Zeo Trade & Development Ltd. completes first significant contract for the supply of zeolites.


Berlin, London, the 29. November 2013
Zeo Trade & Development Ltd. is currently with several potential large customers for the supply of large amounts of zeolite in negotiation. The areas of application are mainly the drinking- and wastewater treatment, the air purification as well as the agricultural sector, is used in the zeolite-based fertilizer. Overall zeolites however they are extremely versatile and interesting for a number of industries.
A significant order has Zeo Trade & Development Ltd. just finished with a leading global manufacturer of Shiazosteinen. The first delivery is already In early December take place, and thus generate the first revenues from the business' account zeolites ". The zeolite is used for producing the Shiazosteine, which are offered on the international market. The zeolite-based Shiazosteine (www.shiazo.de) be used as a tobacco substitute for Shisha Smoking, so that this - with Shiazosteinen - not the tobacco- and smoking falls. In this regard, there was a court decision in Bavaria: Shiazo may be used in Bavaria, as there or no tobacco smoke. Produces smoke, with particulate matter (solids) inhaled. The "smoking" with Shiazosteinen works like a fog machine, also there is no smoke, but a mist steam, d. h. small liquid droplets, ejected. This Shiazo is allowed in Bavarian cafes and bars. The hookah smoking with Shiazosteinen is much less hazardous to health than smoking tobacco. There are more than 20 different varieties of Shiazosteinen with different flavors. Our client is the leading global producer of steam stones and has a patent for the production. Sales of Shiazoprodukte rising worldwide significantly.

Potential sales volumes and international orientation
Overall, currently negotiations are ongoing about a potential sales volume of approximately. 2500 Tons of zeolite for the year 2014, wobei ca. 40 % for the American and 60 % for the German and European market are provided. Zeo Trade thus provides the possibility, in the two major global markets already has a market share of over 1 % to achieve. Cooperation happens on the production side u. a. with the leading European and second largest U.S. producer zeolite (KMI Zeolite: www.kmizeolite.com), so that to expect a reliable process orders and ensure timely delivery. Certain processing, Packaging, Grits or product mixtures should also be to tackle problems. In addition, there are business relations to other smaller mines.
The overall conclusion is, that the international orientation of the Zeo Trade & Development Ltd. (Website in English) has paid. As. 70 % the potential business come about through international contacts, also numerous business contacts were redeveloped in numerous countries outside of Germany, which were made possible in part through existing contacts or are simply caused by requests due to our English website. These include, for example,: Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Egypt, Algeria, China, Philippines, Spain, Serbia, Canada, U.S. and Russia.

Negotiate the use of zeolite in the oil industry
The Board of Trade Zeo, Mr. Andreas Schmidt, has worldwide contacts in the mining industry and is a leading group of industrial minerals trading companies in a business relationship. In 2012 example, he has a consultancy fee for the supply of possible investments in or. Get acquisition of Barite mines. A project in the area of ​​Barite is nearing completion. Barite used in the oil industry, to open up holes or. to stabilize. Zeolites are used on the other hand to, existing boreholes, are exhausted, close. It offered to, with representatives of the oil industry regarding a use of zeolites, more precisely the product ZeoFume, Enter into negotiations. Basically, long-term interest in the use of zeolites, but the talks over a longer period will extend. One reason for this is, among other, that in the oil industry with respect to industrial minerals such as frac sand or Barite is more talked about volume of millions of tons, and not several thousand tons of. A boarding the relevant players would necessarily mean a doubling or tripling of the entire zeolites market in North America - naturally longer-term negotiations are necessary, To achieve this.

Zeolite for waste water treatment for the world's leading mining group
Much more advanced are the talks with a leading global resources company, the zeolites would like to use for the purification of waste water at a production site. Negotiations are conducted by our Canadian partners Arenito Chemicals and Minerals and the second-largest U.S. producer zeolites. Zeo Trade & Development Ltd. would get a regular payment for an order. The customer had already some years ago appointed by the Corporation ZEOX zeolites and extensively tested. Of this compound is Contact Zeo You Trade & Development Ltd. emerged.
Even more important: This would have been a well-known reference customers for the application of wastewater and can offer appropriate technologies and applications to other customers in the commodities sector. In particular, the value chain is planning to expand the thought, with a complete infrastructure and services to be offered by partner companies. This is in view of the potential sales volume in comparison to the pure zeolites sales several times greater and rapidly growing market, since in particular commodity companies increasingly stringent environmental regulations are subject to. Thus, the complete development of a mine project in a volume of over seven billion U.S. dollars was for example the world's largest gold producers, due to the non-compliance with environmental regulations, in particular the risk of groundwater contamination, completely stopped.

Agricultural market: Fertilizer solutions
Already in the press release dated 6. August we announced, Explore ways, to start the business of zeolites-based fertilizer. Accordingly, numerous discussions were, especially with farmers, out. The market for fertilizer is controlled by a few providers in Germany, the major customers are generally regional cooperatives, enter into a bulk order or a framework agreement on fertilizer supplies. In the fertilizer business is to be noted, that there are a variety of different fertilizer blends, vary the planned depending on the soil or the respective attachment. In order to bring a fertilizer on the market itself, you have to mix the various ingredients of the fertilizer in the appropriate ratio and deliver the "fertilizer mixture" to the respective farmer. Zeo Trade is in preliminary discussions and elicited the possibility of a supply of 1000 Tons of zeolites-based fertilizer. For the first quarter 2014 is the conclusion of an agreement in this regard announced. The magnitude would be sufficient in any case, to start this business, and would be a good starting point, the marketing push first national. The know-how can be then used, to enter into the international fertilizer market.

Berlin, London im November
Zeo Trade & Development Ltd.
Andreas Schmidt, CEO

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