Trade association for rare earth wants to sustainable development of the industry

Wirtschaftsverband für rare earths will nachhaltige Entwicklung der Branche

11.04.2012 – On Sunday, China's trade association for rare earths officially launched. With him was to the sustainable development of this industry are encouraged, said the Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology.

The association consists of 155 Members, the entire industrial chain (Mines, Smelting and so on) include. Below are some of the Chinese industrial giants, such as the Aluminum Corporation of China and the China Minmetals Corporation, said Vice Minister Sun Bo. “Thus, the communications and negotiations will be more easily within the trade association.”

“The tasks of this organization are, among others, to establish a rational pricing system and achieve a win-win situation between producers and consumers”, Yong Gan sagte, the president of the trade association. Gan is also researcher at the Chinese Academy of Engineering. “It is now urgent, to curb the illegal trade and resolve trade conflicts, particularly with foreign companies.”

In recent years the Chinese government has new rules of production, stricter environmental standards and an export quota system introduced, to ensure the sustainable development of the industry. But the measures have aroused protest in several countries. The EU, the United States and Japan have accused China, To pursue trade protectionism, to provide benefits to the Chinese industry and attract foreign companies to China. The government in Beijing has returned but this: The controls were used to, to protect the environment and its resources.

China currently has about 97 Percent of world production of rare earths in, but he has only a third of world reserves. “Many countries have rare earth. The rest of the world should not only allow China to do the dirty work”, Gan said. “The exploitation of rare earths has already done a lot of environmental damage. We can not pursue our economic interests at the expense of the environment. The sustainable development of the industry for rare earths is therefore our primary concern.”

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