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Seltenerden Storkwitz AG

Rare earth Storkwitz AG – Exploration of rare earth elements in Germany

Ziel der Rare earth Storkwitz AG is, promote the development of the deposit located in Saxony Storkwitz. Our company is the holder of the license area "Delitzsch", in which Stork joke with the only known occurrence for Rare earth Elements (SEE) located in Central Europe. In April, the drilling program has commenced, to convert the deposits into an internationally recognized resource for the Australian JORC standard. Subsequently, further exploration work is planned, examine in particular the extension of the deposit at depth. Even the earlier studies assumed, that there is significant potential for expansion is. Discoverer of the deposit, the former Soviet-German uranium company Wismut. In addition to the conversion of the GDR in the JORC classification standard is the material gain from the drilling program is of great importance. In close cooperation with industrial and academic research is the rare earths Storkwitz AG seeks, to develop completely new efficient and environmentally friendly methods of production and refining of rare earth. Also to this end, in addition to the occurrence Storkwitz are also other rare earths tested projects.


Arafura Resources Ltd

Arafura Resources Ltd.

Arafura Resources is a specialty metal beheimateter in Perth explorer and emerging producer, since the 20 Jahren im Northern Territory, Australia, is active. 2003 The company was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Arafura has expanded the investment portfolio to target projects, which offer long term and sustainable value and growth. The Company's headquarters is located in Perth, Western Australia. A regional office is located in Darwin, Northern Territory. Among the assets of Arafura Resources is one of the Nolans deposit. Arafura controls other lands, the gold-, Nickel- and vanadium mineralization.



Avalon Rare Metals Inc.Avalon Rare Metals Inc.

Avalon Rare Metals Inc. focused exploration as- and development companies on rare earth deposits in Canada. The to 100% in self-owned main project Nechalacho Deposit, Thor Lake, NWT, developed into one of the largest undeveloped rare earth elements resources in the world. Avalon Project at the exceptional levels of the more valuable 'heavy rare earths ", which is a key factor for progress on green energy technologies and other emerging high-tech applications are. This enrichment is one of the few potential sources of these critical elements outside of China, which is currently the source of 95 % des weltweiten Angebotes an diesen Elementen .


Great Western Minerals Group


Great Western Minerals

Great Western Minerals Group Ltd. is a company based in Canada with six rare earth exploration and development properties in North America with an option for a significant additional property in South Africa. Beyond, pursue as part of the strategy of the company into a vertically-integrated business model, produce the company's wholly owned subsidiaries “Less Common Metals Limited” in Birkenhead, Great Britain, and “Great Western Technologies Inc. in Troy, Michigan, a selection of special alloys for use in the battery, Magnet and aerospace industries. In fact “designer” Alloy include those, the copper, Nickel, Cobalt and the rare earth elements.


Hudson Resources

Hudson Resources Inc. holds a stake in a 1.300 square kilometers large piece of land in the region Sarfartoq, near Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. This area is known for its deposits of diamonds, Rare earths, Specialty metals and base metals. Hudson Resources is focused here on the exploration of niobium and tantalum.


Lynas Corporation Ltd.

Die Lynas Corp. has been 1986 listed in Australia. According to information provided Lynas owns in Mount Weld (Western Australia) the world's largest deposit ” rare earth”. A particularly rich deposit, The company developed the Lynas Corporation, the Mt. Weld project in Western Australia. The Mt Weld project of Lynas with proven reserves of over 2 Million tonnes, close the gap between supply and demand in the coming years. Assuming future prices of about 10 to 15 USD kg / REE from, existing reserves are expected to lead by Lynas at a purity of more conservative estimate 15 to 20 % alone 2 Billion worth its.

Molycorp MineralsMolycorp Minerals

The company, based in Colorado Molycorp, Inc. is the only producer of rare earth oxides or REO (Rare Earth Oxides) in the Western Hemisphere and currently produces about 3.000 Tons of commercial rare earth materials per year. In addition to its rare earth mining and processing operation in Mountain Pass, California, Molycorp also owns a majority stake in the company Molycorp Silmet AS, based in Estonia, The annual production capacity of over 3.000 Tons of rare earth products and 700 Tons of rare metal products and has one of the largest manufacturers of rare metals and rare earth metals in Europe. With the acquisition of rare earth technology company Neo Materials Technologies Molycorp is now also able to separate the heavy rare earths from carrier.

Quantum Rare Earth DevelopmentQuantum Rare Earth Developments

Quantum Rare Earth Developments Inc. mit Sitz in Vancouver, Canada B.C. possesses a rare earth and niobium project in Elk Creek, Nebraska. Quantum intends, the solution to America's critical niobium deliveries to be. Niobium is critical to the construction of bridges, Aircraft, Building, Beer- and gas pipelines, Windkraftandlagen and many more.

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