Vena Resources: Significant improvement in the balance sheet structure, Increase in working capital of 1,2 My. U.S. $ and cash flow of 2,5 My. US-$


Toronto, Ontario, Canadian - Vena Resources Inc.. (the "Company" or "Vena") (TSX: COME, Peru: COME, Germany: V1RA, USA: VNARF) are known, dass venas wholly-owned subsidiary Cordillera S.A. ("Cordillera") from tax losses for the price of 100.000 U.S. $ was sold to a Peruvian private companies. Cordillera was due to transactions in connection with the subsidiary Azulcocha Mining SA. („Azulcocha Mining“) Liabilities to third parties in the amount of 1,1 My. US-$. Azulcocha Mining was established in November 2012 Trafigura Beheer on B.V. sold.

In addition, Vena Announces, that Trafigura now with his monthly payments in the amount of 100.000 U.S. $ has begun. As 28. September, and 8. November 2012 announced, Vena has a share purchase agreement with Trafigura closed. According to this contract vena obtained for Azulcocha Mining total 5 My. U.S. $ and a net profit share („NPI“) of 10 % future production. Trafigura can this NPI any time at a price of additional 2 My. Purchase U.S. $. The first payment of 2,5 My. U.S. $ in November 2012, and the balance of 2,5 My. U.S. $ will from now on in monthly payments 100.000 Paid U.S. $.

Furthermore, Vena has announced, that it has signed contracts to debt settlement, liabilities for goods and services totaling 118.519,59 $ compensate. For this purpose, a total of 1.316.881 Ordinary shares of the Company at a price of 0,09 $ issued. The common shares issued are subject under applicable securities law a holding period of four months and one day from the Issue Date. The transactions under these agreements are subject to certain conditions, among other things, the granting of necessary approvals, inter alia from Toronto Stock Exchange.

Juan Vega, Chairman and CEO of Vena, commented: "The efforts of our management, to reorganize our budgets despite difficult market conditions, are now paying slowly and improve business results clearly. Thereby, that liabilities of more than 1,2 My. $ were offset, and through the monthly cash flow, which can be used in different ways, we expect 2014 a positive business. We will then focus on, Promote Esquilache and Agincourt, our new uranium partner in Peru, to support. "

For further information on Vena Resources, please visit the company's website at, our Facebook page or contact Juan Vegarra, Chairman & CEO, by phone (416) 364-7739, App. 120 oder per E-Mail unter

Important Note on forward-looking statements: This press release contains forward-looking statements, especially regarding the sale of Vena's 50-percent share of Minergia SAC. and the necessary consent of the Exchange. Forward-looking statements are often "plan" by words such as, "Expect", "Intend", "Believe", "Anticipate", "Estimate", "May", "Potential" and similar expressions to identify. The forward-looking statements are based on certain events and expectations of Vena. Although vena assumes, that the expectations and assumptions, the forward-looking statements are based are, are justified, the prudent investor should not rely on forward-looking statements, because Vena takes over no guarantee, that this will occur or. Since forward-looking statements relate to future events and conditions, they involve inherent risks and uncertainties. Actual results may differ in each case materially from those currently anticipated results expressed in such statements. In addition to other risks, which may affect the statements in this press release, the forward-looking, come those, Veins in MD&A or on the financial position and the results of activities in the three. nine months to 30. September 2013 as well as in the annual information form of the Company for the year ended 31. December 2012 are presented year ended. Both reports can be found at Forward-looking statements are made on the basis of available information as of the date indicated. The company is not obligated, Such statements, whether to correct, to respond to new circumstances or the occurrence of unanticipated events before, except as required by law. For the correctness of the translation is any liability assumed. Please note original English message.

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