location Norway: New business opportunities for German companies


Innovation Norway and the German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce invite you to information session on business opportunities in Norway:

Date & Place: 14. June 2016 in Munich, Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft


During the event you will meet national experts, the information about the business location Norway, while elaborating on the attractive energy situation. Representatives of leading industries and clusters are present concrete business opportunities in selected segments of the Norwegian economy:

  •  Process Industry
  •  Renewable energy
  •  Solar, Magnesium, Rare earth
  •  bioenergy / biofuel
  •  data centers: New investments and investments in co-locations
  • ElektromobilitätIm Following the event invites the Royal Norwegian Embassy to receive.

    What makes the location Norway for German companies interesting?

    Norway has more than fishing, Oil and Gas. Rich in natural and sustainable image001managed resources, a large excess of renewable and inexpensive energy Norway has developed into a technologically sophisticated site with world leading industries. Norway is characterized by a strong and dynamic economy, be quickly adapted to the market innovations and contribute skilled workers in high productivity. A close cooperation between science and industry, as well as excellent research- and competence centers provide the basis for a positive climate for innovation.

    The registration form and more information on the program, please visit our Website. Participation is free.

German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce:
Rita Hareid
It: Hareid@handelskammer.no T: +47 22 12 82 17

Innovation Norway:

Katja Kerschke

It: Katja.Kerschke@innovationnorway.no T: +49 40 22 94 15 24
M: +49 173 157 0100

Invest in Norway


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