Ukraine adopts EU Integration Plan

Ukraine adopts EU Integration Plan

10.04.2012 Kiev, Ukraine – The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is the immediate action plan 2012 adopted to integrate the country into the European Union. The document deals with internal reforms (as the modernization of gas transportation system, institutional reforms in Ukraine and the orientation of the European Football Championship 2012) as well as questions about the deepening of ties between Ukraine and the EU: Visa liberalization, Cooperation with police- and judicial authorities of the EU, Expansion of trade cooperation, etc..

In addition to the listed domestic reforms, the document also contains measures to enhance regional development in the country, restructuring of the national gas company Naftogaz and administrative preparation for the implementation of the Association Agreement.

Ukraine is also planning an expansion of cooperation with the EU in the fields of nuclear safety, Research and Technology, Defense and space research. In addition, the new document lays down the common airspace with the EU. The plan provides for accession of Ukraine to the European network of the electricity transmission network operator before.

Ukraine and the EU have a 1.391 Km long common border and have spent a number of areas a close cooperation. Ukraine is a strategic partner of the EU gas transit. Your natural gas transportation system handles 70 Percent of Russian gas shipments to Europe. The EU is one of the most important trade partner of Ukraine: 2011 The trade volume amounted to 44 Billion U.S. dollars, with a growth rate of 36 Percent.

The European integration is a long-term foreign policy goal of Ukraine. The country had the first negotiations with the EU in 1999 recorded. A number of senior representatives of EU Member States, you. a. the Czech Republic, Finland and Lithuania, had supported the European aspirations of Ukraine.

2007 had both sides on the signing of an agreement still to be negotiated Association Agreement. After 21 Rounds of negotiations, the negotiation process between Ukraine and the EU took place on 19. December 2011 Finally, a successful outcome.

The Association Agreement will regulate the cooperation between the partners and the introduction of a deep and comprehensive free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU. The initialling of the political and economic section of a portion of the document took place on 30. March 2012 held in Brussels.

Currently both sides are working on the technical aspects of preparing the document for signature and ratification of other. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych declared, Consider the Ukraine Association Agreement as a comprehensive reform program.

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