SILVERCREST meldet positive Preliminary Economic Assessment Basisfall La Joya für vor-Kapitalwert Steuerabzug (5 %) of 133 U.S. $ million and internal rate of return of 30 % with "starter pit"

SILVERCREST meldet positive Preliminary Economic Assessment Basisfall La Joya für vor-Kapitalwert Steuerabzug (5 %) of 133 U.S. $ million and internal rate of return of 30 % with "starter pit"

VANCOUVER (BRITISH COLUMBIA), 21. October 2013. SilverCrest Mines Inc. ("Silvercrest" or the "Corporation") is pleased to announce, Preliminary Economic Assessment will dass die (“PEA”) for his silver-copper-gold project La Joya ("La Joya") completed in the Mexican state of Durango. Summaries of current resource, were used for the PEA, a preliminary plan of the mine life ("Clumsy"), operating costs, the investment costs and the economic data of the project are listed in the following tables. A "technical report" as defined in NI 43-101 wird von EBA Engineering Consultants ("EBA"), a Tetra Tech Company, and is created by 23. September 2013. This report is within 45 Days are submitted after this release. All currencies are in U.S. $, unless stated otherwise.

President und COO N. Eric Fier said: "The positive results of this PEA will allow us, to plan the next steps, to define achievable goals and to identify additional studies and analyzes, to optimize the economics of the project. We have involved local communities in this early stage of the project La Joya, where the emphasis was placed on establishing long-term and sustainable partnerships with all stakeholders. "

The focus of the PEA is on the first development phase of La Joya ("Starter pit") as an open pit operation with a low strip ratio with a mine life ("Clumsy") of nine years and opportunities to expand. This approach offers attractive economic results using conservative metal price estimates and lower investment costs, that are more attractive to the current market. The conceptual open pit would with a conventional mills- and with a capacity of Flotations-/Laugungsanlage 5.000 Tonnen pro Tag (tpd) be combined, to high-grade silver-copper concentrate to produce with Goldhöffigkeit. The launch pit is a conceptual average annual production of 3,9 Million ounces of silver equivalent ("Agaq")* or. * exhibit of about five million silver equivalent ounces in the first four years of operation. It is an extension of the starting pit considered, additional resources would include within a larger pit.

* The Company cautions, that the PEA is preliminary in nature and includes inferred mineral resources, are considered too speculative geologically to, to provide for economic considerations, which would allow their classification as mineral reserves. There is also no certainty, that the PEA will be realized. Mineral resources are not mineral reserves, have demonstrated no impairment economic.


The PEA includes base case metal prices of 22 $/Ounce of silver, 3 $/Pounds of copper and 1.200 $/Unze Gold (historical five-year average). The highlights of the economic base-case estimates of the starting pit are as follows:

• NPV before tax (5 %) of 133 Million $ and internal rate of return of 30,5 %

• NPV before tax (5 %) of 156 Million $ and internal rate of return of 34 % using current metal prices of 21,93 $/Ounce of silver, 1.316,25 $ per ounce of gold and 3,27 $/Pounds of copper (Stand: 18. October 2013).

• NPV after tax (5 %) of 93 Million $ and internal rate of return of 22 %

• payback period of approximately two years after the initial investment

• Investment costs of production of 141 Million $, including reserves of 17 Million $

• Estimated cost of maintenance 8 Million $

• Operating costs of an average 10 $/Ounce of silver equivalent * or in the first three years. of 13 $/Silver equivalent ounces in the nine years of the launch pit

• Non-discounted operating cash flow before tax and total investment cost of 342,5 Million $ (average 38 Million $ per year, average in the first four years 60 Million $)

• Lomp of nine with 15,5 My. Tonnes at a grade of 50 g / t silver, 0,33 % Copper and 0,19 g/t Gold

• Production plan for the mine life estimated 34,8 Million payable silver equivalent ounces, consisting of 19 Million ounces of silver, 53.000 Ounces of gold and 93 Million pounds of copper in the form of concentrate

• Production von attraktivem, high grade silver-copper concentrate (average 35 % Copper and 4 kg / hr Silber) with gold as a by-product

* The silver equivalent in the PEA includes silver, Gold and copper, but not lead, Zinc, Molybdenum and tungsten,. Of the silver-gold ratio 54,4:1 and the copper-silver ratio 7,3:1, based on five-year historical metal price trends of 22 U.S. $ / ounce of silver, 1.200 U.S. $ / oz gold and 3 U.S. $ / lb of copper. Metallurgical recoveries are included in the economic analysis (see Summary of PEA parameters in the following table).


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* The silver equivalent in the PEA includes silver, Gold and copper, but not lead, Zinc, Molybdenum and tungsten,. Of the silver-gold ratio 54,4:1 and the silver-copper ratio 7,3:1, based on five-year historical metal price trends of 22 U.S. $ / ounce of silver, 1.200 U.S. $ / oz gold and 3 U.S. $ / lb of copper. The metallurgical recovery rate is included as an exploitable metal.

The PEA for the launch pit reports strong earnings in the first four years of operation due to the decline of the content of a decline in sales in the next two years. It is assumed, that additional drilling and optimization of the mine plan these results due to the presence of higher grade material in some sections of the deposit, that could eventually be incorporated into the mine plan, can improve.

The sensitivity analyzes were, by the commodity prices have been adjusted; The results are presented in the following graph.

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The economic data are more sensitive to the starting pit silver- and copper prices, as these in the base case scenario 55 or. 36 % account of the total turnover. Any increase in metal prices, the base case to 10 % would the NPV before tax by approximately 60 Million $ and the internal rate of return of about 8 % Change.


EBA prepared detailed cost estimates for the mine and processing plant, based on preliminary offers, Contract mining and related projects, conducted recently in Mexico. The investment costs are deducted before tax on total 141 U.S. $ million estimated, including reserves of 17 Million $ using a starting pit mining contractor. This includes the development of the project over a period of 1,5 Years, including a breakdown of the material to a year before the start of operations. The La Joya has a nearby international airport, Highways, Railway lines, Power lines, several operating mines and municipalities with an excellent infrastructure on labor, to keep the investment costs at a reasonable level. The investment costs of the PEA before production are given below.

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As part of the economic analysis of the PEA forecasts were 8 Million $ an Betriebskapital und 6 Million $ employed for the final mine.


When NSR model of the PEA for the silver-copper-gold concentrate and the gold-silver doré production model by leaching of tailings following operations were- applied and economic parameters.

In the PEA, no NSR penalties for the concentrate were used in harmful metals. The Study nimmt an, that the silver-copper concentrate will be shipped from a port in Mexico from overseas. This is the route most used by concentrate producers in the vicinity of La Joya.


The recent metallurgical studies indicate, that a conventional flotation circuit can potentially recover high grade silver-copper concentrate with Goldhöffigkeit. Depending on the mineralization and applied during the ALS flotation with closed cycle treatment vary the provisional metal recovery rates of the third cleaner concentrate of Manto- and structure of mixtures between 82,7 and 86,7 % for copper, between 76,7 and 84,3 % with silver as well as between 18,2 and 42,4 % Gold bei. A leaching circuit with a potential recovery of 90 % Gold and silver from the mountains to produce metal Doré was also considered in the PEA.

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The bulk-silver-copper concentrates from the Manto- structure and have produced preliminary results of certain mixtures, for melting potentially harmful elements, such as arsenic, Antimony or bismuth. With the addition of cyanide during the cleaner Flotationsphase the arsenic content is reduced to acceptable market values, without loss of copper, Silver- having to accept and gold mining. Further test work is ongoing, the distribution, to determine the concentration and the potential reduction of antimony and bismuth,.

Ressourcen EIB LA JOYA

The mineral deposit La Joya is a silver-copper-gold skarn with sporadic to semi-massive sulphide (Bornite, Chalcopyrite) defines three basic types of ore: Mantles, Structures and Contact Zone. The updated mineral resource estimate for the project La Joya were inferred resources of 126,7 Million tons grading 23,5 g / t silver, 0,19 % Copper and 0,17 g/t Gold (198,6 Million ounces of silver, 533 Million pounds of copper and 95.900 Ounces of gold). These resource estimates were in a press release dated 29. January 2013 reported, are in a "technical report" from 27. March 2013 mit dem Namen „Updated Resource Estimate for the La Joya Property, Durango, Mexico "contain and form the basis of the PEA represents.

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* The silver equivalent of the 27. March 2013 submitted resource estimate includes silver, Gold and copper, but not lead, Zinc, Molybdenum and tungsten,. Of the silver-gold ratio 50:1, The silver-copper ratio 86:1, based on five-year historical metal price trends of 24 U.S. $ / ounce of silver, 1.200 U.S. $ / oz gold and 3 U.S. $ / lb of copper. It is a metallurgical recovery of 100 % assumed. Of EBA, a Tetra Tech Company, under NI 43-101 and the CIM definitions for resources classified. All figures are rounded. Inferred resources were estimated on the basis of geological evidence and limited sampling and must be regarded as less trustworthy than measured and indicated resources. Note, that the calculation of silver equivalent due to the change in metal prices on the economic analysis of the different PEA. The accounting policies used in the interpretation of the geological model and resource estimate for the mineralization boundaries are based on a cutoff grade of 15 g / t silver equivalent by the application of the above metal price ratios.

In the first conceptual development stage at La Joya with a nine-year starter pit inferred resource base is a cut-off of 60 g / t silver equivalent for Manto- applied and the structure zones, represent the near-surface mineralized zones. The conceptual open pit- However, economic analysis and the PEA does not include the resources of the contact zone, Santo Nino von und von Cerro Coloradito, contained in the above table.

The resources of the contact zone, are not included in the PEA, harboring a resistant tungsten mineralization, which is currently the subject of further studies to define the preliminary economic parameters, will be considered in future reviews of the project La Joya.


The Whittle pit analysis examined the capital value of 41 potential mines using an operating capacity of 5.000 tpd. The optimal Grube ist No. 31, the highest NPV (See table below) and production of 15,8 Years has. However, this did not meet the criteria set for a launch pit with low strip ratio (less than 3:1) and reasonable investment costs. On this basis, the pit was no. 18 selected for the mine planning.

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The optimal mine planning involves the removal of ore and Final for the first year of content optimization and the stockpiling of material for reprocessing during the life of the project. The production plan (Tonnes and grade of the mill feed) is given below:

The processing plant with a capacity of 5.000 tpd is from crusher, Processing- and conventional flotation to produce copper-silver concentrate and a gold-silver leaching circuit for re-processing of the mountains are. In the PEA as a guide alleviate the environmental and social effects applied, by the footprint of all operating equipment is minimized in the region.


Several options have been identified, which could increase the economic return described in the PEA significantly, such as:

• The current inferred resource at La Joya offer the opportunity for a significant expansion of the project.

• The mineralization at La Joya is open in most directions and has excellent potential for further increases in resources. Further infill- and appraisal wells are recommended, to classify resources for a pre-feasibility study.

• More detailed metallurgical test work will be conducted, to optimize the flow diagram of metallurgical and possibly to improve the metal extraction rate.

• The revision and optimization of the mine plan could be opportunities to reduce the Final- offer and promotion costs, which, in turn, the investment- and could reduce operating costs.

• This PEA does not include the potential support of several other unidentified products, including tungsten, Molybdenum, Lead, Zinc and tin, which could be of considerable value. Further work is recommended.

• In the above 10.000 Hectare concession were several other targets identified, which must be examined for possible new discoveries.

The "qualified person" for this "technical report", have the contents of this news release and approved, sind Mark Horan, M.Sc., P.Eng., James Barr, P.Geo., Scott Martin, P.Eng., and Graham Wilkins, P.Eng., the consulting firm EBA, a Tetra Tech Company, sowie Ting Lu, M.Sc., P.Eng., Hassan Ghaffari, MASc., P.Eng., Sabry Abdel-Hafez, PhD, P.Eng., Nick and Michael by Tetra Tech. The "Technical Report" for the PEA is within 45 Be filed on SEDAR days.

SilverCrest Mines Inc. (TSX-V: SVL; NYSE MKT: SVLC) is a Canadian precious metals producer with headquarters in Vancouver (British Columbia). SilverCrest's flagship project is the company-owned Santa Elena Mine, which 150 km northeast of Hermosillo in Sonora, Mexico is Banamichi. The The mine is a high-grade epithermal silver- and gold producer with an estimated investment cost of 8 U.S. $ pro Unze Silberäquivalent (Silver to gold ratio of 55:1) for the open-pit heap leach throughout the life of the mine. According to estimates of Silvercrest likely in 2013 active mining operations in the Upper Santa Elena at a capacity of 2.500 Tons per day and a heap leach processing around 725.000 Ounces of silver and 30.000 Ounces of gold recovered. Currently find extensive expansion works and the construction of a conventional processing system with 3000 Tpd instead, with the metal production in the Santa Elena Mine (above and below ground) in 2014 to be significantly increased. The exploration will result in Santa Elena constantly to new discoveries and La Joya property in Durango State could relatively quickly a large Polymetalllagerstätte be defined, the mineral resources of approximately 200 Accommodates million silver equivalent ounces.


This press release contains "forward-looking statements" under applicable Canadian securities legislation and the United States Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements regarding future financial results and planned developments in the operations of the company, Explorations die geplanten- and development work in the project La Joya and plans related to its business and other matters, that could occur in the future. These statements relate to analyzes and other information, the future expectations on the performance of the PEA, including silver, copper- and gold production, based and planned work programs at La Joya. Statements relating to reserves- and mineral resource estimates may also constitute forward-looking statements, provided they include estimates of the mineralization, which are found, when the La Joya property is accessed, and such statements, in the case of mineral reserves, reflect a conclusion, based on certain assumptions, that the mineral deposit can be economically mined.

Forward-looking statements involve a number of known and unknown risks, Uncertainties and other factors, which could cause, that could cause actual events or results to differ materially from those, in the forward-looking statements were made either explicitly or implicitly expressed, including, but not limited to: Risks associated with price volatility of precious- and basic metals; Risks associated with currency fluctuations (particularly the Mexican peso, the Canadian dollar and the U.S. dollar); Risks associated with the hazards of the mining industry, including circumstances or events, which are beyond our control, and operating or technical difficulties in mineral exploration, in the development or mining activities; the uncertain ability of the Company, And raise funds to finance the development of the La Joya project in accordance with the PEA; Uncertainties related to actual capital costs, Running costs, Production- and economic gains as well as uncertainty, whether development work will lead to a profitable mining operation at La Joya; Risks associated with the fact, that mineral resources only estimates based on interpretations and assumptions represent, that might, under other circumstances lead to less mineral production and a decrease in the quantities or grades of mineral resources; Risks related to governmental regulations and obtaining necessary licenses and permits; Risks associated with the business in compliance with environmental laws and regulations, which could lead to higher costs and therefore adversely affect our operations; Risks associated with the La Joya on prior unregistered agreements, Transfers or mining rights and other property disputes; Risks relating to inadequate insurance or the ability, such insurance; Risks related to potential litigation; Risks associated with the global economy; Risks associated with the location of the property La Joya in Mexico in terms of political, economic, social and regulatory instability. Should these risks and uncertainties reality, or should assumptions, this underlying, prove to be incorrect, to the actual results may differ materially from those, described in forward-looking statements. The forward-looking statements by the Company are based on the expectations and opinions of management at the time, the statements were made. For the reasons mentioned above, investors should not rely on forward-looking statements.

The information contained in this news release is not a comprehensive review of all matters and developments relating to the company represents. They should be considered in conjunction with all other published documents of the company. The information contained herein is no substitute for detailed research or analysis. The adequacy or accuracy of this information was of any securities commission or. Regulatory tested.

„N. Eric Fier "

N. Eric Fier, President & COO

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