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17. SEPTEMBER 2012 – Price AUD 16 Million (EUR 13 Mine) in bar. Heidelberg / Brisbane. The AG has sold its German commodity in the Australian North Queensland located Georgetown gold mine for AUD 16 Million (EUR 13 Mine) Sold in cash. Buyer JKO Mining is based in Brisbane, Australia. The purchase was the acquisition of the shares of the German Mineral Resources Australia Pty Ltd. (DRAU) causes, who owns the Georgetown Gold Project. The agreement is still subject to the condition, dass das australische „Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB)"Consents. The approval is expected in a few days.

Van Beuren & Rosenthal Inc. there are negotiations with rare earths and large private equity firm known

Ontario 12.09.2012 of Beuren & Rosenthal Inc. (Frankfurt: WKN: A1JEZV / ISIN: CA9205061026) – The van Beuren and Rosenthal Inc. is an international private equity and property development firm in the area of ​​resource. With the announcement of advanced talks, an interest in a producer for heavy Rare earth to take the Middle East, strebt of Beuren & Rosenthal's first participation outside the American continent. The mine operator is already in production status. More details will be announced after the negotiations.

Tosca Mining Corporation announces new mine plan and PEA

12. September 2012 - Tosca Mining Corporation (TSQ-V; US: TSMNF; ESF: TQ4) are known, Mine Development Associates dass es aus Reno (Nevada) with the creation of an updated mine plan and a pre-Economic Assessment (PEA) für sein Molybdän-Kupfer-Projekt Red Hills in Presidio County (Texas) has commissioned.

Continental gold makes a new high-grade gold- and silver discovery on 1.200 Meters (vertical) bei Buritica (Colombia)

Toronto, Ontario, 13. September 2012 — Continental Gold Limited (TSX:CNL; OTCQX:CGOOF) ("Continental" or the "Company") is pleased, the results of the initial drilling and underground sampling of slot in the old mines in the area, and La Mano La Estera, two new mineralized vein systems south of the deposits Yaragua and Veta Sur to the 100% corporate project

International Enexco closes Drill Program on Contact Copper Project and announces outstanding results

Vancouver, Canada – 10. September 2012 – International Enexco Ltd. (TSX-V: IEC; OTCQX: IEXCF; Frankfurt: IE6) (the "Company" or "Enexco") is pleased, the last one has now ausstehendene results obtained from the 2011-2012 Drilling program to be announced. Contact Copper Das Projekt (“Contact”) is 100% owned by Enexco. All sample results from the program are now in an updated mineral resource estimate is expected in fall. In addition, a complete examination of the 2011-2012 Explorationsprogram im Gange. This is intended to further exploration and Vorentwicklungsschritte for the ongoing development of Contact are determined. Management is focused on additional targets not yet explored the expansion of Contact are or involve new areas within the county, the new opportunities for copper mineralization.

Riverstone Intersects 2,39 g / t gold over 24 Meters at Kao

Riverstone Resources Inc. (TSX-V: RVS) ("Riverstone" or the "Company") is pleased, the results of 17 Diamond drilling on the 100 % proprietary Kao deposit ("Like"), the part of the company's flagship Karma Gold Project (das "Project Feed") in Burkina Faso (West Africa) is, announce. These drill holes are part of a drilling program in the northeastern extension of the main deposit area Kao, which will serve to further investigate the extent of the east dipping mineralization (See map on the website of Riverstone for drill hole locations:

Canamex Resources Corp.: According to final results of the column leaching gold recovery rate is for the historic resources in the Bruner gold project in Nye County / Nevada at about 85 %

(10. September 2012) Canamex Resources Corp. (TSX-V: CSQ) (OTCQX: CNMXF) (ESF: CX6) are very pleased announce the final results of the column leach. While the investigated sample material consisted of -3 Inch and -3/4 Inch large fragments, under the tag from the historic resource area of ​​the Bruner gold project in Nye County (Nevada) were removed. After 83 Days of leaching was the gold recoveries of the sample material over 85 %. "Thanks to this very positive metallurgical results, we are able, the historical resource area to develop as far as, that a resource estimate and a final cost analysis on the NI-43-101- Standard is possible ", Chairman sagte & CEO Greg Hahn. The historic resources contained, according to a press release of Miramar Mining Corp.. from the year 1992 overall 383.000 Ounces of gold (15.000.000 Tonnes at a grade of 0,025 Oz / ton). Have been performed by any qualified person sufficient work, to justify an allocation of the historical estimate of the current mineral resources or mineral reserves. Canamex Resources sets the historical estimate is not equal to an estimate of the current mineral resources or mineral reserves.

Eurasian Minerals acquires stake in emerging regional porphyry copper-gold discovery

Vancouver (British Columbia), 11. September 2012. Eurasian Minerals (TSX Venture: EMX; NYSE MKT: EMXX) ("EMX" or the "Company") is pleased, the company's participation in ongoing discoveries in the porphyry copper-gold zone Malmyzh in Russia's Far East to announce. Eurasian Capital, one led by Paul Zink EMX-business unit, identified the private exploration company InterGeo Resources LLC („IGR“) in 2011 as an early investment opportunity. EMX invested 3,04 Million U.S. $ by four separate and private financings with an equity share of 36 % (on a fully diluted basis) The largest shareholders of IGR. Die Malmyzh-Explorations- and mining concessions owned by a joint venture between IGR and Freeport McMoran Exploration Corporation („Freeport“ oder „FMEC“), with IGR as the operator and manager of the project serves. EMX considers, Malmyzh that represents an exciting grassroots discovery, The distance could be quickly developed into an exploration concession, which covers the entire belt.

CaNickel are Winterbohrergebnisse 2012 known

Vancouver, British Columbia — 7. September 2012 — CaNickel Mining Ltd. ("CaNickel" or the "Company") is pleased, the complete drilling results from the winter drilling program 2012 the company's own field M11A, a deposit (the "M11A North") the Company's exploration project in the Thomson Nickel Belt in Manitoba, submitted. This deposit is located approximately four kilometers north of the Bucko Lake Nickel Mine and its processing plants near the town of Wabowden (Manitoba). The drilling program should serve to expand the deposit at depth and along strike and the further delineation of existing known mineralization.

Georox's ascent from animal 2 for animal 1 the TSX Venture Exchange announced

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, 6. September 2012: Georox Resources Inc. ("Georox" or the "Company") (GXR:TSX-V; OF6A:FROM) is pleased, announce, the company to the terms of the authorization animal 1 an der per TSX Venture Exchange 7. September 2012 has fulfilled. The animal 1 is the most advanced issuers on the TSX Venture Exchange, who have the financial resources of the most remarkable, Reserved.

Guide Star takes on ground magnetic survey at Roberts Lake

Vancouver, B.C. – 11. September 2012, Robert L. Card, President von Arrowstar Resources Ltd., ("Star Arrow" or the "Company") (TSXV: AWS), is pleased, to report, that the company's ground magnetic surveys on the Company's iron ore concession Roberts Lake in Ungava (Quebec) has taken. The company has Geotronics Consulting Inc. von Surrey (BC, Canada) with the implementation of these surveys, under the supervision of David G. Mark (P.Geo.) Instructs. Here is the next step in our exploration program on the property Roberts Lake.

Mindoro is known further update on the planned transaction TVI

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, 11. September 2012 – Mindoro Resources Ltd. (TSXV: MY; ASX: MDO; FFT: OLM) („Mindoro“, "The Company") Yesterday's announcement of the extraordinary shareholders' meeting, on 9. October 2012 at 16 Uhr in Calgary (Alberta) will take place, and the accompanying letter of information management and the power of attorney published. The notice was filed on SEDAR and on 6. September 2012 ASX notified. Among the most important decisions include the approval of shareholders for the second tranche of private placement, die TVI Pacific Inc. ("TVI") involved (Mindoro see Press Release 6. July 2012 for information on pricing and conditions).

Zimtu Capital Corp. reports labor force participation of Brazilian Kaliprojekten by Pacific Potash Corp..

30.07.2012 Zimtu Capital Corp. (TSX-V: ZC; ESF: ZCT1) ("Zimtu" or the "Company") is pleased to announce, that regulatory approval for the acquisition of all issued and outstanding securities of Moonraker Acquisition Corp.. („Moonraker“), owns shares of the Zimtu, durch Pacific Potash Corp. (TSX-V: PP) („Pacific Potash“) was granted. Moonraker has an option to acquire a stake of up to 80 % in the Amazon Basin Potash mineral rights from Western Potash Corp.. (TSX: WPX).

Eagle Hill Exploration Corp.: Updated mineral resource statement leads to increase of the derived (126 %) and displayed (61 %) Ounces of gold with a higher content of the deposit at Windfall Lake

30.07.2012 VANCOUVER (BRITISH COLUMBIA), Eagle Hill Exploration Corporation (TSX-V: EAG) ("Eagle Hill" or the "Company") is pleased, the creation of a second independent gold mineral resource statement in accordance with National Instrument 43-101 the Canadian Securities Administrators for the concession area Windfall Lake (the "Property Windfall Lake" or the "Property") to announce, die von SRK Consulting (Canada) Inc. („SRK“) was created. Die aktualisierte Mineralressourcenerklärung stellt aufgrund zusätzlicher Bohrungen und einer verbesserten Bereichsmodellierung eine beträchtliche Steigerung der gesamten Goldunzen und des Gehalts dar.

Ultra Lithium begins with geophysical work in concession areas in the Balkans (Serbia)

30.07.2012 Vancouver (British Columbia), Ultra Lithium Inc. (TSX-V: ULI) ("Ultra" or the "Company") is pleased to announce, that his staff with a comprehensive geophysical investigation audiomagnetotellurischen ("AMT") at 643 Has begun square kilometer land package of the company in the Republic of Serbia. The data will be used, to interpret the geometry of the basin and potential lithium- to identify and boron-containing horizons.

German commodity AG holds Annual General Meeting

27.07.2012 – On Wednesday, the 25. July 2012 was the Annual General Meeting 2012 the German commodity AG held. With a presence of a round 54% of the share capital were all agenda items with more than 95% Agreement adopted:

United States uranium includes metallurgical drilling program at Kuriskova deposit (Slovakia) from

Vancouver, 24. July 2012. European Uranium Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: Euu; Frankfurt: TGPN) has to be planned, three hole drill program to take samples for further metallurgical tests completed at the uranium deposit Kuriskova. Preliminary reviews indicate, that the program is a sufficient sample weight with a corresponding salary was, to integrate the tests into the ongoing feasibility study.

Eagle Hill Intersects 15,24 g / t gold over 2,9 Meters and extended zone 27 in an easterly direction

23.07.2012 VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – (TSX.V: EAG) Eagle Hill Exploration Corporation ("Eagle Hill" or the "Company") is pleased, new assay results from its current drilling program, focused on the enlargement of the zone 27 Windfall Lake gold deposit in northwestern Quebec focused, to announce. These results are part of an ongoing drilling program, with the extent of in November 2011 published mineral resource estimate is to be expanded.

Silvercrest reports 50 Meters with 151,8 g / t Silberäquivalent bei * La Joya – Mineralised main portion is extended still

19.07.2012 VANCOUVER (BRITISH COLUMBIA), – SilverCrest Mines Inc. (the "Company") is pleased, the results of eleven other drill holes of its Phase 2 drill program to be known, that is currently on its concession area of ​​La Joya in the Mexican state of Durango in progress. The Phase 2 program includes 80 Drill holes totaling approximately 15.000 Meters. Reported to date Phase 2 drilling extended the main mineralized section (the "section") over that area beyond, The current inferred resource of 101,9 Million ounces of silver equivalent * contains (see press releases dated 20. March and 7. More 2012 and the accompanying drawings). The section defined by drilling now extends over approximately two kilometers and has an average thickness of about 700 Meters on. For more information, photos and illustrations of La Joya, please visit our website at

09.07.2012 Düsseldorf Institute for Rare Earths and Metals Association. – The battle for pole position in the graphite mine is opened

With similar conditions such as rare earths numerous junior exploration companies are going into the race for the best positions in the graphite mining. The global graphite production is currently about 70% aus China. Through new technologies in the field of lithium-ion batteries will increasingly need this mineral from high-tech industry. While the world has with China's dominance in the production of graphite must deal, takes the exploration of graphite by Australian companies at- and abroad. Graphite is one of the critical minerals, characterized by a high demand. Australian mining company, follow the trail of Canadian junior exploration company and have their graphite in recent years, driven, to ensure, that reliable western resources of this mineral in the near future are available.

09.07.2012 Vancouver, British Columbia - CaNickel announces state of the business

CaNickel Mining Ltd. ("CaNickel" or the "Company"), are known, arranged by the interruption of work available in the Bucko Lake Nickel Mine, to 100 % The company is (See also our press release dated 16. More 2012), was canceled. However, the company has decided due to the unfavorable price of nickel, the Bucko Lake Nickel Mine to temporarily shut down and instead perform maintenance. During maintenance, the company will continue to optimize the mining plan and thus ensure a sustainable and profitable operation of the Bucko Lake. The company will also seek intensive efforts, advance the feasibility study for the project M11A and other exploration programs in the concession areas in the Thompson Nickel Belt.

09.07.2012 VANCOUVER, B.C. – Expansion of Silver Crests Santa Elena mine is on track

SilverCrest Mines Inc. (the "Company") is pleased, the current status of planning for expansion of mining operations and Santa Elena are currently under implementation in Phase II drilling at La Joya (Mexico) to announce. The expansion work at the mine of Santa Elena on track and will start from 2014 to an increase in metal production by 100 % lead. The definition drilling to determine existing resources and extensive metallurgical studies at La Joya to continue; in the 4. Quarter 2012 to a reassessment of the resources held following provides an overview of the main activities. For more information, including photographs and videos, visit our website at

09.07.2012 Vancouver, BC, Canada - Miranda announces drill results from the project Pavo Real in Colombia

Miranda Gold Corp.. ("Miranda") (TSX-V: MAD) is pleased, The latest results from drilling in the Pavo Real project in Colombia known to give. Miranda's funding partner Red Eagle Mining Corporation („Red Eagle“) (TSX-V: RD) Within the framework of this first program in the nine-hole drilling on 11.150 Foot (3.400 m) absolviert.Die bores concentrated on the determination of the control structures, showing the mineralization. The target areas included quartz veins and Erzadersysteme, the breccias in sedimentary rocks and hydrothermal embedded. The results of current exploration activities and the results of this drilling will be used for planning a further drilling program.


The German commodity group is 2011, in the sixth year of existence, very strong growth and has achieved a record result. With sales of EUR 15,2 My. the consolidated net profit after minority interests amounted to EUR 10,85 My. A significant influence on the result was beside the profit from the gold production in Australia and the partial sale of Rhein Petroleum GmbH, the EUR 8,1 My. contributed to the success. The German commodity scored as the parent company 2011 with revenues of EUR 378.000 a net profit of EUR 8,7 My.

21.06.2012 Manhattan Beach, CA, – Black Sea Metals Inc. increases in the race for first processing plant for heavy rare earths outside of China a.

Black Sea Metals Inc. (OTCBB: BLAK, BSM.BE) (the "Company") announced a change of strategy, and thus the plan, the first processing plant for heavy rare earths (SSE) to build outside China's. The company wants to relocate in their focus towards more processing. The $80 Million project will be implemented in the Black Sea region in the vicinity of a previously identified resource for SEE.

21.06.2012 – Molycorp Completes Acquisition of Neo Material Technologies

It was another eventful month for the rare earth sector (REE), although prices are still low. The focus was primarily on the investment of a major merger and the potential market changing policies, which were announced in China. Molycorp Completes Acquisition.

11.06.2012 Toronto, ON - Avalon and the First Nation signed Deninu K'ue complacency contract

Avalon Rare Metals Inc. (TSX and NYSE MKT: AVL) ("Avalon" or the "Company") is pleased to announce, that they favor a contract („Accommodation Agreement“) with the Deninu K'ue First Nation ("DKFN") have taken.

06.06.2012 VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – Bralorne's new technical report regarding the increase in mill production capacity in order

Bralorne Gold Mines Ltd. (BPM.V)(BPMSF)(GV7.BE)(GV7.F) ("Bralorne or the Company") is pleased, announce, dass es Beacon Hill Consultants (1988) Ltd. („Beacon Hill“) with the creation of a new economic assessment (Preliminary Economic Assessment), affecting the operational viability of a gold mining operation with a production capacity of 100 Concentrate tonnes per day at Bralorne is, has commissioned. Beacon Hill will also assess existing inferred resource estimate, delineate further exploration targets for future development. This is the achievement of corporate objectives, the output of 100 Tonnes per day 250 To increase metric tons per day, serve. Bralorne expects, to obtain the final report of Beacon Hill in the third quarter of this year. The company expects, that the report will demonstrate the feasibility of continuing production at the mine.

06.06.2012 Vancouver, BC – Northern Freegold Resources Commences Drilling at Freegold Mountain, Yukon

Northern Freegold Resources Ltd. (NFR: TSX-V) Das Board of Directors der Northern Freegold Resources Ltd. is pleased to announce, (“Northern Freegold” or the “Business”) that the 2012 Exploration program has commenced on the streets-accessible Freegold Mountain Project, located 70 Km west of Carmacks, Yukon the middle of the Dawson Range. The program consists of a diamond drilling program, Baggeraushebungen and environmental baseline studies. Currently, a diamond drill rig is located on the premises on the Nucleus Zone where drilling last week have begun.

6.06.2012, Vancouver, BC-North Cliff's shareholders unanimously to acquire the stake in the project Geodex Sisson decided

Northcliff Resources Ltd. („Northcliff“) (TSX: NCF) - A subsidiary of Hunter Dickinson Inc.. Group - has announced, that its shareholders 30. More 2012 At the ordinary general meeting unanimously by the acquisition of the former joint venture partner Geodex Minerals Ltd.. („Geodex“) (TSX.V: GXM) held 30 %-Have shares in the tungsten-molybdenum project Sisson decided. A copy of the voting results were posted on

04.06.2012 Malaysia, Düsseldorf - The Institute of Rare Earth Metals and visited Lynas LAMP new plant for the separation of rare earths in Malaysia

At the invitation of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia visited Mr. Alastair Neil, Member of Institute for rare earths ( )In Germany, the Lynas plant in Kuantan was officially introduced to Christoph Wilhelm from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Prof.. Yan specializes rare earth separation from the Beijing University of Technology Metals Jack Lifton and Research USA. Was maintained in a preliminary discussion with the theme "Environment-friendly options in the rare earth industry" in a high-profile cast of experts in this area, an open exchange. The discussions were very encouraging, and the question it was obvious, that this is a highly emotional issue in Malaysia.

04.06.02012 Denver / Heidelberg – German commodity AG: Tekton Energy announces successful drilling and further expansion of production

So far all nine holes successful / six wells in production / oil price at USD 90 abgesichert.Tekton Energy, U.S. oil subsidiary of the German commodity AG (DRAG), reported today, that the holes have been completed by Frye Farm well site. The three wells were all successfully, as the analyzed drill logs zeigen.Titus Gebel, Board of DRAG, said: "This result means, Tekton can show that nine successes in nine holes drilled. This is a fantastic success rate of 100% in a very short period. This is confirmed by the geological model of Tekton. The next step will be sinking horizontal wells, order to increase production volumes and the value added. "


Largest 3D seismic in the last 10 Y / old and new oil fields in the visor / budget and schedule compliance. The German co-founded by the raw material oil AG- and gas company Rhein Petroleum GmbH informs, that the extensive 3D seismic campaign in Hesse, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria could be completed successfully now. Dr. Michael Suana, Managing Director of Rhein Petroleum, Commenting: "We are proud, that we are a young company, the largest German 3D seismic survey of the last 10 Years have been successfully. The previous analyzes suggest several potentially heavy oil- or gas-bearing structures, including major. After completion of the evaluation work, we will devise an appropriate drilling program and bring down this year as the first hole. "

31.05.2012 – Commerce Resources Corp. reported solid profitability in the preliminary economic assessment for the rare earth element deposit in northern Quebec Ashram

Commerce Resources Corp. (WKN0J2Q3;TSX-V: CCE; OTCQX: CMRZF) (short “The company”) gives the results of a positive, mit National Instrument 43-101 compliant Preliminary Economic Assessment (Preliminary Economic Assessment, “PEA”) for the rare earth element-(Rare Earth Element, “REE”)-Ashram on deposit the Eldor Project in northern Quebec known. Das PEA, the independent advice of the Office SGS Canada Inc. — Geostat (SGS Geostat) aus Montreal (Blainville) was made, suggests, that the deposit in the mining process can be economically developed and proposes to support a pre-feasibility and feasibility study for the project, further work. The Eldor property is located within the Labrador Trough, in northeastern Quebec, about 130 km south of the village of Kuujjuaq.

30.05.2012 OTTAWA, – Focus Metals changed its name to "Focus Graphite Inc."

Focus Metals Inc. (TSX-V: FMS; OTCQX: FCSMF; FRANKFURT: FKC) (the "Company") is pleased to announce, that the company following the approval of a special resolution of shareholders of the Company at the Annual General Meeting and Special Session, on 3. More 2012 in Ottawa (Ontario) held, its name has changed, and by 25. More 2012 under the name "Focus Graphite Inc." on the TSX Venture Exchange (the "exchange") will write. The company will continue to be listed under the symbol "FMS" on the stock exchange.

30.05.2012 Vancouver (BC), Canada - Miranda Gold Corp.: Recording of the holes 2012 the Ester Dome project in Alaska by Miranda

Miranda Gold Corp.. ("Miranda") (TSX-V: MAD) is pleased, announce, dass Agnico-Eagle (USA) Limited („Agnico“), a 100% subsidiary of Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited (TSX: AEM), the drilling program 2012 Miranda at Ester Dome project, The mining area is located in Fairbanks, Alaska, has taken.

30.05.2012 Toronto, Ontario – Alexandria Intersects 12,48 g / t gold over 8,20 m at Akasaba and deepens the high grade zone to another 100 m

Alexandria Minerals Corporation (TSX-V: AZX; Frankfurt: A9D; US: ALXDF) announced today, that it's high grade gold deposit at Akasaba, Val d'Or (Quebec) with a drill intercept of 5,59 g / t Au over 24,00 Meters (true width of 11,59 Meters), including 12,48 g / t Au over 8,20 Meters (true width: 3,96 Meter) by a further 100 Has m below the recently published NI 43-101 compliant deepened resource.

29.05.2012 – Xceed Resources Ltd.: Roodepoort (XCD-participation 70 %) – Beginning of the exploration drilling

The company announced, that was launched at the Thermal Coal Project, a diamond drilling program Roodepoort. In February and March to a total length of 700 Meters 20 HQ diamond holes to an average depth of 35 be m per hole drilled.

29.05.2012 Vancouver (B.C.) – Extorre adopted plan for the protection of shareholder rights

Das Board of Directors von Extorre Gold Mines Limited (NYSE MKT:XG; TSX:XG; Frankfurt: E1R, "Extorre" or the "Company") , the adoption of a plan to protect shareholder rights (der "Plan") agreed. The plan comes into effect today, must be recognized, however, within six months of the shareholders of the company, order to have stock.

29.05.2012 Vancouver (B.C.) – St. Elias Mines Ltd. - Current state of diamond drilling - Tesoro Gold Project in Peru

Lori McClenahan, President und CEO of St. Elias Mines Ltd. (SLI – TSX:In), announced today the results of drilling TE 12 to TE 35 at Tesoro Gold Project in southwestern Peru known. So far, forty-three diamond drilling with a total length of 12.740 Meters drilled. The findings of the holes 36 to TE TE-40 are pending. Samples of the holes 41 to TE TE-43 are currently being prepared for transport to the laboratory analysis of CERTIMIN in Lima.

29.05.2012 Vancouver, British Columbia – Simba plans to start the drilling program on the Miyove Gold Project, Rwanda

Simba Gold Corp. (TSX.V: SGD, Frankfurt: S7G) ("Simba" or "the Company") is pleased to announce, that the beginning of the planned diamond drilling program of up to 5.000 m length in early June at the Miyove Gold Project in Rwanda, Africa, is provided.

29.05.2012 – Aurcana Announces Record Silver Production at the mine La Negra

Aurcana Corporation ("Aurcana" or the "Company") is pleased, Silver production for the first quarter 2012 of 287.486 Report to oz. This compares to production of silver 240.275 Ounces in the first quarter 2011, the best quarter in terms of silver production in the history of Aurcana, an increase of 19,6%. The equivalent silver production increased compared to 381.146 Ounces in the first quarter 2011 at 29,3% on 492.864 Ounces in the first quarter 2012.

29.05.2012 Vancouver, Canada - International Enexco announces additional drill results of the Contact Copper Project in Nevada

International Enexco Ltd. (TSX-V: IEC; OTCQX: IEXCF; Frankfurt: IE6) (the "Company" or "Enexco") is pleased, additional drill results from its on 100% Contact Copper Project located in the property, Located in northeastern Elko County, Nevada, to announce. The results announced today come from 12 Holes, from which 11 in the western end of the project lie in the eastern and an end, where the results were announced recently been announced. (see press release dated 26. April 2012).

29.05.2012 VANCOUVER (BRITISH COLUMBIA) – CuOro announces completion of a transaction agreement with Pacific Road Resources Fund II

CuOro Resources Corp. (TSX-V: CUA; ESF: 6BC) ("CuOro" or the "Company"), Pacific Road Resources Fund II und Pacific Road Resources Fund II L.P. (zusammen mit Pacific Road Resources Fund II, „Pacific Road“) are pleased, announce, that a final agreement (the "Agreement") with respect to certain proposed investments, day Pacific Road CuOro vornehmen soll, are received. Die TSX Venture Exchange (the "TSXV") , the terms of the transaction, as laid down in the agreement, approved subject to.

29.05.2012 – Tang Gold Plc signed drilling contract with PDRM in Mali

Medou Mining Corporation, a 100 %-Daughter of Tang Gold PLC ("Tang Gold" or the "Company") (Frankfurt: 5GT), is pleased to announce, interesting that a new contract with the exploration- PDRM and drilling company in Mali (Africa) was signed. PDRM was 1990 founded with the goal, Development work for the National Directorate of Geology and Mines (DNGM) and perform upon request for a third party. The exploration department is responsible for the implementation of geological studies and development work leading to this end, geological, geochemical and geophysical analyzes or. Drilling and measurements.

24.05.2012 Heidelberg – German commodity AG: Preliminary figures from the consolidated financial statements 2011 published consolidated net income 2011 EUR 10,9 Million increase. / Equity to EUR 30,8 My.

Heidelberg. The German commodity AG last year, net income at the corporate level of EUR 10,9 My. achieved. The numbers so far are preliminary, than the Board to conclude not yet been identified in the Entry Standard hat.Die German commodity traded AG is building a new primary producer to. Focus on gold, Beer & Gas and so-called high-tech metals such as tungsten, Tin and rare earths. All projects are located in politically stable countries with a focus on Germany. The business model is based on the (Re-) Development of deposits, have been well explored in the past. The first production began in January 2011.

23.05.2012 Vancouver (BC) – Samaranta option agreement signed with private companies in Ontario in terms of the concession area Siguiri

Samaranta Mining Corporation (TSX.V:SAX) ("Company" or "Samaranta") Following is the press release dated 21. September 2011, in which the company announced, that there is an involvement of 80 % the concession area Siguiri in Guinea (West Africa) (the "Property") has acquired, known, that there is an agreement with Siguiri Guinea Mining Ltd.. („SMG“) has signed, According to SMG which can acquire the 80% stake in the concession area of ​​Samaranta.

23.05.2012 Montreal, Quebec – Colt Resources durchkreuzt 1,50 g / t Au over 41.70 m, including 4,48 g / t Au over 8,05 m on his Boa Fé Gold Project, Süd-Portugal

Colt Resources Inc. (“Colt” or the “Business”) (TSXV: GTP) (FROM: P01) (OTCQX: COLTF) is pleased to announce, that further to the final analytical results 6 recently completed drill holes from its ongoing drilling- and excavation program at its Boa Fé Gold Project, within the 100% proprietary, 47 km2 Boa Fé experimental mining license (EML) received in the south of Portugal. The Boa Fé EML is entirely of the 100% proprietary (732 km2) Montemor exploration concession surrounded.

23.05.2012 Vancouver, British Columbia – Asante Gold: Initial drilling in Concession in Ghana Fahiakoba deliver positive results

Asante Gold Corporation (TSX.V: Ashe Frankfurt : 1A9) (the "Company") is pleased to announce, that on the basis of the holes to explore widely spaced geophysical targets on the property in Ghana Fahiakoba the occurrence of gold mineralization with anomalous or. highly anomalous values ​​could be confirmed. These goals are generally over a strike length of mineralization that, in the Perseus Mining (TSX: PRU) operated mine was discovered Edikan. This mine is adjacent to the southwest of the concession area.

23.05.2012 – First Majestic Silver Corp.: NI 43-101 compliant technical report & Pre-Feasibility Study for Del Toro

FIRST MAJESTIC SILVER CORP. (AG: NYSE; FR: TSX) (the "Company" or "First Majestic") is pleased, a new NI 43-101 compliant technical report (FB) and a pre-feasibility study (VMS) to present for the Del Toro Silver Mine. The new NI 43-101 compliant FB and all the VMS exploration- and development work to 31. March 2012 (Deadline) considered. These estimates are taken into account all work completed to date, u.a. Diamond drilling in 117 Holes on 35.230 Meters of drilling and a total of 7.133 undeveloped meters. The analytical results from 33 Holes were not available until the deadline and were not included in this report.

23.05.2012 Vancouver, BC – Northern Freegold ernennt Paul Reynolds zum Vice President, Exploration

Northern Freegold Resources Ltd. (NFR: TSX-V) ("Northern Freegold" or the "Company") is pleased to announce, that Mr. Paul Reynolds as Vice President, Exploration of the Company has appointed, subject to regulatory approval.

23.05.2012 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - Canada's gold revised rates for non-brokered private placement announced

Canada Gold Corporation (TSX-V: CI, Frankfurt: T9NB, OTC-BB: CNGZF) ("Canada Gold" or the "Company") , the conditions on its 25. April 2012 announced non-brokered private placement (the "Private Placement") Due to the current market situation revised. The private placement will now consist of up to 15 My. Units (the "units") at a price of 0,12 $ exist. This will gross proceeds of up to 1,8 My. $ be achieved. Each unit consists of one common share and one half, non-transferable Warrant for one common share; Each whole warrant entitles the holder to purchase one additional common share at a price of gold from Canada 0,25 $ within two years from the closing date of tender.

23.05.2012 Vancouver, Canada – Fire River Gold Corp. is known about the current state of progress at the Nixon Fork Gold Mine

Fire River Gold Corp. und Mystery Creek Resources Inc. [TSX.V: FAU| OTCQX: FVGCF| ESF: FWR] (the “Business”) is pleased, You the current progress on reducing- and to provide milling facilities at the Nixon Fork Mine known.

23.05.2012 Vancouver, BC - adventure will begin in June, a drilling program for gold in the Yukon project Justin

Aben Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: ABN) (OTC Pink: ABNAF) (the "Company") is pleased, an update on its upcoming exploration- and drilling program 2012 to the 100% proprietary, 18.314 Provide comprehensive acre flagship gold project Justin. The concession area is located in the Tintina Gold Belt in the southeast of the Yukon, about 35 Kilometers southeast of the mine Cantung, and is on a road open all year.

21.05.2012 London – BONIFAZ GOLD PLC released its audited financial statements for the fiscal year 2011

BONIFAZ GOLD PLC, (BOG2.F – WKN: A1H5HC) Luis Fernando Quiroga, Chief Financial Officer of Boniface Gold Plc., is the submission of audited financial statements for the fiscal year 2011 announced. The full accounts are available on the company website. “I am very pleased, publish our audited financial data to. The equity of the company amounts to € 159.002.200,-. This gives a notional value per share of € 1.47. "

21.05.2012 – Gold Bullion Development Corp. published 43-101-compliant technical report on the Granada Gold Project

Gold Bullion Development Corp. (TSXV: GBB) (OTCPINK: GBBFF) (the "Company" or "Gold Bullion") is pleased, to present an independent NI 43-101 compliant technical report, of in accordance with National Instrument 43-101 („Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects“/NI 43-101) was created for the gold concession in Granada. This gold project is located along the Cadillac-promising trends in northwestern Quebec, 5 km south of Rouyn-Noranda.

21.05.2012, Vancouver, BC – Northcliff published current mineral resources for the tungsten-molybdenum project Sisson

Northcliff Resources Ltd. ("Northcliff" or the "Company") (TSX-V: NCF) - A subsidiary of Hunter Dickinson Inc.. Group of companies - published an updated mineral resource estimate for the New Brunswick (Canada) lying tungsten-molybdenum project Sisson. The current estimate provides the basis for the feasibility study for the project Sisson, in the North Cliff 3. Quarter 2012 will conclude.

21.05.2012 Toronto, Canada – BacTech Environmental Corp. begins with tailings samples taken at Telamayu, Bolivia

BacTech Environmental Corporation (“BacTech” or the “Business”, CNSX: LAC, WKN: A1H4TY) are known, Dass hand von der Mining Corporation of Bolivia, the state mining company in Bolivia (“COMIBOL”), has a permit be obtained and started with the sample analysis of the tailings material at the mill Telamayu plant in Bolivia.

21.05.2012 - NSL first recorded sale of iron ore during the commissioning process

The directors of NSL Consolidated Ltd.. ("NSL" or the "Company") pleased to announce, that the company has now recorded its first direct sales of iron ore in the domestic market in India.

21.05.2012 Toronto, Ontario - Alexandria reaches a NI 43-101 compliant resource estimate for Akasaba on SEDAR

Alexandria Minerals Corporation (TSX-V: AZX; Frankfurt: A9D; US: ALXDF) announced today, that the NI 43-101 compliant resource estimate for the report to 100% proprietary Akasaba property in the township Bourlamaque (Val d'Or, Quebec) filed on SEDAR. The report from the 17. More 2012 are available on SEDAR available.

21.05.2012 Vancouver, British Columbia – Mining Oracle submits financial results for first quarter

Oracle Mining Corp. ("Oracle Mining" or the "Company") (TSX: OMN, OTCQX: OMCCF, FRANKFURT: WTO) are known, that its financial results for the quarter, on the 31. March 2012 ended, has filed. This press release was in conjunction with the unaudited, compressed, consolidated interim financial report and related notes for the year ended 31. March 2012 quarter ended and the opinions and analysis of management (Management’s Discussion & Analysis; „MD&A“) for the year 31. March 2012 read quarter ended. Both documents are available on SEDAR at

18.05.2012 – Orestone announces private placement over a million dollars

Orestone Mining Corp. (TSX Venture Exchange–Symbol: ORS) is pleased, the implementation of a non-brokered private placement through brokers to disclose. The placement consists of a maximum 10.000.000 Ordinary shares ("Shares") at a cost of 0,05 $ per share and a maximum 7.142.857 Ordinary shares („Flow-Through-Aktien“) at a cost of 0,07 $ pro Flow-Through-Aktie. In order for a gross proceeds of up to a total of 1.000.000 $ be achieved (the "Private Placement"). Each flow-through share of the company is in flow-through basis under Canadian income tax law (Income Tax Act) issued.

16.05.2012 Vancouver (British Columbia) – Extorre respond to current market conditions and reports more high grade drill results at Cerro Moro

Extorre Gold Mines Limited (NYSE-MKT: XG; TSX: XG; Frankfurt: E1R) ("Extorre" or the "Company") publishes high-grade drill results from Cerro Moro and responds as follows to the current market conditions: Extorre believes, that the current market for its shares to the value of high-quality assets at Cerro Moro widerspiegelt.Extorre not evaluated the potential for a phased mine development, to benefit from substantial capital inflows, the grade of the mineralization, which is accessible by open pit mining, would be achieved. The company would be the remaining, finance in the PEA-3 reported capital spending followed by the operating cash flow. This initiative is being driven fast, because the company is particularly sensitive to a share dilution. There are those who are pursuing financing alternatives, are the least dilutive to shareholders. A public notice regarding the parameters for the proposed phased development is expected to be released before the end of the month.

15.05.2012 – Rubicon Minerals is drilling on the current state of the F2 gold system, Phoenix Gold Project in Red Lake (Ontario) known

Rubicon Minerals Corporation (Frankfurt: RU7 | TSX:RMX | NYSE-AMEX:RBY) („Rubicon“) is pleased, the current status of its exploration activities to the 100% Company's F2 Gold System, Part of the Phoenix Gold Project, located in the heart of the resource-rich gold Red Lake District, announce. Rubicon where he lived a twelve-month program with a budget of 82,8 Million $ by, the optimization of certain aspects of the economic assessment (Preliminary Economic Assessment; „PEA“)1, should accelerate the construction of local infrastructure and the expansion of the current technical planning studies are. By the end of the third quarter 2012 to drill holes with a total length of 32.000 Meters will be drilled; this could be extended, should justify the results.

15. More 2012, Vancouver, BC - Northcliff signed a definitive joint venture agreement for the acquisition of shares

Northcliff Resources Ltd. („Northcliff“) (TSX: NCF) - A subsidiary of Hunter Dickinson Inc.. Group - has announced, that has signed a definitive joint venture agreement ("Agreement") to acquire ("Acquisition") of the remaining 30 %-Shares in the tungsten-molybdenum project Sisson ("The project Sisson") from its joint venture partner Geodex Minerals Ltd.. („Geodex“) (TSX.V: GXM) (TSX.V: GXM) has signed. A copy of the completed agreement will be posted on Sedar at

15.05.2012 Vancouver, British Columbia – Great Panther Silver Ltd. announces financial results for first quarter 2012 known

Great Panther Silver Limited (TSX: GPR; NYSE: GPL; WKN: A0Y H8Q) (the “Business”) today announced its financial results for the first quarter of the company, on the 31. March 2012 ended, known. The complete issue of financial reports and management discussion and analysis are available on the web site at or on SEDAR at All financial information has been prepared in accordance with IFRS, The dollar figures are in Canadian Dollars, unless, it is indicated otherwise.

15.05.2012 Vancouver, British Columbia – Oracle Mining Intersects 87,5 Foot with 2,3 % Copper and 17,5 Foot with 5,8 % copper

Oracle Mining Corp. ("Oracle Mining" or the "Company") (TSX: OMN, OTCQX: OMCCF, FRANKFURT: WTO) is pleased, The analytical results from a new zone of mineralization, which is explored in the context of the current drilling program in the Oracle Ridge copper mine in southern Arizona, to announce.

15.05.2012 – Nordex lays the foundation for the turnaround in the second half and strengthens balance sheet

Sales up 8,3% to EUR 198,3 My. – Under-utilization leads to loss in Q1 (EBIT) of EUR 9 My. – Free Cash Flow dreht auf EUR 25,7 (-94,9) My. In the first quarter 2012 Nordex Group (ISIN: DE000A0D6554) sales by 8,3 Percent to EUR 198,3 My. increases (Previous year: EUR 183,1 Mine). Thus, the volume of business was expected to almost 20% the projected annual revenue. This cyclical course is typical for the wind industry. The turnover was mainly in Europe, the most important sales region, worn. This increased the volume of business to 17,2% to EUR 169,3 My.

15.05.2012 Dusseldorf – Pressed steel weakness operating profit of ThyssenKrupp

ThyssenKrupp expects because of the ailing steel business in the current fiscal year with a significant decline in the company Betriebsgewinns.Das Peile 2011/12 (per end September) reported adjusted for special items earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) in the middle three-digit million euro range of, ThyssenKrupp announced Tuesday with. In the last fiscal year, the steel maker still around 1,8 Billion € retracted. Suffered from January through March had CEO Heinrich Hiesinger also in the European steel business losses, while in America the new steel plants continued losses attributed.

14.05.2012 Hamburg – Nordex wins new contracts 55 MW: British customer opts for Nordex wind farms in five

The new business is developing at Nordex continues to be positive. Thus the wind turbine manufacturers now won in the important UK market five new jobs. The Infinis group has since the beginning of a whole 22 Strong wind turbines in the series N80/2500 and N90/2500 appointed for different wind farms. Eleven of the turbines, Nordex had been in 1. Quarter 2012 booked as firm orders, the orders for a further eleven plants followed in May.

14.05.2012 Prenzlau / Oldenburg – aleo solar AG profitiert im ersten Quartal 2012 of demand growth in Germany and lowers revenue guidance

Die aleo solar AG (ISIN: DE000A0JM634) hat in den ersten drei Monaten des Jahres 2012 sales of 74,6 My. Euro erzielt. Thus, sales volume fell compared to the first quarter last year (87,4 My. Euro) at 14,6 Percent. EBIT amounted to -8,2 My. Euro (2,0 My. Euro), the EBIT margin was -11,0 Percent (2,3 Percent). Earnings per share amounted to -0,63 Euro (0,06 Euro), the production volume increased to 87,9 Megawatt (75,0 MW).

14.05.2012 Houston – eCORP und Advanced Drilling Solutions treffen Vereinbarung, offer a Slim Hole Drilling Evaluation Service

Die eCORP Europe Holding Limited (“eCORP”), a subsidiary of International EcoRP, LLC und die Advanced Drilling Solutions GmbH, an affiliated company of BG Management Consulting (“ADS”), pleased to announce, that they have entered into an agreement, to develop a diagnostic unit for studying the earth's crust. This includes a specially designed rig (coring / drilling core) and a mobile geological laboratory and a Slim Hole Drilling Evaluation (“SHED”; System with a small hole diameter especially for exploratory drilling) designated.

14.05.2012 Munich – Jetion Solar – For the first time Chinese PV manufacturer in the rankings for solar modules of TUV Rheinland and Solarpraxis

For the first time, a photovoltaic module, a Chinese manufacturer in the rankings of the “PV Test” represent: The module JT235PCe of Jetion Solar's comprehensive test program well with the grade (+) were, reported by TÜV Rheinland.

14.05.2012 Hanau - HeHeraeus sets new record in 2011 fort

The precious metal Hanauer- and technology group Heraeus in 2011 increased the record levels recorded last year and once again the most successful year in company history. This was announced by the Board of Heraeus Holding GmbH at the annual press conference on 10. May in Frankfurt / Main, known. With product revenues of 4,8 Billion. € Heraeus is increased compared to the previous year 19 Percent. The operating profit (EBIT) was to 23 Percent of total 489 My. Euro increased. The precious metal trading revenues crossed with 21,3 Billion. Euro mark for the first time 20 Billion. Euro. This represents an increase over the previous year 19 Percent.

11.05.2012 – Uranerz Reports First Quarter Financial Results 2012

Casper (Wyoming), Uranerz Energy Corporation (NYSE Amex und TSX: URZ; Frankfurt: U9E) ("Uranerz" or the "Company") published its financial results for the quarter, on the 31. March 2012 came to an end. These were in the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission („SEC“) and filed in Canada with the Canadian securities regulators on SEDAR.

11.05.2012 – Oracle commissioned SRK Consulting Mining Engineering with KD and implementation of feasibility study

Kevin Francis is vice president, Technical Services von Oracle Mining ernannt. Vancouver, British Columbia - Oracle Mining Corp. ("Oracle Mining" or the "Company") (TSX: OMN, OTCQX: OMCCF, FRANKFURT: WTO) is pleased to announce, that the international mining consulting firm SRK Consulting („SRK“) und KD Engineering („KD“) aus Tucson (Arizona) with the preparation of a feasibility study and the corresponding technical planning for the copper mine project Oracle Ridge near Tucson (Arizona) were commissioned.

11.05.2012 – First Majestic reports strong earnings in the amount of 26,4 My. $ in the first quarter 2012 - An increase of 10 % compared to first quarter 2011; Revenue from 57,8 My. $ - An increase of 5 % compared to first quarter 2011

VANCOUVER (BRITISH COLUMBIA) – FIRST MAJESTIC SILVER CORP. (TSX: FR; NYSE: AG; FRANKFURT: FMV) ("First Majestic" or the "Company") is pleased, the preliminary unaudited condensed consolidated financial results and the company for the first quarter, on the 31. March 2012 came to an end, to announce. The full version of the financial statements and management discussion and analysis on the company's website at, found on SEDAR at and EDGAR at and.

11.05.2012 – BonTerra receive gold assay results from 73,82 g / t gold over 3,0 Meters for the new zone Rivage, Eastern Extension (Quebec)

Vancouver, BC – BonTerra Resources Inc. (TSXV: BTR; ESF: 9BR) (the "Company" or "BonTerra") has the exciting high grade gold assay results for hole BA-12-10 ("Bore 10"), the first hole, BonTerra in the zone Rivage ("Rivage") the Eastern Extension (the "Property") has drilled, get. The concession area is located approximately 170 Kilometers northeast of Val d'Or (Quebec). Drilling 10 BonTerra has exceeded expectations and 73,82 g / t gold over 3,00 Meters shown. When hochhaltigsten result of this well it was 220,00 g/t Gold (6,41 Ounces per short ton) in a one-meter core sample. This is the core sample hochhaltigste, in the BonTerra since the start of work at the concession area fall 2010 has received. Significant drill results are summarized in Table 1 listed, while details on the table Bohransatzpunkten 2 found to be.

11.05.2012 – Colt Resources durchkreuzt 8,40 g / t Au over 9.63 m, including 31,70 g / t Au over 2,15 m on his Boa Fé Gold Project, Süd-Portugal

Montreal, Quebec, Colt Resources Inc. (“Colt” or the “Business”) (TSXV: GTP) (FROM: P01) (OTCQX: COLTF) is pleased to announce, that further to the final analytical results 4 recently completed drill holes from its ongoing drilling- and excavation program at its Boa Fé Gold Project, within the 100% proprietary, 47 km2 Boa Fé experimental mining license (EML) received in the south of Portugal. The Boa Fé EML is entirely of the 100% proprietary (732 km2) Montemor exploration concession surrounded.

11.05.2012 – Strike Graphite intersected graphitic zone 148 Meters in hole #2 concession area at Simon Lake

Vancouver, BC – Strike Graphite Corp. (TSX-V: SRK) (the "Company") is pleased, provide an update on exploration activities in the concession area Simon Lake in north central Saskatchewan. To date, the company has drilled two diamond drill holes within the historical trends Simon Lake and the sinking of a third hole, the conductive along the same trends about 10 Kilometers southwest of Simon Lake is located, recorded. The company is pleased, announce, that further progress has been made; the second hole of the program has a 148,7 M thick graphite-bearing zone intersected.

11.05.2012 – Rye Patch Gold reports current status of the dispute over mineral rights in Rochester

Vancouver (British Columbia) – Rye Patch Gold Corp (TSX.V: RPM; OTCQX: RPMGF) (the "Company") has to be 100% company-owned subsidiary, Rye Patch Gold U.S. Inc.. a ruling from the Sixth District Court of Nevada (Nevada Sixth Judicial District Court) get, which states, that the dispute between Rye Patch Gold U.S. Inc.. and Coeur Rochester Inc.. a so-called Special Master was assigned. A meeting with the Special Master will be held in May. A timetable for hearing the pre-litigation matters will be implemented. The court hearing to settle the dispute regarding the mineral rights is scheduled for November 2012 scheduled.

11.05.2012 – Orestone Mining presents current information about the company and milestones in the exploration of gold-copper project Captain

Orestone Mining Corp. (TSX Venture Exchange–Symbol: ORS) ("The Company") is pleased, to present below the latest information on the company and the plans for the upcoming project period on site. The restructuring of the management team in June 2011 Orestone changed its orientation and created a strategic plan for priority Reihungen of exploration activities for at 100 % proprietary project Captain 43 Kilometers north of Fort St. James (British Columbia). We have included this step, because we believe, that the project has potential, a large Kupfer-/Goldsystem similar to that of neighboring Mt Mine. To accommodate Milligan. Die Mine Mt. Milligan is about. 30 Kilometers to the north and Thomson Creek Metals Inc. developed.

11.05.2012 – Eagle Hill Intersects High Grade Gold remains near the surface: 14,55 g / t gold over 9,7 Meters at Windfall Lake

Vancouver (British Columbia) – Eagle Hill Exploration Corporation (TSX-V: EAG) ("Eagle Hill" or the "Company") published the final results of his investigation is now completed, 25.000 Meter drill program at the Windfall Lake gold deposit in the Abitibi gold belt in northern Quebec. The new results confirm once more the high levels of near-surface gold mineralization and expand the size of the upper extension of Zone 27 to the east. These areas were not part of the November 2011 published mineral resource estimate.

11.05.2012 – Great Panther updated mineral resource estimates of the Guanajuato Mine Complex and the San Ignacio project; extended mineralization at San Ignacio

Vancouver, British Columbia – Great Panther Silver Limited (TSX: GPR; AMEX: GPL; WKN: A0Y H8Q) (the “Business”) announces the completion of the updated mineral resource estimates for the to 100% own Guanajuato- Mine Complex (“-Guanajuato Mine”) and to 100% San Ignacio own project (“San Ignacio”) in Guanajuato, Mexico, known. Since the San Ignacio project is a satellite of the Guanajuato Mine Complex (20 Kilometers of road) and is there any subsidized mineralization processes in the Cata-conditioning is, This resource is now considered part of the total mineral resources of the Guanajuato Mine.

11.05.2012 – Georox Resources Inc. signed participation agreement for Coteau Lake (Saskatchewan)

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada – Georox Resources Inc. ("Georox" or the "Company") (GXR:TSX-V; OF6A:FROM) is pleased to announce, that it has signed a participation agreement with respect to a farm-in agreement for land in the region Coteau Lake in southeastern Saskatchewan and northeastern Montana.

11.05.2012 – Majestic Gold: Clarification of the information published

Based on a review by the securities regulatory authorities of British Columbia on Majestic Gold Corp.. The following press release, in order to clarify the technical information published by the company. Information about the mineral resources and the decision of the company, to make the project Song Jiagou to a feeding operation. In the information, the company has published the Gold Project Song Jiagou in Shandong Province, China, also estimates the in situ mineral resource of indicated and inferred category and information on "potentially degradable" or "potentially recoverable" mineral resources are included. The use of the latter two terms may confuse some readers, as these may be derived from it, that only a part of the indicated and inferred in-situ resources have realistic chances of economic promotion. However, this is not the case.

09.05.2012 Vancouver (British Columbia) – Bayfield bohrt 13,5 Meters with 5,13 g / t gold and 25,21 g / t silver discovery in the eastern zone on the Burns Block in the Rainy River (Northwestern Ontario)

Bayfield Ventures Corp. (TSX-V: BYV; OTC Pink: BYVVF) (the "Company") is pleased, Additional findings of ongoing exploration in the early stages of a significant advanced gold- and give silver mineralization in the eastern part of the Burns Block known. The to 100 % owned gold-silver project located in the Burns Block the Rainy River in Northwestern Ontario, immediately to the east and on strike to Rainy River Resources' (TSX: RR) Gold-silver deposit with multi-million ounce.

09.05.2012 Vancouver, Canada - Golden Predator Intersects significant mineralization 16 of 16 Drilling at the West Zone Big Rock, Brewery Creek Project

Golden Predator Corp. (TSX:GPD) (the "Company") is pleased, the results of 16 Diamond drilling, the beginning 2012 drilled in the West Zone at Big Rock Brewery Company's flagship project Creek were, announce. The recent drilling results extend the mineralization at least 40 Meters down dip to the southeast over a strike length of approximately 225 Meters. The previously intersected mineralization remains open.

09.05.2012 – Canamex startet im Gold-Silber-Projekt Bruner in Nye County (Nevada) with column leach

Canamex Resources Corp. (TSX-V: CSQ) (OTCQX: CNMXF) (ESF: CX6) is pleased to announce, that with reference to a column leach underground bulk sample taken from the gold-silver project in Nye County, Bruner (Nevada) was begun.
Kappes Cassidy & Associates receive bulk sample. There were approximately 650 Kilogram (1500 Pound) Samples (-6 Inches) from the upper gallery of the gold-silver project taken from Bruner and Kappes Cassidy & Associates handed.

09.05.2012 VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA - Riverstone Resources - Current information about the company

Riverstone Resources Inc. (TSXV: RVS) (the "Company") are known, that to certain directors and senior managers of the company was awarded a total package of stock options, the acquisition of a total 1.050.000 Common shares in the capital stock of the company and entitled to 8. More 2017 at a cost of 0,37 $ can be applied per share.

09.05.2012 Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada – Globex: Richmont reported significant gold intercepts in the newly discovered zone 4

GLOBEX MINING ENTERPRISES INC. (GMX – Toronto Stock Exchange, G1M - Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Berlin, Munich, Xetra Stock Exchanges und GLBXF – OTCQX International) is pleased, provide its shareholders with information on recent drilling, by Richmont Mines Inc.. in the mineral rights, the, as on the 9. More 2011 was announced, an option agreement between Globex and Richmont subject, been drilled are.

08.05.2012, Vancouver, BC – Northcliff Resources Ltd.: The TSX Exchange and Exchange Commission granted conditional approval to Northcliff for the acquisition of the remaining 30 %-Interest in the project Sisson

Northcliff Resources Ltd. („Northcliff“) (TSX: NCF) - A subsidiary of Hunter Dickinson Inc.. Group - has announced, that the Securities and Exchange Commission on the TSX Exchange 26. April 2012 requires the acquisition ("Acquisition") the date of the joint venture partners Geodex Minerals Ltd.. (“Geodex”) (TSX.V: GXM) held 30 %-Shares in the tungsten-molybdenum project Sisson ("The project Sisson") has approved. How Geodex announces, got it from the TSX Venture Exchange for an approval.

08.05.2012 MONTRÉAL/OTTAWA – Focus Metals und IREQ, the Research Institute of Hydro-Quebec, Contract signed for graphite purification procedures and for the production of anodes for Li-ion batteries

Focus Metals Inc. (TSX-V: FMS; OTCQX: FCSMF; ESF: FKC) and IREQ, the world's leading research institute of Hydro-Quebec, today announced the signing of a licensing agreement, Focus Metals to develop a purification system and a graphite anode, graphite production facility for lithium-ion batteries (Li-Ione-Akkus) allows, known.

08.05.2012 VANCOUVER, BC – Mirasol reports results from infill drilling at Joaquin Silver Project in Argentina

Mirasol Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: MRZ, Frankfurt: M8R) is pleased, The latest results from infill drilling at the La Negra silver deposit to announce. These holes are part of a diamond drilling program on more than 12.000 Meters and a feasibility study for the silver project in Argentina's Joaquin Santa Cruz Province. The feasibility study is entirely determined by Mirasol's joint venture partner Coeur d'Alene Mines ("Heart") funded. The results from 35 new in-fill holes in the area of ​​La Negra, and from 4 Holes, for the purpose of metallurgical tests have been drilled, are listed here.

08.05.2012 VANCOUVER (BRITISH COLUMBIA) – Silvercrest reports 127,4 Meters with 65,6 g / t silver equivalent at La Joya and expands the main mineralized section in the northeast and southwest

SilverCrest Mines Inc. (the "Company") is pleased, the results of 16 other drill holes of its Phase 2 drill program to be known, that is currently on its concession area of ​​La Joya in the Mexican state of Durango in progress. The Phase 2 program includes an estimated 80 Drill holes totaling approximately 15.000 Meters.

07.05.2012 Vancouver, BC, Canada - Woulfe Mining Corp.. reported another very good drilling results at Sangdong

Woulfe Mining Corp. ("Woulfe" or the company) (TSX-V: WOF) is pleased to announce the assay results of samples, connected to the drill program at Sangdong pleased to announce. The underground drilling at Sangdong to take and the results are increasingly include an updated resource estimate for the pooled study results genutzt.Die 16 Holes, nine of them on the Sangdong level and seven surveys between the Sangdong Level and Level 1 were drilled. Most were short of holes 30 – 50 Meters in length, which the zone lying between level 1 Taebaek and the level aimed. Two of the holes were longer, to test all three zones, However, both ended up in the main zone after a hard mineralized zone intersections.

07.05.2012 Toronto, Canada – BacTech Environmental Corp. includes the final installment of the oversubscribed convertible bond financing

BacTech Environmental Corporation (“BacTech” or the “Business”, CNSX: LAC, WKN: A1H4TY) are known, that the second and final tranche of the original 19. April 2012 has announced convertible bond financing closed. The financing was oversubscribed and brought more 85.000 CAD in addition to the original target of 500.000 Ein CAD. The entire proceeds from the financing were 585.000 CAD, from which 160.000 CAD in the second tranche were completed and 425.000 CAD were completed in the first tranche.

07.05.2012 Marenica Energy Ltd.: CEO appointment

Marenica Energy Ltd. (ASX: MEY) (the "Company") is pleased to announce, that Murray Hill was appointed as new CEO. Murray Hill has 27 years experience in the mining industry. He is a distinguished metallurgist and has experience with the commissioning of plants. He conducted a metallurgical testing laboratory, was chief process engineer at an engineering company in Perth and knows the exact uranium metallurgy. In recent 11 Years he was self-employed and consulted worldwide mining companies in questions of metallurgy.

04.05.2012 Sydney – Lynas Corp: Production sold out soon?

Who of the Australian rare earth producer Lynas Corp. still wants to acquire Rare Elements, should hurry up. For the Australians are now looking for other buyers, which could lead to, that the total output could be sold out for years to come.

03.05.2012 – International Enexco is further drilling results from the Contact Copper Project, Nevada, known

Vancouver, Canada – International Enexco Ltd. (TSX-V: IEC; OTCQX: IEXCF; Frankfurt: IE6) (the "Company" or "Enexco") to drill additional wells to be happy from the 100% Contact Copper Project located in the property, Located in northeastern Elko County, Nevada, to announce. Today's results come from 19 Holes between the last reported holes are located on the eastern end of the project (see 14. February and 19. March 2012 press releases) on the eastern borders of the reserves are as reported in the pre-feasibility study of the company 2010 given and known on Sedar. The results today demonstrate continuity of mineralization between the two areas and confirm an additional strike length of over 3.000 Foot (914 m) the occurrence.

03.05.2012 Vancouver, BC – Strike Graphite intersected significant sections of the graphite graphite concession Simon Lake

Strike Graphite Corp. (TSX-V: SRK) (the "Company") is pleased, announce, that it has intersected in the first hole at the Company's concession area Simon Lake graphitic gneisses. So far, graphite mineralization intersected at the top of the hole, wherein the richest portion at a depth of 10,2 to 23,9 Meters (Section of 13,7 Meters) is. A second graphite-bearing zone at a depth of 45,7 to 69,5 Meters (Section of 23,8 Meters), while a third graphite-containing zone at a depth of 93,5 to 102,2 Meters (Section of 8,7 Meters) was intersected. Locally flake sizes were up to 4 Millimeters recorded. * The sinking of the first bore to a depth of approximately 240 Meters and will continue until a final potential graphite-bearing zone.

03.05.2012 TORONTO, ONTARIO – Dalradian Resources Announces Results of 14.673 Meter drill program at Curraghinalt, including 13,8 g / t Au over 3,35 m, 10,43 g / t Au over 3,75 and m 22,83 g / t Au over 1,48 m

Dalradian Resources Inc. .("Dalradian" or the "Company") (TSX:DNA) has the final results of the outstanding holes from the drill program, the 2011 and the first quarter 2012 at the company's Curraghinalt deposit in County Tyrone (Northern Ireland) was performed, get. In this communication, 54 Holes (43 Infill- and 11 Step-out drilling) reported.

03.05.2012 – Pacific North West Capital mit 2,5 My. Oz PGM gold Measured and Indicated resource at its River Valley project, Sudbury, Ontario

Vancouver, BC, – Pacific North West Capital Corp. (TSX: PFN; OTCQX: PAWEF; Frankfurt: P7J) is pleased, estimated that the NI43-101 compliant Measured and Indicated Mineral Resources at an operating threshold limit of 0,80 g / t PDEQ are to >400% increased over the previous NI43-101 compliant resource estimate (More 2006) on 91.339.500 t with 0,84 g / t Pt Pd Au, 0,06% Copper and 0,02% Nickel. The compliant Inferred Mineral Resource increased by >1000% on 35.911.000 My. t with 0,53 g / t Pt Pd Au, 0,06% Copper and 0,03% Nickel. Das River Valley PGM Project liegt 100 Km from the famous Sudbury Ni-Cu-PGM mining area, has an excellent infrastructure and is one of 100% PFN.

03.05.2012 MONTREAL – Colt Resources Announces Completion of 8,7 My $ Funding announced

Colt Resources Inc. (“Colt” or the “Business”) (TSXV: GTP) (FROM: P01) (OTCQX: COLTF) is pleased to announce, that the previously announced "bought deal"- Private placement of 10.000.000 Ordinary shares (the “Shares”) the Company at a price of $ 0,50 per share for gross proceeds of 5.000.000 $ (the “Offer”) has completed. The offer was supported by a consortium of signatories, led by TD Securities Inc., completed, and includes Desjardins Securities Inc.. and Versant Partners Inc.. (together “Signatory”).

03.05.2012 – Zimtu Capital Corp. gibt Transaktion mit Olympic Resources Ltd. known for graphite concession area Flora Lake, Labrador

Zimtu Capital Corp. (TSXv: ZC; ESF: ZCT1) (the "Company" or "Zimtu") is pleased, announce, that the Company and its exploration partner of an agreement with Olympic Resources Ltd.. (TSXv: OLA) („Olympic“) have signed, which, according to Olympic participation by 100 % concession area on the graphite can acquire Flora Lake in Labrador.

03.05.2012 – Mindoro enough financial results for first quarter 2012 and an update on the strategic partnership provides for the Agata nickel project in Batangas and the Goldbohrplänen ready

Mindoro Resources Ltd. (TSXV: MY; ASX: MDO; FFT: OLM) (Mindoro, "The Company") is pleased, announce, that the interim consolidated balance sheet of the company and the opinions and analysis of management (Management’s Discussion and Analysis) for the three-month period, on the 31. March 2012 ended, has filed. The documents are available on the website of the company, on SEDAR under the profile of Mindoro, and on the ASX website available.

03.05.2012 Vancouver, BC, Canada - Strategic Partner of IMC Woulfe Mining signs option agreement with Korean government to develop the Sangdong Mine

Woulfe Mining Corp. ("Woulfe" or the "Company") (TSX-V: WOF, OTCQX: WFEMF, Frankfurt: OZ4) is pleased, its shareholders FOR THE OPERATIONS. developments in Korea, to which the 100% in self-owned project Sangdong concern, to bring up to date. As an extension of its on with Woulfe 29. February 2012 IMC has signed agreements, a company, is invested in the Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway, a preliminary agreement with the competent local government closed. The preliminary agreement was on 25. April between representatives of the IMC, the Governor of Gangwon Province and the Mayor of Yeongwol County closed and sets out "a close collaboration between the IMC and the relevant government authorities for the successful development of the Sangdong mine project ("Project")"Firmly.

03.05.2012 - Tosca Mining Corporation negotiated the option agreement for Red Hills new

Tosca Mining Corporation, (TSQ.V; TSMNF.US; TQ4.FSE) are known, that his 5-year option agreement to acquire Molybdän-/Kupferprojekts Red Hills in Presidio County (Texas, USA) has successfully renegotiated. Under the renegotiated terms, the annual payment option of Tosca to the sellers of 800.000 U.S. $ to 300.000 U.S. $ in 2012 and the next two years to reduce. This results in a deferral of 1.500.000 U.S. $ to 1. More 2015 or up to a production decision, whichever occurs first, which a final payment of 2.400.000 Will cause U.S. $. Under the new conditions, Tosca, the number of shares, which are issued to the seller, over the duration of the option agreement with annual increments of 600.000 Shares of 2.100.000 on 2.800.000 increase.

03.05.2012 Vancouver (Canada) - Golden Predator announces resource estimate for Brewery Creek 580.000 Ounces of gold in the Indicated and 345.000 Ounces in the inferred category

Golden Predator Corp. (TSX:GPD) (the "Company") is pleased, announce, that its resource estimate for the company's own project, Brewery Creek, Yukon (Canada) has made. The resources are displayed on 20,4 Million tonnes 0,89 g / t gold valued, while the inferred resource has been calculated that the 13,0 Million tonnes 0,83 g / t gold include. Estimated resources include using a cut-off grade of 0,20 g / t Au for oxide material and 0,70 g/t Gold für Sulfidmaterial circa 581.000 Ounces of gold, which can be classified as shown, and 345.000 Ounces of gold in the inferred category.

03.05.2012 – Belvedere meldet Finanz- and operating results for 2011

Vancouver (Canada), 30. April 2012 – Belvedere Resources Limited (TSX.V:BEL) ("The Company") is pleased, the financial- and operating results for the year, on the 31. December 2011 has come to an end, to report. David Pym (CEO) said: "The operation in 2011 has led to another positive year for Belvedere. 2011 the company has a net income of 2,59 Generate millions of €. The cash position of the company has, in spite of investing in gold- and nickel exploration in the amount of 3,5 € million improved. 2011 were surface exploration drilling with a total length of 20.000 Meters drilled. "

03.05.2012 – Orestone confirmed porphyry environment at the copper-gold project Captain

Orestone Mining Corp. (TSX Venture Exchange–Symbol: ORS) ("The Company") is pleased, to report, been received that additional petrographic data for hole C2011-01 and checks are. These data support the conclusion, that the alteration and mineralization indicate a porphyry mineral system. The to 100 % company-owned project is Captain 43 Kilometers north of Fort St. James (British Columbia) and about 30 Kilometers south of the porphyry copper-gold deposit, Mt. Milligan. The deposit, Mt. Milligan has proven and probable reserves of 532 Million tonnes grading 0,20 % Copper and 0,38 g/t Gold (Those: Website of Thompson Creek Metals). Gegenwärtig befindet sich Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc. there in building a large open pit mine and processing plant.

03.05.2012 Vancouver, Canada - Mawson Close and Darwin from statutory plan of arrangement

Mawson Resources Limited (“Mawson”) (TSX – MAW; Frankfurt - MRY) und Darwin Resources Corp. (“Darwin”) (TSXV - DAR) are pleased, Following the release of the Mawson 24. April 2012 announce, that the previously announced, gerichtsbewilligten plan of arrangement (the "Arrangement") the restructuring of the business capital of Mawson and Mawson and to Darwin (The "restructuring") have completed. The restructuring is meant to achieve maximum value creation for shareholders and allow Mawson Mawson, to focus on the development of its main concession area Rompas in Finland.

02.05.2012 Montreal, Quebec – Colt Resources durchkreuzt 5,42 g / t Au over 23.58 m, including 11,60 g / t Au over 7,58 m on his Boa Fé Gold Project, Süd-Portugal

Colt Resources Inc. (“Colt” or the “Business”) (TSXV: GTP) (FROM: P01) (OTCQX: COLTF) is pleased to announce, that further to the final analytical results 3 recently completed drill holes from its ongoing drilling- and excavation program at its Boa Fé Gold Project, within the 100% proprietary, 47 km2 Boa Fé experimental mining license (EML) received in the south of Portugal. The Boa Fé EML is entirely of the 100% proprietary (732 km2) Montemor exploration concession surrounded.

02.05.2012 - Rubicon Minerals Appoints Michael Lalonde as President and Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Lalonde will take over following a transition period to the post of President and CEO - Rubicon Minerals Corporation (RU7:Frankfurt | RMX:TSX | RBY:NYSE-AMEX) („Rubicon“) is pleased, the appointment of Michael Lalonde as president and chief operating officer of the company to announce. Following his appointment, and a transition period of up to six months, Mr. Lalonde assume the post of President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company. During the transition phase, David Adamson will continue to hold the post of Chief Executive Officer and then accept the role of Chairman of the Board. Mr. Lalondes exists in order to optimize the development of the company's Phoenix gold project in Red Lake (Ontario) and in preparing the company for future growth.

02.05.2012 SKIPPACK, Pennsylvania – North Bay Resources Inc. (NBRI): Progress Report of the Ruby-Gold Project

North Bay Resources Inc. (OTCBB: NBRI, WKN: A0N DBC) (“North Bay” or the “Business”) is pleased, to give the shareholders the following update on the status of ongoing work at the Ruby Mine. The project to repair the tunnel Ruby makes good progress. With the exception of a few weeks in late March and early April, as the work due to snow storms in the Sierra Nevada have been temporarily suspended, were able to work during the winter months and continued into the spring without interruption.

30.04.2012 Toronto – Barrick Gold ended Russia Adventure

Since Russia has enormous gold reserves, had hoped the Canadian gold producer, Barrick Gold has a stake in a company based there an entry into the Russian market. Now, however, was known, that the company has put those plans on hold for now.

30.04.2012 Denver – Newmont Mining with a significant profit increase

The American gold producer Newmont Mining shocked in December quarter 2011 with a billion dollar loss to investors. Now, however, the company published its business results for the first quarter 2012 - And they have experience in itself.

30.04.2012 Toronto – Agnico-Eagle Mines: Quartalsgewinn more 70 Percent

The Canadian gold producer Agnico-Eagle Mines can look back on an extremely successful first quarter. After all, the company's profit by 70 Percent increase. According to the company, the company reported first quarter 2012 a net gain of 78,55 Million dollars or 46 U.S. cents per share. In the comparative period 2011 , the net income of Canadians still 45,26 Million dollars or 27 U.S. cents a share certificate. This represents a significant increase of over 70 Percent. Adjusted profit for the Group during the period referred to 101,4 Million dollars or 59 U.S. cents per share.

25.04.2012 London/Melbourne – Rio Tinto cancelt Pläne für malaysisches Aluminium-Werk

The fact that the Australian-British mining giant Rio Tinto does not want to completely withdraw from the aluminum sector, has become clear later than, became known as, that the group wants to build a suitable facility in Paraguay (Marketwire reported). However, Rio Tinto seems to want to restructure the sector and establish new. Is affected by these plans including Malaysia.

25.04.2012 Amsterdam – Severstal subsidiary Northern Gold with sales increase

For the fiscal year 2011 could double based in the Netherlands, a subsidiary of the Russian steel producer Severstal-North Gold's net profit just once. And the first quarter of this year went for the gold producers, despite some problems also satisfactory, because the company could increase its sales during the period.

25.04.2012 Vancouver – Pan American Silver Announces Purchase Option

Mexico appears to the Canadian precious metals producer Pan American Silver to have less and less interest. For, as was recently announced, the Company announced a call option with respect to a project in the South American country. The relevant option agreement was already in 2010 entered into between the Company and the Canadian Commodity Explorer Canasil Resources. Specifically, it is the silver- Carina and gold project in Durango State, Mexico.

23.04.2012 Melbourne – Newcrest Mining: Indonesia output at the same level

The latest news from the Australian gold producer Newcrest Mining investors should take note of with mixed feelings. After all, supposed to move in this year's gold production in Indonesia, almost at the same level. Thus, the company expects its Indonesian Gosowong deposit in the current fiscal year with a fairly steady gold output of about 400.000 to 450.000 Troy ounces. Charge, the company should, however, including the changed legal situation in the country.

23.04.2012 Englowood – Alacer Gold kündigt Production Verdopplung an

The American gold producer Alacer Gold has done a lot for the future. After all, the company wants to double its gold production in the coming years, almost. The Americans want to 2015 800.000 Troy ounces of gold produced annually, which is equivalent to a doubling of the current emissions. And in the current fiscal year the gold output to be raised. Sun, the company wants 2012 a total of between 435.000 and 450.000 Troy ounces of the metal, producing the Kings.

20.04.2012 Randgold jersey on the way to the big players

The British gold producer, are operating our allem ist active in Africa, has ambitious plans for the future of some. Traveled in a few years will unlock the company hit the big time in the gold business at least. And the odds are that effect anything but bad.

20.04.2012 Johannesburg – Gold Fields: Peru's commitment not automatic

In Peru, it is for the South African gold producer Gold Fields is not quite optimal. Because the company has to face some difficulties. However, there are also some positive news from the South American country.
Although the South Africans go from a lower gold production at its Peruvian Cerro Corona deposit between now 320.000 and 340.000 Troy ounces of – 2011 The company produced 385.000 Troy ounces of gold. However, the gold reserves increased in the Chucapaca project, from which 2015 will go into production, to currently 7,6 Million troy ounces of gold equivalent. Ahead of the Group was of only 5,6 Million troy ounces of.

20.04.2012 London – African Barrick Gold schockt Anleger

Investors are likely to respond because of the latest news from Tansnia pretty peeved. Denn African Barrick Gold, which is a subsidiary of the world's largest gold producer, Barrick Gold, had in the first quarter of this year reported a significant decrease in production.

20.04.2012 Melbourne/ Astana – Rio Tinto seeks copper in Kazakhstan

The Australian mining company Rio Tinto plans to invest in the Asian country, around its base of copper reserves to verbreitern.Wie the company announced, intend it, later this year about 100 Spend millions of USD in Kazakhstan, to conduct exploration activities in the country. Sought after in the region will be abundant red metal copper. The exact start of the activities'm not yet fixed. If the search but gekröhnt of success, Rio Tinto expects other expenses necessary for the production of the mine up to one billion USD.

20.04.2012 Melbourne/ London – Anglo American, with increased production of iron ore and copper

The global mining group Anglo American has seen a significant jump in its funding figures.
As the company announced in advance, have it in the first three months of this year, a total 11,7 Million tonnes of iron ore to produce. These were 17 % been more than in the comparable prior year quarter. However, in the leading quarter had been a few percent more explort.
Anglo has also suffered from this global weather changes, just like the big rivals BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Fortescue.

20.04.2012 Dusseldorf – Rheinmetall and U.S. company General Dynamics form JV for large caliber ammunition

Rheinmetall Defence and the U.S. company General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (GD-OTS), a business unit of General Dynamics, have concentrated their activities in the area of ​​tank ammunition in a transatlantic joint venture company. The new “Defense Munitions International (DMI)” based in United States is tried and tested and new 120-mm-balancing- and develop multi-purpose ammunition for the American and international market and distribute battle tank ammunition.

18.04.2012 Moscow – Polyus Gold with strong organic growth

That it is Polyus Gold to one of the few established gold companies, whose production can be relatively easily expanded, the most recently published figures show the output in the first quarter of this year concerning.

18.04.2012 London/Melbourne – Rio Tinto: Production figures of light and shadow

Yesterday was only known, that the Anglo-Australian mining giant Rio Tinto's iron ore production is expected a decline for the first quarter 2012 will report. So bad it was not, although the figures presented are still mixed.

18.04.2012 Johannesburg – Gold Fields: Production in the first quarter stable

Unlike AngloGold Ashanti and Harmony Gold which in the first quarter 2012 Production losses were suffered in this respect, it looks out at the South African gold producer Gold Fields. After all, the company could keep its gold output in the first quarter of a stable.

17.04.2012 Vancouver – Endeavour Silver Peak Secures deposits

The Canadian precious metals producer wants to expand further. And to achieve this goal, could incorporate the company recently launched a very promising mine and an exploration project. For, as was recently announced, the company takes over two deposits of gold Aurico. A corresponding final agreement has been signed by both companies. Specifically, it is the silver-gold-El Cubo mine in Guanajuato State and the exploration project in the state Chiuahua.

16.04.2012 Peking – Profit warning from Angang Steel

Angang Steel has slipped in the first quarter into a loss. The stock posted to this message Abgaben.Der Chinese steel company Angang Steel expects to, From January to late March, a net loss of 1,888 Yuan Milliarden (299 Million U.S. dollars) generated to have. As a reason for this poor result was the significant decline in prices quoted for steel products. Last year the company had in the same period with a net profit of 71 Billion yuan recorded.

16.04.2012 Vancouver – Eldorado Gold ignites the growth afterburner

For the future, the Canadian gold producer Eldorado Gold made some. For as it became known, The company intends to increase its gold production much and grow in this way further. The company produced in recent years have 658.652 Troy ounces of gold, Sun to the Candians its gold output in the next five years to an impressive 1,7 Million troy ounces of raise. This represents an increase of almost mythical 160 Percent.

16.04.2012 Greenwood Village – Molycorp: Significant Reserves Increase

The U.S. rare earth producer Molycorp has just published its latest estimates of the reserves of the company. And this can be seen quite. After all, the rare-earth reserves increased in the Mountain Pass mine to considerable 36 Percent. As the company announced, , the Company currently has proven and probable reserves of 18,4 Million tonnes at a grade of 7,98 Percent. The group went before by 1,02 Million tons of rare earth from Oxidäquivalenten, then they move on now 1,3 Million tonnes of rare earth Oxidäquivalenten.

12.04.2012 London/Melbourne – Rio Tinto: Aluminum sector continues to shrink course

Already announced last month the British-Australian mining group Rio Tinto, continued to withdraw from the aluminum sector (Marketwire reported). Now it has been known, that the company plans to sell some special works. More precisely, there are three specific plants in southern France, to which interest has been expressed. For example, Britain has recently received an offer of financial investor HIG European Capital Partners. As Rio Tinto announced, the offer is binding. Among the details, both companies expressed so far not.

12.04.2012 Vancouver – Endeavour Silver: 39 Percent increase in sales in first quarter

The Canadian precious metals producer Endeavour Silver is a highly successful first quarter 2012 look back. Because the Canadians were able to significantly increase their revenues and also increase the production volume seen. According to the company, the company reported first quarter revenues in the amount of 49 Million. This represents a significant increase of 39 Percent dollar relative to the prior year period. Sell ​​the company could 1,1 Million troy ounces of silver and 7.496 Troy ounces of gold.

12.04.2012 Johannesburg – AngloGold Ashanti: Gold output lower than expected

Likely to be satisfied by the South African gold producer AngloGold Ashanti is not currently. Because the company has its production goals in the first quarter 2012 not reached. Predicted to have a capacity in advance of 1,03 Million troy ounces of gold, so the gold production was in the opening quarter-only 980.000 Troy ounces of gold. The misconduct of the estimates has its origin in the South African mines, where safety problems caused temporary shutdowns with the result, that total deposits in the Cape from January to March 76.000 Ounces less gold came into the world.

12.04.2012 Moscow – Polymetal: Less reserves than thought

Just last month, announced the Russian precious metals producer Polymetal to a significant expansion of its gold division. But we have been known, that the company had to revise its gold reserve estimates downwards. Them shared with the company, that its gold reserves, according to recent calculations amount to ten percent less than a year earlier. The assessment, which according to standards of the Joint Ore Reserves Committee was created, is currently 14,3 Million troy ounces of gold equivalent. 2011 the reserves were still on 15,9 Million troy ounces of gold equivalent. In order to increase the gold resource may again, The Group would like 2012 his prospecting work to expand significantly.

12.04.2012 Vancouver – Ivanhoe Mines: Mega-billion dollar mine as grave?

On the Canadian mining company Ivanhoe Mines in Mongolia could possibly come adversity. For the giant mining company would devour more money than first thought. In particular, it is the Oyu Tolgoi project, Mongolia, the entity 66 Percent holds. And this deposit has experience in itself: After all, is the property, the already 75 Percentage is established, as one of the largest gold- and copper mines worldwide. As is known now, likely, according to development- and operation plan of the company, the costs increase dramatically. Thus an anticipated expenses for the degradation- and increase processing. Similarly, delayed the underground development of the mega-mine, what should go in the next few years in the production. And the ore grade in the Oyu Tolgoi Project, is estimated to be lower than initially thought.

11.04.2012 – Kyocera, IHI und Mizuho Corporate Bank planen 70 MWp solar plant in Japan / Established business model for solar system

Die Kyocera Corporation, The IHI Corporation and Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd. now have a basic agreement on the planned construction of a solar plant with a capacity of 70 Megawatt Peak in Südjapan bekanntgegeben. A business model for solar energy generation is tested. The “Mega solar power plant” intended to help, solve the energy problems of Japan, caused by the effects of large earthquakes in eastern Japan. In addition, the project will be offset by the reduction of CO2 emissions contribute to environmental protection.

11.04.2012 – East Coast Minerals wirbt 4,01 One million AUD / Vince Fayad zum Executive Director ernannt

Vienna, Austria – East Coast Minerals NL has completed another round of financing and funds in the amount of 4,01 AUD million raised. Coincided with a view to the changing objectives of the Company also
Personnel decisions: In addition to Anthony Roberts Vince Fayad was appointed Executive Director for the second.

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