What does the rare earths market urgently? (Apart mind)

The former CEO of Neo Material Technologies Inc. said shortly before the takeover by the industry giant Molycorp, that Rare earth not, however, defined as rare, because they are really rare, but because it is very difficult, to extract these elements individually and that it requires a lot of expertise, To be successful.

Today we published a new Research Report über Commerce Resources Corp., in the latest corporate message is analyzed, being made this abundantly clear, why all other commerce development companies in Rare earth ("REE") Area is a big step ahead. This commerce is rated quite low, you look at the many other REE's shares on, incurred in the comparative analysis compliant under the microscope.

In addition, two other REE stocks are analyzed, which are able to also, a mineral concentrate with about 30% Produce TREO. However, in comparison with these two known stocks Commerce cuts significantly better.

Commerce is able for a few days, to produce a mineral concentrate at a commercial level, the global of all REE smelters or. -Processors will be asked desperately. These smelters buy only concentrates from mines, at least 30% TREO and include a recovery rate of at least 60% have.

Commerce announced a few days ago, that with low-cost standard method, a mineral concentrate with more than 40% TREO bei 70% Recovery can be made. None of the other REE development company is also capable of, therefore, we assumed, that in the foreseeable future, a joint-venture partner is presented, with the Ashram deposit in Quebec can be brought into production. Denn Commerce Liess verlautbaren, that next, a detailed budget is published, should be recognized immediately in the, how lucrative it would be, to buy the produce of Commerce mineral concentrate.

This could lead to a commitment of a known group before completing the pre-feasibility study, and it is pointed, why the government of Quebec would soon invest in shares of Commerce. Indeed, we expect equity participation by the Government of Quebec, as SOG. "Plan Nord II" was recently launched again by the new Liberal government back to life and provides, over the next 10 Year round $90 Billion. in the development of the northern Infrastructure to invest Quebec. In addition, are $1,5 Billion. are in a state fund available, to flow into shares of promising development projects, so that the entire population of Quebec can benefit from an increase in value. Commerce could soon benefit twice from the Plan Nord II.


Commerce and their Ashram deposit remain our top candidate in the REE sector, as we see by far the greatest potential, to achieve profitable production. According to our research, there are in total REE market is not a significant development project with a view to success in the foreseeable future - with the exception of Commerce, are the only one able, produce a sufficiently high grade mineral concentrate, that meets the requirements of buyers. This unique circumstance, coupled with the expected shortly costs details, probably the first interested lure to light, because we know that only wins the first. "

In the foreseeable future startegischer partners could thus be presented, with which the development is financed mine. Such a communication should enable the entire REE market in sensation, da es bisher nur Molycorp und Lynas have made it into the production. Indes is explained in the analysis, Molycorp and Lynas have why it so difficult and why Commerce should not have such problems.

The complete analysis of the company with the title "What the REE market urgently needs? (Apart mind)“ can be loaded on rock stone-research.com as PDF, or directly with the links below:


http://www.rockstone-research.de/research/RockstoneREEupdate6deutsch.p …


http://www.rockstone-research.de/research/RockstoneREEupdate6english.p …

Those: http://www.wallstreet-online.de/nachricht/6959082-rare-earth-market-strongly-except-understood

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