Rare earth and metals – Policy

20.06.2012 Düsseldorf Institute for Metals and Rare Earths – The joint program of REE between China and the Philippines, there have been delays

The Philippine government confirmed, dass das geplante Rare earth Erforschungsprogramm in Kooperation mit China wahrscheinlich nicht mehr im Jahr 2012 be initiated wird.In an interview with local media said the director of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB). "There was no progress FOR THE OPERATIONS. communication with the CGS (China Geological Survey). It looks like we're not this year continue to be able to. "

14.06.2012 Institute of Metals and Rare Earths – China is considering rare earth reserve for price stabilization

China earlier this month attracted the attention of investors with the notice, that prefer the introduction of a national inventory reserve account, to REE prices for stabilisieren.In another announcement, the Government approved the possible introduction of a new tax, to control the sale and production. China's domestic demand for rare earth fell in 2011 greatly increased production due to Beijing's control. This resulted in, that include many separate systems had, because customers were not ready, to pay record prices.

04.06.2012 – Sustainable development in China “facing major challenges”

China's sustainable development is facing major challenges, the fragility of a natural environment to scarce resources are, said high-ranking Chinese officials in advance of taking place in Rio de Janeiro United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.

21.05.2012 – U.S. import duties on Chinese solar systems “inadequate”

China rejected on Friday a U.S. decision to Antidumpling Chinese solar power installations as “unfair” and “inadequate” from. Chinese manufacturers said, higher import duties could slow the development of clean energy. Shen Danyang, the Ministry of Commerce spokesman denounced the U.S. measures as trade protectionism. “By deliberately provoked frictions when trading in the clean energy sector, the United States in the world give a negative signal in terms of protectionism”, Shen said in a statement.

18.05.2012 – China grants zusätliche exports of rare earths

The Commerce Department announced this week, to increase the export quota for rare earths. China dominates almost the entire world production of rare earths, which are needed primarily for the manufacture of electrical equipment.
As the Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced on Thursday, to the export quotas for rare earths to 10.680 Tons will be increased.
From the expanded export volume accounts, according to a statement on the website of the Ministry 9490 Tons of so-called light rare earths and 1190 Tons in the medium and heavy rare earths.

15.05.2012 – The German public is deeply involved with China – Exclusive

Frank Hartmann, Head of press department of the German Embassy in Beijing, China.org.cn spoke with on the recent visit to China as well as the Chancellor of the German-Chinese cooperation in the fields of economy, Media and Kultur.China.org.cn: The Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel last week was a three-day visit to China. It was the German-Chinese cooperation against the euro crisis is also an important issue. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has been declared, China to draw a stronger commitment to the rescue instruments EFSF and ESM consider. What is the German side, the Chinese consumer and China's current measures to overcome the debt crisis?

15.05.2012 – The steel material is facing new challenges

In Germany, every year around 44 Million tons of steel produced. According to information provided by the steel industry association provides the German steel industry 90.000 Citizens a job. The German auto industry and the engineering required 2010 about 15 Million tons of steel and the industry association for information came in the steel due to the high quality standards, primarily in Germany. The industry is therefore considered important driving force of the German economy. But in times of energy transition is seeing the manufacturer of the material facing new problems. Rising electricity prices and favorable foreign competition make it to the German industry increasingly difficult to withstand the global competition.

14.05.2012 Brussels - First Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and the African region is becoming a reality

The trade- and Development Agreement, the EU with the four countries of eastern and southern Africa, Mauritius, Madagascar, Seychelles and Zimbabwe concluded, is effective today.

14.05.2012 – RECOGNITION OF TRADE PARTNERS – Faster, better, better

“Today's agreement is an important step for the trade relations between the EU and the U.S.”, said the EU Commissioner for Taxation and Customs Union, Algirdas Šemeta, On Friday of last week. The Lithuanian politician says the recent agreement reached between the European Union and the United States of America. These have been agreed formally, their “secure dealer” to recognize each other. Currently the EU applies some five thousand companies as a safe trader, where it is formally correct “AEOs” is. These companies will benefit from faster Zukunt checks and customs clearance. They may also hope to lower costs and simplified processes.

14.05.2012 – Conciliation Committee on the photovoltaic – Federal funding stops reduction of solar

The Federal Council has stopped the law for the reduction in solar subsidies. Now the controversial law in the Conciliation Committee should be thoroughly revised. The solar industry is hoping for Federal Schadensbegrenzung.Der planned by the federal government cuts in solar subsidies in the Renewable Energy Act has (EEG) on Friday (11. More) stopped. The Conciliation Committee, the representatives of the countries with the aim chamber parliament now a “fundamental revision” the controversial law on.

14.05.2012 Berlin – Reduce the cost of electricity with LED. Guide dena helps consumers purchase the lamp.

In all three households are now LED (Light Emitting Diodes) used. One survey shows commissioned by the Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena)*. The dena Energy Efficiency Initiative recommends consumers use these highly efficient lamps: Compared with a conventional light bulb saves more than a comparable LED 80 Percent power on. A four-person household, of its lighting to LED surrounded, could use its power costs per year 90 € ** cut. With a guide to energy efficiency initiative supported by www.stromeffizienz.de consumers make the right choice of lamp.

14.05.2012 Bonn – Polenz (CDU): Afghanistan withdrawal 2014

Ruprecht Polenz (CDU) has spoken before the NATO summit in Chicago in Phoenix to interview Afghan withdrawal. “The Afghans have said, a trigger go during the year 2013. Therefore, the aim of Obama, namely 2014, realistic. It has no sense to speculate constantly in annual figures and data, because we do not want, that Afghanistan falls back into the situation, the part of the cause was, why you're gone”, the chairman of the Foreign Committee of the Bundestag.

02.05.2012 Acceptance – Obama and Karzai signed a strategic agreement

In a surprise visit to Afghanistan, U.S. President Barack Obama is a strategic agreement for future cooperation between the two countries besiegelt.Im presidential palace in Kabul Obama signed, and his counterpart Hamid Karzai on Tuesday, the contract, of the role of the United States in the country after the withdrawal of U.S. troops 2014 regulates. The cost of the war were high for both countries was, Obama said. However, the agreement should now pave the way for a peaceful future.

02.05.2012 - Founding meeting of the BEK

“Eurasian Club Berlin” to strengthen contacts with Central Asia
Politicians and experts from Germany and the EU to the Berlin club Eurasian (Back) an exclusive platform for dialogue with countries of the Eurasian Economic Space, of the Eurasian Economic Community and the Central Asian states offer. The panelists of the first meeting of the BEK agreed: You should not act in addition to the EU.

30.04.2012 – Regulation of the rare-earth elements Beschuss

China in the 1980s- and 1990s, sold large amounts of its deposits of rare earth very favorable to other countries. The current requirement, Such a bargain in the long term to continue to offer, According to a Chinese expert would rather irrational.

26.04.2012 – Speech by Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel at the 3. Commodity congress of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group "Values ​​and Value - Germany and Europe secure supply of raw materials"

26.04.2012 Berlin – Pfeiffer / Mißfelder: Safe, affordable and sustainable supply of raw materials for a viable business location

Today, the CDU / CSU parliamentary group in the 3. Commodity Congress the paramount importance of a secure supply of raw materials for the German economy discussed. These explain the economic spokesman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, Joachim Pfeiffer, and the foreign policy spokesman, Philipp Missfelder:

25.04.2012 Hamburg – take-e-way und VERE e.V. Old phone support collection of the Bavarian Environment Ministry

“Handy clever entsorgen” at approximately 7.000 Collection sites in Bavaria
Old cell phone collection in Bavaria with the StMUG and EFICOM
The take-e-way GmbH and VERE e.V. support the collection of mobile "smart phone dispose", under the auspices of the Bavarian State Ministry for Environment and Health (StMUG) Together with the project company at about EFICOM 7.000 Collection sites in authorities, Train, District offices, Municipalities, Associations, Churches and businesses of the Free State of Bavaria is carried out.

24.04.2012 – Afghanistan and the U.S. conclude partnership agreement

Afghanistan and the U.S. have abgeschlosssen on Sunday an agreement on strategic partnership. The spokesman of the Afghan president said Faizi Eimal, the U.S. troops would be in after the withdrawal of NATO troops years 2014 some ten years to stay in Afghanistan.

24.04.2012 – China is booming Rare Earth dearly

A Green Future, which arises from the use of rare earth, seems to lie still for Zhang Yang'e a very distant. The fountain in the village has become unusable because of the consequences of the local mining. From the fountain in the backyard blowing Zhang's an unpleasant odor. About the brownish-yellow water sit numerous spiders. “The water had once loved a sweet taste, and all our neighbors. But now it has become unfit for human consumption”, complained the 73-year-old farmer from the county in east China's Jiangxi Province Dingnan. “Even my wilted vegetables, I've watered with well water”, she said, points to the rows of green onions, Chives and peas, she has planted in her backyard. Zhang has now cast their vegetables with tap water. Although the local government in March last year, installed it and seven other families taps, but they must now each month 20 Yuan (2,4 Euro) pay for clean water.

23.04.2012 – China welcomes more investment by German companies in China

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on Sunday met in Hanover with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Here Both sides discussed bilateral relations and issues of common interest.
Wen Jiabao expressed, China welcome the increased investment by German companies in China, particularly in the central and western regions of the state. Both countries should increase exchanges in science and technology and education.

23.04.2012 Osnabrück – New OZ: Comment on German-Chinese Economic Partnership

The country has no choice. Angela Merkel and Wen Jiabao swear with one accord the German-Chinese Economic Partnership. The leaders of the two countries actually do more, when they visit each other – mostly with large business delegations in tow. Business as usual also? Not quite.

20.04.2012 Berlin – Rösler has launched the competition “German material efficiency prize in 2012″

The Federal Minister of Economics and Technology today announced the launch of the competition “German material efficiency prize in 2012″ given. The aim of the competition is, to raise awareness for a more efficient use of resources and material. We are looking for innovative approaches especially for resource-saving products, Processes, Services and new application-oriented research. Are encouraged to apply scientific institutes and companies, especially to 1000 Employees.

17.04.2012 – Expected escalation of trade disputes with the U.S.

The trade dispute with the United States should, according to Chinese officials continue to escalate, because the U.S. is now active with an agency after “unfair trade practices” suchen.China and the United States will experience more tensions in the trading of high quality industrial products, because Washington protects its domestic industries, Chinese officials said on Sunday.

17.04.2012 – New approaches to resolve the old dispute over rare earth

China is preparing for a lawsuit, which the United States, have been brought by the EU and Japan because of China's export controls on Seltenerdmineralien. The triumvirate of industrial powers brought the case on 13. March before the World Trade Organization (WTO). The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was announced, the country was ready, to refer the allegations against position. May Xinyu, research associate of the Academy of International Trade- and economic cooperation, said on 16. March China's financial newspaper Securities Times his view of things with. Following are edited excerpts:

13.04.2012, (Transparency) – Standards of transparency in the extractive industries – Federal government blocks EU plans for more transparency in the extractive sector

The organization Transparency International, Germany, ONE, Global Witness, MISEREOR and "Bread for the World" and the Global Policy Forum Europe expect the Federal Government, give up the resistance to binding standards of transparency in the extractive industries. To mitigate the negative effects of the exploitation of mineral and fossil resources, companies should disclose payments to governments of resource-rich countries for every mine and every other project. This proposal by the European Commission is assisted by an initial positioning of the European Parliament now. Germany is therefore advised with his negative attitude at the European level a step further into isolation.

13.04.2012 – China suffers from heavy pollution from mining of rare earths

China pays a heavy price for the removal of rare earths. It is, that gold would be sold at the price of a year of carbon. Die Provinz Jiangxi in China, the rich ores of rare earth, In the past year 32,9 Yuan Milliarden (4 Billion €) earns his promotion. However, the province of an article in a business newspaper, according to 38 Yuan Milliarden (4,6 Billion €) spend on the effects of pollution in the provincial city of Ganzhou.

10.04.2012 Kiev, Ukraine – Ukraine adopts EU Integration Plan

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is the immediate action plan
2012 adopted to integrate the country into the European Union. The document deals with internal reforms (as the modernization of gas transportation system, institutional reforms in Ukraine and the orientation of the European Football Championship 2012) as well as questions about the deepening of ties between Ukraine and the EU: Visa liberalization, Cooperation with police- and judicial authorities of the EU, Expansion of trade cooperation, etc..

09.04.2012 - China strengthens control over high-tech metals

China dominates almost the entire world production of so-called rare earths, which are essential for many high-tech products – and annoyed other countries with its pricing policy. Now, Beijing has established a trade association for the sector, to control it even more.

06.04.2012 – The daily water fight
USA vs. China, Europe against U.S.: The world caught up in trade wars. They threaten our prosperity?

Barack Obama in Washington can just set up a new authority. Trade Enforcement Center, they are called, Office for the enforcement of trade, and support U.S. companies doing business in the world. When business partners violate American interests, officials should raise the alarm, and the President quickly organized the resistance. Right now, U.S. exporters are the sorts of "unfair practices exposed", Obama sagt.

29.03.2012 – Roesler: The first steps to implement the commodity partnership with Mongolia are done!

The Federal Minister of Economics and Technology, Dr. Philipp Rösler, and the President of Mongolia, Tsakhia Elbegdorj, came today for bilateral talks in Berlin together. Both emphasized the political trust and economic relations between Germany and Mongolia. The focus of discussions was the implementation of the intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in the commodity, Industry- and technology, in October 2011 was signed in Ulan Bator.

27.03.2012 - Government negotiations successfully concluded with Mongolia

Mongolia and Germany are its developmental cooperation in the areas sustainable resource management, Biodiversity and energy efficiency focus. This is the result of the Mongolian-German government negotiations, on 26. and 27. March 2012 took place in Bonn.

21.03.2012 - Discussion Röttgen increased uncertainty in solar energy systems and reducing

To the questions when, Amount and effect is the planned reduction in solar subsidies to the Personnel Röttgen another element of uncertainty into the current debate about the structure of the energy transition. A Minister of the Environment, the critical phase in the energy transformation due to the upcoming election campaign in North Rhine-Westphalia is not at full strength for his position at the disposal, could prove an additional burden on an already sluggish turnout in the position of the energy system.

17.03.2012 - Copper and Co. - Bavaria seeks treasures in the trash

Because commodities such as copper are becoming increasingly valuable, Bavaria's Economics Minister Martin Zeil send out geologists. Experts argue for a higher recycling rate. They are found in mobile phones, computers, Batteries and fluorescent tubes as well as in wind turbines and electric cars. Rare earth is the raw material, of the industry is essential now. This applies in particular Bavaria, where the industry is dependent on the supply of such so-called geogenic raw materials.

16.03.2012 – “German must be globalization champion”

A trade war threatens to important raw materials and technology jobs in Germany. Is globalization a further way? As so often in recent years, surveys the German economy once again full of optimism in the new year. Despite the expected continued simmering debt crisis in Europe, the Institute for Economic Research (IWH) growth of 1,3 Percent a year 2013 by as much as 2,2 Percent.

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