Zum Verkauf: Thuliumoxid und Holmiumoxid

Im Kundenauftrag bieten wir 120 KG Holmiumoxid 99,0% and 20 KG Thuliumoxid 99,95% an. Die Ware liegt in Deutschland und kann analysiert werden. Eine komplette Dokumentation ist vorhanden. Eine Analyse vom Institute Fresenius liegt vor.

Gerne sind wir bei einer Abwicklung behilflich. Sollten Sie Interesse an der angebotenen Ware haben schreiben Sie uns bitte ihre komplette Erreichbarkeit per Email; wir werden ihnen entsprechende Analyseberichte zukommen lassen. Die Verhandlungen zum Kauf führen Sie bitte mit dem Inhaber persönlich.

Zu Holmium:

The silver-white lustrous metal of the rare earth is soft and malleable. Holmium has special magnetic properties. In its ferromagnetic properties, it is far superior to the iron. With 10,6 μB it has the highest magnetic moment of a naturally occurring chemical element. With yttrium, it forms magnetic compounds. In dry air is relatively resistant to Holmium, in moist or warm air, it runs quickly, forming a yellowish oxide. At temperatures above 150 ° C, it burns Ho2O3 the sesquioxide. With water it reacts with evolution of hydrogen to hydroxide. In mineral acids it dissolves with the formation of hydrogen on. In its compounds it is the oxidation number +3 before, the Ho3 ions form yellow solutions in water. Under special conditions for the reductive chlorides can also be an oxidation number +2 be realized, e.g.. the holmium(II,III)chlorid Ho5Cl11, However, there is the pure holmium(II)chloride does not.


Because of its excellent magnetic properties of holmium pole pieces are used for high-performance magnets to produce the strongest magnetic fields.


  1. A magnetic bubble memory using thin film alloys of holmium iron, Holmium-nickel-cobalt and holmium.
  2. Control rods in breeder reactors.
  3. Doping of yttrium iron garnet (YIG), Yttrium-aluminum-shell (YAG) und Yttrium-Lithium-Fluorid (YLF) for solid-state laser (Holmium laser having an emission wavelength of 2.1 microns [7]) and microwave components in medical.
  4. Holmium oxide to produce a yellow glass u.a. because of its sharp absorption bands for calibration of photometers.

Holmium has no known biological function.

Holmium and Holmiumverbindungen are regarded as less toxic. Metal dusts are fire- and potentially dangerous.

Zu Thulium:

The silver-gray metal of the rare earths is very soft, stretchable and malleable.
In dry air is very stable thulium, in moist air, it goes to gray. At higher temperatures, it burns, it reacts to Sesquioxid.Mit water with evolution of hydrogen to hydroxide. In mineral acids it dissolves with the formation of hydrogen on. In its compounds it is the oxidation state +3 before, the Tm3 ions in water are pastel blue-green solutions.


Use in television sets (for activation of the phosphors on the screen surface) there are few commercial applications:
Acts of nuclear reactors outsourced 170Tm as X-ray source (Gamma emitters in the test material)
Thuliumdotiertes Yttriumtantalat oder Lanthanoxybromid (LaOBr) serves as a scintillator in the X-ray intensifying screens or fluorescent screens in the X-ray technique
Thuliumdotiertes calcium sulfate is used as a detector in personal dosimeters for measurement of low radiation doses
Thuliumkristalle can be used as an active medium in diode-pumped solid state lasers (Wavelength 2 μm) with an overall efficiency of up to 10 % at a maximum of 60 W light power can be used.
Thuliumdotiertes silica glass as the active medium in fiber lasers (Wavelength 2 μm) was measured with a differential efficiency of 53,2 % at a power > 1000 W operated.
Thulium and Thuliumverbindungen are of low toxicity. Thuliumstäube are fire- and potentially dangerous.

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