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19.06.2012 – OPCO12: Online-Event „Gesture Based Computing” am 21. June 2012

Im Rahmen of Open Course 2012 "Trends in E-teaching - A Closer Look at the Horizon Report" will be held on 21. June, online event on "Gesture-based computing" instead of. The OPCO12 is a joint project of e-teaching.org, dem Multimedia Kontor Hamburg (MMKH), digital studies (University of Frankfurt) and the continuing education blogger Dr. Jochen Robes.

14.06.2012 Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg - Materials research for energy revolution

New high performance materials are essential for new solutions in the energy sector. Such innovations put it on the entire process chain and require interdisciplinary cooperation, for Excellence in EAM and its environment in Erlangen
(of. B. two Fraunhofer Institutes, Energy Campus Nuremberg, Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research ZAE) excellent research material to be linked with process engineering expertise. The exhibits will demonstrate solutions for a variety of challenges on the energy transition:

16.04.2012 Hanau – Precious metals in the focus of scientific research

“13. Precious Metals Forum – Analyst, Toxicology and Environmental” took place in Hanau, at Umicore and Heraeus. Whether recycling of valuable metals, Production of important catalysts for emission control or meter large platinum gauze for fertilizer production – the capabilities and interests, both based in Hanau Heraeus precious metal specialists and Umicore are almost identical in many areas. Therefore, it is only logical and consistent, that both companies host the end of March “13. Precious Metals Forum – Analyst, Toxicology and Environmental” were.

16.04.2012 Hanover – Wide variety of Nanotechnology at the Research & Technology – Research Institute of the big show “Miniature World”

Nanotechnology is a key technology of 21. Century with manifold application potential. Correspondingly high are the expectations for the technology section, almost all the sectors concerned. With comprehensive nanotechnology solutions (nanos = dwarf in Greek) from the “Miniature World” present, therefore, research institutions, Universities and institutes at Research & Technology at HANNOVER MESSE 23. to 27. April 2012.

10.04.2012 – SEMATECH and centrotherm cooperate in the development of low-temperature processes for the future generations of semiconductor devices (Logic and memory) in the semiconductor industry

Blaubeuren (euro adhoc) – centrotherm thermal solutions GmbH & Co. KG, a 100 percent subsidiary of centrotherm photovoltaics AG, The high-tech production facilities and associated process technologies developed for the semiconductor industry, is the front-end process (EFF) Program of joined SEMATECH. The aim is, common low-temperature processes with the help of centrotherm newly developed low-temperature plasma oxidation system for future, powerful logic- to develop and memory devices.

08.04.2012 - „LED werden deutlich günstiger“

Five questions to Professor Henning Riechert – Energy saving light bulbs have no future as opposed to LEDs, experts say. LED, light emitting diodes, are semiconductor devices, Make the Light, when current flows through. In an interview, Professor Henning Riechert, Director of the Paul Drude Institute for Solid State Electronics in Berlin, why LED will prevail in the market and what consumers should look for when buying.

23.03.2012 – Earth Day lecture event
“Rare earth – Opportunities and risks for resource protection and future technologies”

The group of rare earths, overall 17 Elements, has attracted in recent months, enormous attention, because they represent a number of studies in the U.S. and Europe, according to the most critical elements of the present. They are essential for the production of iPhones, Computer Hard Drives, Wind turbines and electric cars, then the media. Correct this problem is the quasi-monopoly position of China, because China supports nearly the entire world production. Now, China has increasingly restricted the supply of rare earths, which resulted in considerable price fluctuations and to the west is accompanied with great concern.

23.03.2012 - Superconductivity: Costs to halve 2017

Current Technology: High-temperature superconductivity is a technology in the current economy just before the commercial launch. On the ZIEHL III conference in Bonn was also significantly, that the industry still has to deal with problems.

23.03.2012 – Smart materials reinforce the flexible automation

Automation: Smart materials, smart materials can be switched by applying electric or magnetic fields, shorten or extend - this is open for automation and mechatronics broadly applied. At Würzburg Fraunhofer-Institute for Silicate (ISC) experts recently met to share their experiences.

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