Timmins Gold exceeds forecasts with a record production of 120.900 Ounces of gold equivalent in 2013 and 34.563 Ounces in the fourth quarter 2013

Vancouver (British Columbia). Timmins Gold Corp. (TSX: TMM; NYSE MKT: TGD) is pleased, the preliminary production results for the Company for the year ended 31. December 2013 to announce ended fourth quarter. The company posted a record production of 34.563 Gold equivalent ounces * or this quarter. of 120.900 Gold equivalent ounces for the full year - an increase of 39 or. 27 Percent compared to the corresponding periods of comparison.

The three months, on 31. December 2013 came to an end:

Category 10-12 2013 10-12 2012 % Change
Processed ore (dry tons) 2.014.968 1.493.623 34,90 %
Average content of processed (g / t Au) 0,872 0,819 6,47 %
Mounted low content (t) 349.338 526.800 -33,69 %
Average of stored content (g / t Au) 0,253 0,265 -4,53 %
Processed Final (t) 5.307.526 5.295.383 0,23 %
Total mined (t) 7.591.767 7.162.895 5,99 %
Strip ratio 2,32 2,84 -18,31 %
Produced Gold (oz) 34.166 24.556 39,14 %
Produced Silver (oz) 21.848 16.203 34,84 %
Gold sold (oz) 33.248 24.241 37,16 %
Selling silver (oz) 21.848 16.203 34,84 %
Days 92 92 0,00 %
Average ore processed (t/d) 21.902 16.235 34,91 %
Mined Average, overall (t/d) 82.519 77.876 5,96 %
Realized gold price 1.256 1.675
* using a gold-silver ratio of 55:1.

The full press release including. all tables, see the following link: www.irwpress.com/dokumente/2013-4th-quarter_production_results_FINAL_de.pdf

The company increased production compared to the third quarter 2013 at 5.129 Gold equivalent ounces. The average crusher throughput rose in the third quarter 2.166 tpd. A similar increase in crusher throughput is expected in the coming quarter.

Financial year, the December 31 2013 came to an end:

Category 01-12 2013 01-12 2012 % Change
Processed ore (dry tons) 7.466.771 5.516.626 35,35 %
Average content of processed (g / t Au) 0,822 0,846 -2,84 %
Mounted low content (t) 1.651.675 2.966.133 -44,32 %
Average of stored content (g / t Au) 0,254 0,253 0,40 %
Processed Final (t) 23.360.383 17.727.968 31,77 %
Total mined (t) 32.102.686 26.052.461 23,22 %
Strip ratio 2,67 2,13 25,35 %
Produced Gold (oz) 119.655 94.444 26,69 %
Produced Silver (oz) 68.512 56.252 21,79 %
Gold sold (oz) 118.550 94.128 25,95 %
Selling silver (oz) 68.512 56.252 21,79 %
Days 365 365 0,00 %
Average ore processed (t/d) 20.455 15.114 35,34 %
Mined Average, overall (t/d) 87.953 71.377 23,22 %
Realized gold price 1.358 1.582

The full press release including. all tables, see the following link: www.irwpress.com/dokumente/2013-4th-quarter_production_results_FINAL_de.pdf

"2013 was another record year for Timmins Gold. We produced 120.900 Gold equivalent ounces and our forecast of 118.000 This exceeds ounces. Our strong fourth quarter performance was achieved thanks to a smooth transition to new Laugungsplatten and thanks to a higher crusher throughput. The extension for the next year, including the construction of new Laugungsplatten, is now fully. Our production forecast for 2014 amounts to 115.000 to 125.000 Ounces at cash cost of approximately 800 $ pro Unze. The company is located in a convenient location, to achieve superior margins and free cash flow given the current gold prices. "

Timmins Gold Corp.
CEO und Chief

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