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aMonkey 2.1 Compatible)

We hope you enjoy this FireFox Add-On!
How to use this Mozilla Firefox Add-On ?
The first thing to do is to make sure your Add-On Bar is visible (2 options to do so):

Press ‚CTRL + /‘.
Go to ‚View‘ Menu(CTRL + V) -> ‚Toolbars‘ -> ‚Add-on Bar‘.

Now, in order to download a Video or a Flash Game/Video, go to any of your favorite Video/Flash websites and wait for it to load.
Once loaded, this little icon in the Add-On bar will light up to blue for any flash file found on the page; If a Video file was found on the page, the icon will turn into this , which means there are Videos avaibale to download as well.
Use that icon to download any desired Flash Game or Video.
What people say about us:
„this is by far the best flash down loader that I have ever used. it is simple and easy to use.“
„Incredible. Can’t surf without it.“
„Quite good and easy to use!“
„Thanks for this plugin; with it I get ustream video that was my goal.“
„Wonderful plugin, thanks bro!!!“
„this is the best video downloader I ever used. Please make one for Chrome, its the only reason I still have to use this browser.“
„Best video downloader of those I tried.“

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