction of environmental impacts yet. As a result, air, soil and water will be inconsiderately polluted.
In order to break this dependence to Chinese exports on one hand, and on the other hand, to encourage others to an environmental friendly mining, the Institute of Rare Earths was established.
We consider ourselves as a consultancy and networking platform. In addition to comprehensive information on Rare Earth, we offer professional research analyses, mining projects and equity investments.
This institute aims to bring suppliers, customers and investors together in order to tap the critical economic resource of Rare Earths outside of China as well.



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