Started recycling of rare earths

The French company Rhodia in La Rochelle made the world's first plant in service, recycle the rare earth in a big way. The Technology Review reports in its latest issue 01/2013 (recently available on newsstands or postage free directly in Heise Store). It has long been the recycling of 17 Elements - lanthanum for batteries than for fluorescent europium to neodymium magnets in motors for wind turbines and hard drives - as uneconomic. But as China - with over 97 Percentage of the largest producer of rare earths - 2010 imposed an export ban on the popular elements, roused the resulting price explosion and industrial waste sector. Even if they did not mobilize inferred resource capacities, According to experts, would the stocks of neodymium and other rare earths before 2030 depleted,.

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