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Dipl.-Ing. Mikael Henrik of Nauckhoff
Dipl.-Ing. Mikael Henrik of Nauckhoff, born 1947 in Sweden, grew up in Germany, After his studies in mechanical engineering firms in the international large-scale systems- and mechanical engineering as a design engineer and project manager, later as a sales manager, CFO and executive director. He had also chaired the Supervisory Board of Software AG held. As a freelance consultant and restructuring specialist, he had to do under the supervision of senior staff closely with the financial services sector, the preliminary work for several years he.
He is the author of the acclaimed book titled "Secure facility with metals," and subtitled "Investing in Gold, Silver, Platin und Palladium“ in zweiter Auflage und der bereits ebenfalls in zweiter Auflage verlegten Fortsetzung „Strategische Metalle und Rare earth"With the subtitle" Investing in technology metals and high-tech metals: Indium, Bismuth, Terbium & Co.“, which has been designated as the standard work on.
Both were published in book publishing financial. Today the author lives and works in Frankfurt am Main.
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Thomas Grob von Tradium FrankfurtThomas Grob
The 49 year old Thomas Grob's Commercial Manager at TRADIUM Ltd., where he is responsible for the entire range of rare earths. After training as industrial clerk at the former Degussa AG, he was there in sales with a focus on zirconium and titanium active. Since then he 8 Could extend for years at a subsidiary of Metallgesellschaft his experience and knowledge, The company was W.C. Heraeus his next career station. For the noble metal- and technology companies including Thomas Grob took over four years as Commercial Manager in the South African Port Elizabeth commercial responsibility for the platinum-group metals.
Thomas Grob is a profound knowledge of the markets one of the specialists in the field of various metals technology, in particular the rare earths. With over 25 years of experience in international commodity- and metal trade, he is a sought-after interview partner of many radio- and TV stations. It is our Institute provide many valuable ideas can.


Alastair S. NeillAlastair S. Neill, M.Sc Eng., B.A.
Mr. Neill joins the board of the Institute for Rare earth and metals as global chief strategist for rare earths in. Alastair Neill is one of the world's leading experts in rare earth elements. He has more than 15 Years of experience with rare-earth look back. His naturally grown network of contacts consisting of rare earth consumers in Korea, Japan, Europe and North America, very close contact with suppliers from China, as well as in all scientific- and government circles, familiar with the topic of rare earth elements are. Mr. O'Neill has been living 15 Years in Beijing (China), From there he managed several projects in the field of rare earths. He heads the project development for companies such as neo-material Inc. und Black Sea Metals Inc. and consul is a regular guest of the largest companies in the rare earth industry with its expertise. Mr. Neil holds an MBA from York University and a Bachelor of Engineering in Materials Science from the University of Western Ontario. He is fluent in English, French and Mandarin.


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