Tradium – The key element in your business

First European Minerals LTD.The First European Minerals offers institutional and private investors the unique opportunity in physical, to invest strategic metals. The big difference to already existing companies with similar business model is a warranted Wiederverkaufbarkeit the goods.

We only goods with a proven purity available, which are in demand by industrial companies. This puts the investor in the position of rare metals with high potential for value appreciation, such as e.g.. Niobium, Tantalum, Tungsten, Neodymium Dysprosium oder, to act the same way, such as gold or silver, for which there is a buyer in the sale case factually daily.

Our partner TRADIUM - Germany's largest dealer of Rare Earths and Strategic Metals, based in Frankfurt - buys the metals, which are then stored at the company Metlock. Metlock has Germany's largest high security storage for valuable metals. The embedded metals are, of course, insured and may on payment of the VAT. be picked up from the warehouse at any time by the buyer.

Since the physical storage of metals generates no interest, the investor is dependent on a stable to rising price. It is here that the advantage to an Investment in Strategic Metals shows in comparison to precious metals. The increase in value of strategic metals has excelled in the last five years the growth in value of gold far.

A study, which was commissioned by the First European Minerals in order, estimated the annual investment volume, which might accrue to the First European Minerals, on world 24 Billion. Euro.

The key element in your business.

This sentence is not shy in large letters over the entrance door of the company TRADIUM from Frankfurt am Main. With good reason. The ISO certified TRADIUM GmbH has established itself as one of the largest distributors of technology metals and rare earths in Europe. No wonder. TRADIUM offers a wide range of services.

Expertise and experience.
The team consists of TRADIUM 15 Employees. Most of them look as former employees of various renowned companies on many years of experience in metal trading. This makes them competent and reliable contacts, when it comes to your individual questions about resources. For example, metals or technology - to Rare Earth.

Contacts and Portfolio.
As a global company and a lot of very good TRADIUM maintains contacts with major national and international suppliers around the world. TRADIUM Sun has been working for many years with the Chinese company Beijing Jiya, one of the largest producers worldwide gallium. Even in the modern segment of our lives so immensely important rare earth TRADIUM offers a diversified product portfolio.

Industrial clients and private investors.
TRADIUM delivers these valuable raw materials such as neodymium, Europium and Co. not only to industrial customers, from hybrid vehicles so that they, Mobile phone displays and LED lights can produce. TRADIUM now offers private investors the opportunity, to participate in the tremendous upside potential of these metals: by a physical investment. Advantage: You invest in a property value and not physically present, such as in stocks in a piece of printed paper, which may be worthless today on tomorrow may.

Storage and cost.
TRADIUM it offers full service from one source: from A to Z for purchase duty-free storage under the highest security behind walls two meters thick: the investments are stored in a bunker from the 2. World war. Finally, in times of crisis, an investment not safe enough. But low: Who is investing in technology physically TRADIUM metals and rare earths, paid no sales charge, Withholding tax or VAT. There are only 2 % administrative costs per year. A small price for such great opportunities.

Visit TRADIUM GmbH, send an email:, or call: +49 (69) 50 50 250 0 .
There is always time well spent.

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