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Vancouver, B.C. – Starcore International Mines Ltd. (the "Company") has the financial results of the Company and its mining operations for the fiscal year, on the 31. July 2013 came to an end, submitted. The full version of the Annual Report and the opinions and analyzes of management can be viewed on the Company's website at or on SEDAR at All financial information is in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) made and all dollar amounts are, unless stated otherwise, reported in thousands of Canadian dollars.

Highlights of the financial year, on the 31. Ended July:

• Income from the mining operation was compared to 21,7 Million $ in the previous year 8,3 Million $. The main reasons for the difference from the previous year was due to lower metal prices to get together with higher mining costs and due to the poor production in the first quarter 12% lower metal production this year;

• The revenue for the year amounted to compared 14.335 $ or 0,11 $ per share in the previous year 4.702 $ or 0,03 $ per share;

• The following table contains selected highlights of the audited consolidated income statement for the years ended, on 31. July 2013 or. 2012 came to an end:

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• The ore grade for the year improved to the previous year 2,36 g / t gold or. 21,0 g / t silver. The poor recovery rate in the first two quarters lowered the average recovery rate, despite the significantly improved gold recovery rate of 84,6% However, in the last quarter of the year on 77,9% for gold and 54% for silver. As a result, the total metal production in the last quarter improved to 6.300 Gold equivalent ounces. The annual production amounted to 20.100 Gold equivalent ounces, however, 2.700 Ounces from the previous year;

• The mine operating costs increased over 724 U.S. $ per ounce of gold equivalent in the previous year to 844 U.S. $ pro Unze. The total cost of, sustainable capital investments, Explorations-, Restoration, Company- include general and administrative expenses, amounted to compared 1.131 U.S. $ per ounce of gold equivalent in the previous year 1.194 U.S. $ pro Unze Goldäquivalent;

• The following table contains a summary of the production figures of the San Martin Mine for the three months, on 31. July 2013 ended, and the fiscal years, on 31. July 2013 or. 2012 came to an end:

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Über Starcore

Through its subsidiary Compañía Minera Peña de Bernal, S.A. of ECV, which also includes the San Martin Mine in the Mexican state of Queretaro, StarCore is focused on the exploration, Mining and processing of gold- and silver deposits. StarCore is listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange, the subject of the disclosure requirements. The company has, acquires, promotes, explored and valued resource projects. Further processing of these projects is done either through joint ventures or by the company itself. The Company owns exclusively investments in concession areas in Mexico.

drawn "Gary Arca"
Gary Arca, Chief Financial Officer und Director

For more information, please contact Gary Arca:
Phone: +1-604-602-4935
Toll Free in North America: 1-866-602-4935 / Fax: +1-604-602-4936

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