Zadar Ventures Ltd..: Letter to Shareholders on the current uranium projects Patterson Lake NE and Triex


28. January 2014 – Vancouver, British Columbia. Zadar Ventures Ltd.. ("The Company") presents a review of the past year 2013 and the outlook for a promising year 2014. Zadar focused 2013 mainly due to the generation and could the year with the acquisition of all license rights to five (5) Uranium exploration projects in advanced development stages, all of which are located in the Athabasca Basin, conclude. (Previous owners of the projects was the Triex Mineral Corporation, which are also responsible for their development.) Zadar began in Uranium Project Patterson Lake NE (PNE) the first uranium-soil exploration by, expanded the management team and provided a loan of 933.000 $ sure. After reaching these targets Zadar looks with great anticipation to an active exploration year 2014 contrary to, where especially new discoveries are planned.

Zadar is confident, that the economic fundamentals in the uranium exploration sector and the high-quality project portfolio of the Company's uranium projects in the Athabasca Basin in conjunction with the current increase in uranium discovery in the Athabasca to the shareholders in the year 2014 an excellent result will bring.

2013 Zadar acquired all concession rights to five (5) Uranium exploration projects in advanced development stages (67.561 Hectare), all of which are in the profitable Athabasca Basin:

• Uranprojekt Pasfield Lake

• Uranprojekt West Carswell

• Uranprojekt Stony Road

• Uranprojekt Riverlake

• Uranium Project High Rock

In fact 5 Projects together form a uranium exploration package, das von Triex Minerals Corporation ("Triex") has been created and developed in the years after the turn of the millennium. There were more than 17 Million $ invested in exploration and in the evaluation of historical data. The result was an impressive convolute to project data, Referring now to 100 % are in possession of Zadar. The value of the collected historical data material and those carried out in the projects exploration activities under the direction of Dr. Michael Gunning Ph.D, P.Geo. can not be stressed enough. Dr. Gunning already has numerous uranium discoveries in the Athabasca Basin to its successes; this project portfolio includes high-level target zones, which are in an advanced stage of exploration, and their development Dr. Gunning was personally actively involved during his senior role in Triex exploration.

Zadar has initiated a detailed data analysis for each project and opens up in each of the five (5) Triex projects a number of priority drill targets. In particular, geophysical data and structural data were collected as part of the modeling – including the results of the between Triex 2007 and 2009 carried out diamond drilling in the Pasfield Lake Uranium Project – identified promising exploration targets, which aims to expand the company as soon as possible on. Also found in the other four projects uranium targets, some of which were already investigated and partially unexplored. It can be assumed, that the ongoing analysis and integration of technical data will lead to a more precise determination of the drill targets. Zadar überlegt, to start for some of the projects in its portfolio joint ventures, soon as the current data analysis is complete.

2013 acquired Zadar addition, all license rights to three (3) other uranium projects in a strategic position (28.376 Hectare), which are also located in the Athabasca Basin:

• Uranprojekt PNE

• Uranprojekt BullRun B, C & It

• Uranprojekt Upper Poulton

The projects PNE and Bullrun B, C & E lie in the rapidly growing mining region Patterson Lake South in the southwestern part of the Athabasca Basin. Zadar held a series of geophysical last season, geochemical and geological studies and reviews in the uranium project by PNE. The PNE project is located in a large, extending in a northeasterly direction structural corridor with low gravity, of the former Cluff Lake uranium mine, includes the Shea Creek uranium deposits, and only recently discovered in the Project Patterson Lake South high grade uranium mineralization. The PNE project shares a common border with the Patterson Lake North Project (Fission Uranium Corp. (50%) – Azincourt Uranium Inc. (50%)). Here was a round recently 8 discovered immediately adjacent to the PNE project km long underground Leittrend. In the same press release (8. October 2013) announced Fission Uranium, the operator of the Patterson Lake North Project, an, 1,5 Million $ wanting to invest in the exploration. Among other things, so that in 2014 a winter bore on 2.500 – 3.000 Meters of drilling will be funded. This extremely positive development confirms Zadar on the assumption, that the project PNE has the best chance of discovering a uranium deposit, the unconformity or in a. is embedded into the existing bedrock and localized near the surface. The basis for providing lithology, Structure, Alterations or historical samples of rock material. Die Claims BullRun B, C and E are located in geologically favorable situation over a strike length with electromagnetic control systems, along major faults or fault zones (which are crossed by smaller faults). Their removal of known uranium mineralization between a few kilometers and a few tens of kilometers.

The Upper Poulton Lake project is located in the eastern part of the Athabasca Basin, about 21 km southeast of the Cigar Lake uranium mine. In the context of previous exploration activity in the area (performed Cameco and other) could be a number northeast extending conductors are almost identified below the surface, which coincide with the rejection Bird Lake. The company is enthusiastic about the target zones, since the higher-grade and larger deposits at McArthur River, Stand Cigar Lake and Key Lake in direct connection to graphite fibers. Initial drilling by Cameco in the area of ​​Upper Lake Poulton provided evidence, that hydrothermal alteration and a large, 2.5 km wide with illite, U and Pb enriched Felszug the trace of the fault and part of a neighboring zone with high magnetic field values ​​partially superimposed.

Simultaneously with the acquisition of the former Triex projects, the company was able, its management team by two renowned experts in the uranium exploration- to expand and development industry: Jeremy S. Brett M.Sc., P.Geo. (Advisor to the Board) supports the team of Zadar with its technical and geophysical expertise (and directs the ongoing data collection and analysis); Paul D. Gray, P.Geo. (President) with his practical experience in the uranium exploration and development is also a great addition to the board.

In December 2013 or. January 2014 presented Zadar funding through 2,093 Million $ on the legs. The first tranche consists of 933.000 $ an Fremdkapital, the other 1,16 Million $ be applied in the form of a GRIT-placement. With this placement, the company can continue to focus on the development and exploration drilling targets, in the company's own, quality uranium projects in the Athabasca Basin have been identified.

Zadar Ventures Ltd.. is a junior uranium exploration company, focused on the acquisition and exploration of commercially viable mineral resources. For more information, visit the company's website at

Kieran Downes, P. In his capacity as a qualified person under National Instrument 43-101 the technical information verified and confirmed in this message.


Paul D. Gray, P. Geo.

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