Les terres rares et métaux de presse des médias à partir d'impressions et Internet

Le flot de nouvelles sur le thème de la terre et des métaux rares est tout simplement ingérable. Ici vous avez accès à une piscine d'information organisée en différentes catégories. Par conséquent, afin d'affiner votre recherche, s'il vous plaît utiliser la boîte de recherche rapide sur le côté droit. Cette base de données est gérée depuis Mars 2012. Pour les entrées antérieures à cette date, please visit our old website www.institutselteneerden.com

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Corporations of the rare earths

The corporations of the rare earth and metals introduce themselves. Generally, you receive detailed portraits of individual companies, press releases, videos, analysis, presentations, announcements, contact information and many more.


News of the corporations of the rare earths

News, press releases and opinions on Arafura, Avalon, Black Sea Metals, China Rare Earth, Great Western Minerals, Hudson Resources, Lynas, Molycorp, Quantum Rare Earth, Rare Element Resources, Stans Energy, Tantalus, and many other corporations of the rare earth group.


Politik zur Rohstoffsicherung

Rare earth and the international policy

Governments enter into unfavorable alliances with other countries, expressing complaints at the WTO, take a soft line approach toward countries where human rights is only a word and suddenly do not take the issue of environmental protection seriously any longer when it comes to rare earths.


Das Trennen der Seltenen ERden vom Gestein

Rare earth and research

Siemens and Volkswagen pursue their own research projects about the rare earths. However, still the actual situation is the know-how of the Chinese. How long could they take the lead? Will the Western countries ever be able to separate the coveted items in the future?


Strom durch Solar und Windkraft durch seltene Erden

Rare earth and the economy

Rare earths are required for nearly all modern high-tech products. From the stadium lighting, reactor technology, electric motors, television technology, cell phones, computers and many more are enough operational areas of the popular elements of the lanthanum group. How the economy operates? What ways are to be gone?


Recycling der 17 Lanthan Elemente

Rare earth and recycling

Recycling is one of the key issues for the extraction of the Rare Earths. Millions of tons of old cell phones, computers, panels and other electronic waste are shipped every year to the third world countries so that the waste is not seen here. There is neodymium in every neon tube and there is Dysprosium in any high-speed electric motor.

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Rare earths in general

All the reports that have not fit into the above listed categories will be listed here. General information about the rare earths, dates of the fairs, lectures, book reviews and basic information.

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