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Incorrect valuation of the Swiss Financial Services AG relaunching in circulation

In eigener Sache des Instituts für Seltene Erden und Metalle Die Firma Swiss Financial Relaunching Services AG hat ein Muster einer Wertermittlung für den Rohstoff Kupferpulver mit der Report Nummer #2016021335 brought into circulation. The order placed on the related persons and companies … Continue reading

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Rare earth: A safe Investment?

In our households supporting an untapped treasure. To Germany alone 80 Million old mobile phones to give. They contain copper, Silver and gold and rare earths – a commodity, is more important. See the interview here WiWo. Digg … Continue reading

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Rare earth: Signs of a trend reversal?

The rare earth prices have plummeted in recent months strongly. What did the intruder means to you? Thomas Grob: Many investors are holding back, seen a bottoming. Only sporadically investors act counter-cyclically and use the current price level … Continue reading

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China is using its near monopoly of production stop for rare earths extended

The hunger of the world economy for rare earths is large. Yet falling prices for the coveted raw materials, which are processed in mobile phones and computers, For some time. China hits a halt in production - which is now even extended to. … Continue reading

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Investing in funds of the rare earths

Rare earth (English. Rare Earth) are not an integral part of our everyday lives. Can be found in high-tech products as well as use in the automotive industry, with wind turbines and photovoltaic. The materials have unusual properties. With europium, for example, the red dye … Continue reading

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