U.S. import duties on Chinese solar systems “inadequate”

U.S. import duties on Chinese solar systems “inadequate”

21.05.2012 – China rejected on Friday a U.S. decision to Antidumpling Chinese solar power installations as “unfair” and “inadequate” from. Chinese manufacturers said, higher import duties could slow the development of clean energy.
Shen Danyang, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman denounced the U.S. measures as trade protectionism. “By deliberately provoked frictions when trading in the clean energy sector, the United States in the world give a negative signal in terms of protectionism”, Shen said in a statement.

The two governments have committed themselves, cooperate in the development of renewable energies, However, throwing each other, To violate free trade commitments and their own producers prefer to.

The preliminary ruling of the U.S. Commerce Department said on Thursday, Chinese producers sell their solar cells and panels below the fair market price and thus hurting American producers. If the judgment is confirmed, could an average of import duties 31 Be imposed on Chinese percent solar panels.
Also on Friday announced the China Association for Renewable Energy, China demanded the U.S. Department of Commerce, “the facts and rechecked to make the right decision”, without influence by the U.S. elections.

Chinese exporters such as Suntech Power Holdings and Trina Solar were from customs duties as 31 Percent penalty. Other Chinese solar companies with import duties of 31 up to 250 Percent faced, although tariff levels could be changed before the final decision of the U.S. Commerce Department in October.

According to the U.S. Commerce Department, imports from China were of solar cells in 2011 with an estimated 3,1 Billion U.S. dollars assessed.
“Chinese companies are going to lose, given the high import taxes at a price advantage over U.S. companies”, Gao sagte Hongling, Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese PV industry alliance.

The decision of the United States, To levy import duties on Chinese solar cell, is a price to 1,11 U.S. dollars per watt increase, According to calculations by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. This award is to 17 Percent higher than the current spot price for non-Chinese panels, says the study.

There are also worries, whether the U.S. will follow Europe, Gao said. The European Union is considering, whether an anti-dumping- and anti-subsidy investigation concerning imports of Chinese launches photovoltaic solar panels.
“If Europe decides on an investigation, Chinese companies are greatly impaired”, Gao said.

China exported more than 90 Percent of its photovoltaic solar panels on the American and European markets.
(China Daily)

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