Tellurium – a metal less than gold and is essential for the High Tech Industry

Tellurium – a metal less than gold and is essential for the High Tech Industry

14.06.2012 Institute for Rare earth und Metalle e.V. – Earlier this year, a group of astrophysicists of the Institut of Technology In Massachusetts, the first stellar tracks of tellurium in three, 12 Billion years old, Stars. Scientists cherish the expectation, that this discovery provides an explanation for, as tellurium produced and reaches the earth.

The challenge of mining and processing of large amounts of tellurium is even with the smallest amounts of the element is not dissimilar to the exploration of the infinite darkness of space. Unlike rare earth elements, Tellurium is a crusty deposits of 0.001 Particles per million (ppm) extremely rare. Thus, tellurium, which is used in semiconductors, rarer than gold and any other rare earth.

Despite the challenge to find tellurium, at a handful of countries is an increased interest in reducing recorded by tellurium. However, only a select group of countries has tellurium occurrence, which degrades an even smaller number of tellurium in significant quantities and processed, it annually to circulate.


Tellurium is used in the metal industry with the addition of <1% for steel, Cast iron, To increase copper and lead alloys used for the corrosion resistance of metals. In addition, tellurium is now great use in the solar industry, produce so-called thin film solar cells. A further application of tellurium, inter alia, combination with other elements in the production of optical storage disks, Special glasses in optical fibers, Vulcanization of rubber, for coloring glass and ceramics.

Mining areas

Here are some key areas, which wins the reduction of tellurium is becoming increasingly important, presented, and explains an overview of upcoming projects tellurium.


As a country with a high concentration of tellurium Sweden controlled an important part in the annual global Tellurproduktion. In particular, the, of the company Boliden (FWB:BWJ) controlled, Kankberg gold mine ensures, that the rise in the last decade Tellurproduktion. The company announced last year, that it 21 Contribute to the global market would be tons Tellurerz. The Tellurvorkommen in Kankberg with an average 186 Gramm pro ton (g/t) relatively large and is in addition to gold in the years 2012-2020 be reduced. The expected annual 41 Tons to control almost 10% to the current global production levels in Sweden, making it one of the leading regions in the world Tellurabbau.


Undisputed, however, is with Canada 800 Tons of tellurium containing copper reserves. The country has already unveiled a slew of new projects tellurium. The province of British Columbia has a chance of highly mineralized, Tellurium supporting copper and gold deposits, welche einen bedeutenden Anteil an Tellurerz für den internationalen Markt beisteuern könnten.

The Company Deer Horn Metals (TSXV:DHM), based in West Central British Columbia, is a leader in the Canadian Tellurexpansion. With indicated reserves, a concentration of tellurium 130 to 200 g / t View, has Deer Horn the potential, contribute a significant tonnage to world markets.

Other companies are exploring the resources of the Northwest coast Jet Gold&#8217;s (TSXV:ALREADY) Big Hammer, which is 13km south of Terrace. The goal is to produce tellurium as a byproduct of gold and copper, boost to the average Erzvolumen.

Further south, inland province, has Kingsman Resources (TSXV:KSM) den potenziellen wirtschaftlichen Abbau sowie den Ertrag von nicht abgebauten Adern in Aussicht gestellt, which are able to produce a constant concentration of 100ppm. Values ​​within the 1,000 ppm range were found in higher-grade gold ore.


China is also an important source of tellurium production. Sichuan Apollo Solar S&T Co. which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apollo Solar (HKG:0566) is, which has its headquarters in Chengdu in Sichuan Province, has been mainly specializes in the reduction of tellurium and its refinement and established, to bring on tellurium-based products to the electronics market.

Sichuan Apollo Solar includes a tellurium mine in Sichuan province in Dashuigou and has the decomposition- and development rights to another mine in Shimian, Majiagou. These two mines, it is, produce significant quantities of tellurium in such, that they are among the few mines in the world, in which tellurium is the primary product of economic interest.

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