Zadar acquires all rights to the uranium project West Carswell


19. December 2013 – Vancouver, British Columbia. Zadar Ventures Ltd.. (the “Business”) are known, Canterra Minerals Corporation is dass mit (“Canterra”) und Triex Minerals Corp. (“Triex”), one 100 %-Tocht von Canterra, a definitive purchase agreement signed. Under this agreement, Zadar acquires all rights to the uranium project West Carswell. By convention, the company will 385.000 Transferred ordinary shares on Canterra. Canterra receives a participation in the form of an NSR 2 % the project, with the possibility of, 1 % for 1 Million $ repurchase

Das Projekt West Carswell (8.157 Hectare) located on the western edge of the Carswell structure. This meteorite impact crater is an approximately circular and consists of several rings structure with an average diameter of 35 km within the Athabasca Basin, up to the 2 km length of material deeper layers, which was driven upward, is. In the Carswell structure, there are numerous uranium deposits (SMDI: Saskatchewan Mineral Deposit Inventory). These include the zones D, N, ON, Claude, Dominique-Peter, Dominique-Janine und West Dominique-Janine, which are managed jointly as mine Cluff Lake. COGEMA Resources Inc. was 22 Years, operators of this mine, from the above 60 Million pounds were promoted U308 (Geology, Mineral and Petroleum Resources of Saskatchewan; Saskatchewan Industry and Resources, 2003). The Shea Creek uranium properties (Lagerstätten Kianna, Anne, Collette und 58B) houses the largest undeveloped uranium resources in the Athabasca Basin or. the third largest uranium resource in the Athabasca Basin ( The Shea Creek uranium mineralization is located outside the Carswell structure, about 20 Kilometers south of the Cluff Lake deposits and 15 Kilometers southeast of West Carswell project. The Property West Carswell is located in the same base formation as Cluff Lake and Shea Creek. This zone is narrow, marked in NW-SE trending magnetic field zones, in the maps, which have been compiled according to Magnetfeldmeßflügen, are shown. The shear zone Harrison is a regional fault zone, which belongs to the southwestern rim of the Carswell structure. The shear zone runs through the northeastern portion of the West Carswell project and has here due to the possible presence of uranium deposits of great importance. In the past, found electromagnetic field measurements in the air and on the ground as well as diamond drilling instead. The measurement flights for the determination of electromagnetic fields yielded a highly conductive structure, referred to as MP anomaly (~ 4,3 lang km O / W x 1,2 km wide N / S). In exploratory drilling in the area of ​​MP anomaly uranium mineralization in the form of fault zones and hydrothermal breccia zones was intersected. There were increased to abnormal laboratory values (9-316 ppm) in the sandstone, up to 60 Meter breite, low-level radioactive zones in the sandstone in the area of ​​discordance and hämatitisches and radioactive granite base rock. The geophysical measurements also showed electromagnetic lead structures, associated with the shear zone in Harrison connection and have not yet been explored by drilling.

The ordinary shares are issued after signing the contract and approval by the TSX-V and are bound to a hold period of four months and one day from issue date.

Zadar Ventures Ltd.. is a junior uranium exploration company, focused on the acquisition and exploration of commercially viable mineral resources. For more information, visit the company's website at

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