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Potential cost reduction of lithium battery packs to 2025

27.07.2012 Institute for Rare earth and metals – The consulting firm McKinsey & Company has released a new analysis, indicating, that the cost of lithium battery packs for electric vehicles of the current 500-600 USD per kilowatt hour 200 USD per kilowatt-hour within the next 8 Years could fall. To 2025, the report, is a further price reduction on 160 USD per kilowatt-hour are possible. The study implies relatively competitive total cost of ownership, auch total-cost-ownership (TCO) called, for electric vehicles in the United States. On this basis it is assumed, that the prices at about. 3,50 USD per gallon are.

09.07.2012 -Cheap and good: China set for more market share in high-tech cars

China is now the largest car market in the world. The competition between car manufacturers in the country and the multinationals in the Chinese market has become more violent. Last year, the market share of Chinese cars shrunk. The industry has overtaken China besorgt.2009 the United States and is the largest global car market has become. 2011 in China were more than 18,5 Millions of cars sold - a new world record. Multinational companies place great value on the market for medium and low price level. So the Chinese are competing directly against the joint venture. Experts advise now, to focus more on high-tech.

14.06.2012 Institute of Metals and Rare Earths – China is considering rare earth reserve for price stabilization

China earlier this month attracted the attention of investors with the notice, that prefer the introduction of a national inventory reserve account, to REE prices for stabilisieren.In another announcement, the Government approved the possible introduction of a new tax, to control the sale and production. China's domestic demand for rare earth fell in 2011 greatly increased production due to Beijing's control. This resulted in, that include many separate systems had, because customers were not ready, to pay record prices.

06.06.2012 – Honda will recycle batteries of electric cars and hybrid cars

The battery unit and other elements of the hybrid- and electric cars, consist in part of the so-called rare earths, Honda wants to win back this part by recycling. The so-called rare earths are in high demand, because they are needed for many modern devices, ranging from mobile phones to battery cells for electric cars. As prices rise for the rare commodities on and on, recycling can be profitable for the economy. Thus, the car manufacturer Honda has been using April, the world's first series method for the extraction of rare earths from used products. For this project work and the Honda Japan Metals & Chemicals Co., Ltd. together in Tokyo.

04.06.2012 Malaysia, Düsseldorf - The Institute of Rare Earth Metals and visited Lynas LAMP new plant for the separation of rare earths in Malaysia

At the invitation of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia visited Mr. Alastair Neil, Member of the Institute of Rare Earths ( www.institut-seltene-erden.org )In Germany, the Lynas plant in Kuantan was officially introduced to Christoph Wilhelm from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Prof.. Yan specializes rare earth separation from the Beijing University of Technology Metals Jack Lifton and Research USA. Was maintained in a preliminary discussion with the theme "Environment-friendly options in the rare earth industry" in a high-profile cast of experts in this area, an open exchange. The discussions were very encouraging, and the question it was obvious, that this is a highly emotional issue in Malaysia.

14.05.2012 – China's economy slows further in April

Newly released economic indicators show, that the Chinese economy has slowed further in April, thereby provoking expectations, that the government is pivoted around in a looser policy, to help to, that GDP stimulates the on.The rapidly cooling industrial production and fixed investment with disappointing trade data provide now for more concerns among Chinese policy makers as inflation. Beijing This led to increased concerns about the downside risks, so Experten. “The pace of economic growth could slow in April to its lowest point this year, mainly due to weak exports and the real estate market”, Liu says Yuanchun, Deputy Director of the Institute of Economics at Renmin University in Beijing.

14.05.2012 Montreal, Canada – Market potential of Canada: Growing solar energy market provides opportunities for German companies.

Canadian exhibitors at Intersolar Europe 2012 From the 13. to 15. June 2012 in Munich. The Canadian German industry- Chamber of Commerce in Montreal organized as an official representative of the Canadian Solar Promotion GmbH in hall B2.260 at the Pavilion on 13. to 15. June in Munich held Intersolar Europe 2012. The nine Canadian companies are exhibiting in the areas of photovoltaics (EcoSunPV, Product PGC Inc.) and solar thermal (Enerconcept, Solar-Infra Systems Int. Ltd, Thermo Dynamics) and advice in the field of solar energy (Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP, CanSIA, Ontario International Marketing Centre, German-Canadian industry- Chamber of Commerce) active.

26.05.2012 – Events in May – Raw dialogue “Business strategies for securing raw materials”

Many resources have become scarce and expensive, substantial price fluctuations, the rule. High costs and lack of planning security burden on the income of the company. The main response is to improve resource efficiency. Here the potentials are, in many companies is far from exhausted.

The China Securities Regulatory Commission announced on Tuesday evening, that trade should be allowed in silver futures on the Shanghai Futures Exchange. The oversight was not known, when the silver futures to be introduced. Most analysts believe, that trade will be officially launched in May.

25.04.2012 – China has shown itself increasingly aware

As China presented at the Hannover Fair as a reliable trade partner, growth in German industry, the discomfort over the giants from the Far East. Because the People's Republic continues its power an increasingly uninhibited. The West needs to be adjusted especially for raw materials on an even harder line. “We are just at the beginning of this development”, warnte Sven T. Marlinghaus, Partner in the BrainNet on global purchasing specialized consulting firm, Interview with t-online.de. Meanwhile, the industry responded by establishing a purchasing alliance.


U.S. politicians such as President Barack Obama calling IT companies like Apple again and again, their products have yet to re-establish in the U.S.. Production in China, in addition to low wages, but an additional advantage: The availability of rare earths.

25.04.2012 - China needs more “green” Cars

No fewer than 1125 Cars are shown at the biennial Beijing auto show, which began on Monday. Producers from- and abroad obviously have a higher gear is engaged, to impress the Chinese consumer.

24.04.2012 Hanover – Partner country, China is a key market for ContiTech

ContiTech Standort Changshu: For 2012 ContiTech Vibration Control is planning to build a development center with its own laboratory
China is the partner country at this year's Hanover Fair – ContiTech writes there for over 30 Years of success. Of ten modern production technology from the leader now supplies its local and international clients. These include leading companies in the automotive industry, of the machine- and plant, of mining, the printing industry and the rail industry. The Company, that its Chinese headquarters in Shanghai maintains, produced with some 2.200 Local staff and systems components such as hose pipes, Vibration elements, Air springs, Surface materials, Conveyors, Drive belts and technical fabrics. 2011 ContiTech China has a turnover of 220 Generates millions of € – nearly half of the total Asia sales.

24.04.2012 Saarbrucken – Environmental Forum Saar 2012: “Materials and raw materials – Strategies to secure competitive advantage” at the 25. April 2012

On Wednesday, 25. April 2012, 14:30 Clock, Saar, the Environmental Forum 2012 about “Materials and raw materials: Strategies to secure competitive advantage” instead of. More than half of the employed in the German industrial raw materials is imported from abroad. Increased demand in recent years has led to sharp rise in commodity prices, therefore,.

23.04.2012 – China is still a leader in green cars are

Despite sluggish sales of electric cars in China, the country could still be a world leader in the automotive industry, McKinsey says & Co. However, this was only possible, if that were the focus of battery-powered vehicles to plug-in hybrid electric vehicles verlege.Die forecast of the U.S. company in its report on the objectives of China in the field of electric cars from Friday, on interviews with over 30 Politicians, Based leading experts in the industry and. “Despite initial setbacks and challenges are more electric cars in China as a solution to the problems of energy- Pollution and sold”, said Axel Krieger, Partner in McKinsey's Beijing office and director of the China auto hub of McKinsey.

23.04.2012 – Volkswagen is planning further work in West China?

According to a report by news agency Reuters, Volkswagen has recently announced its intention, adjacent to the planned work anyway in Xinjiang in western China are other works to Volkswagen China bauen.Plant additional production sites in the west? Behind the message by Reuters is more than just a rumor. At the 22. April, Christian Klinger, VW board member for sales and, Marketing and customer service charge, be announced, that in addition to the already planned VW plant in the city of Urumqi in northwest China's vast Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region may have one or even several other plants in western China plans.

23.04.2012 Nanjing, China – Strengthened cooperation with China Sunergy SUNfarming Group to expand its market share in Germany

China Sunergy Co., Ltd., a specialized solar cell and module manufacturer, announced today, that the company has a second supply 31 MW Solarmodule mit Renewable Energy, I finished a subsidiary of the famous European distributor and project developer SUNfarming Group.

20.04.2012 Rostock – Nordex passed from the offshore market

The capital-intensive business with offshore wind turbines has the German wind turbine manufacturer Nordex is preparing quite a bit of a headache. Now the company wants to adopt entirely from this segment.

18.04.2012, Tokio/Offenbach – Honda extracting rare earths from used parts

Worldwide for the first time as a serial process. In late April, Honda is the world's first series method for the extraction of rare earths from used products. This is what the Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Japan Metals and & Chemicals Co., Ltd. Tokyo announced. The aim of Honda, it is, the recycling of valuable resources to further expand. First, the method is used in nickel-metal-Hydridbatterien used, derived from Honda's hybrid vehicles and were taken back by the trade. The plan is, expand the process to other used parts.

16.04.2012 – China is creating a fund for an African

A Chinese fund invests in the development of Africa by the standard of living on the continent to increase.
The China-Africa Development Fund will change its investment strategy. He focuses on the new infrastructure, the manufacturing industry and agriculture after an injection of 1,5 Has received billions of €, Hu announced Zhirong, Vice President of the Fund.

12.04.2012 Munich – Grow or Go – Study by Oliver Wyman, a global wind energy market

- Wind power industry is growing at only 2015 dynamically re-
- Overcapacity and price pressure on heat Consolidation
- Size is the recipe for success for the future
- Winners take action now

For manufacturers of wind turbines are the golden days came to a halt. Following the rapid growth to 2009 and subsequent stagnation in the world market in the coming years, down only moderately. Massive overcapacity and pricing pressures are the result and resolve in an increasingly maturing industry from a wave of consolidation. For all manufacturers of wind turbines it is to act quickly.

11.04.2012 – Trade association for rare earth wants to sustainable development of the industry

On Sunday, China's trade association for rare earths officially launched. With him was to the sustainable development of this industry are encouraged, said the Deputy Minister of Industry and Informationstechnologie.Der association consists of 155 Members, the entire industrial chain (Mines, Smelting and so on) include. Below are some of the Chinese industrial giants, such as the Aluminum Corporation of China and the China Minmetals Corporation, said Vice Minister Sun Bo. “Thus, the communications and negotiations will be more easily within the trade association.”

11.04.2012 – Press Invitation: Congress of the commodity-NRW on CCIs 16. April in Duisburg

The supply of raw materials is one of the key challenges of the future economic development. Just North Rhine-Westphalia is dependent for its high density of industry and export-orientation to a reliable supply of raw materials. However, prove to rising prices and a declining availability as often a problem for companies.

10.04.2012 – Hamburg – First order for Nordex N90/2500 in China

Successful introduction of large turbine-series in the Far East. The turbine manufacturer Nordex has its first commercial order for the N90/2500 obtained from China. Only in the autumn 2011 The company had started the distribution of its major facilities in the Far East series. Since then, Nordex is preparing for a move of his Chinese works on the production of 2.5 MW platform.

08.04.2012 – Landfill instead of mine – Waste as a lucrative source of raw materials

Recycling is becoming increasingly attractive as a source of material – especially with rising oil prices. Many treatment facilities lacking the supplies already: Looking at old landfills Material.Wenn after the oil price rises, moan that most enterprises to. Quite different happens to the Austro-American company MBA Polymers. The company produces plastics from recycled electronic waste such as mixers, Telephones or television sets forth. “Increases in crude oil price, are conventionally manufactured plastics more expensive. And the interest in our products is growing”, sagt Theo Bremer, Sales Manager at MBA Polymers Austria.

07.04.2012 – Stuttgarter Zeitung: Interview with the total metal-President Martin Kannegiesser to labor dispute: “Make an offer during the peace obligation is simply”

Stuttgart (ots) – Gesamtmetall President Martin Kannegiesser has urged the IG Metall union in the face of an imminent escalation in labor dispute, “not to ruin, what has been built up over years”. “A labor dispute would be a retrograde step”, he said in an interview “Stuttgarter Zeitung” (Saturday edition). “The ratio of collective bargaining with each other, there could be a crack.”

30.03.2012 – Japan's consumption of rare earths is expected to decrease

Tokyo (gtai) – Japan is in rare earths and other metals strongly depends on the PRC. To change this, examines the economic opportunities for, to replace metals with less critical materials. New high-performance magnets and motors for electric cars are important fields of activity. Furthermore, Japan will recycle more metals. The private sector has initiated several projects. The government is considering, a nationwide recycling system for small electric- build and Electronic Equipment.

03.04.2012 – UL acquires Lower Saxony Wind Energy Institute DEWI

Northbrook, Illinois – UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.), one of the major international certification company, has with the State of Lower Saxony, the acquisition of DEWI (Wilhelmshaven and Oldenburg), in a country-owned consulting firm for wind energy, agreed. The acquisition also includes 50,8 Percent of the shares, DEWI on the OCC maintains DEWI GmbH in Cuxhaven; This company is by the German Accreditation System for Testing DAP as a certification body for on- and offshore wind turbines recognized.

18.03.2012 – German Industry Canada discovered

Germany wants to work with Canada's mining industry, for the longer term to minerals. Canada, too, even sees advantages: Partner in the development of expensive raw materials are essential. German industry seeks cooperation with Canada in the resource sector. The country is seen as a potential strategic partner for the long-term security of access to information classified as critical minerals and metals.

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