Rare earth metals and general

09.07.2012 Düsseldorf Institute for Rare Earths and Metals Association. – The battle for pole position in the graphite mine is opened

With similar conditions such as rare earths numerous junior exploration companies are going into the race for the best positions in the graphite mining. The global graphite production is currently about 70% aus China. Through new technologies in the field of lithium-ion batteries will increasingly need this mineral from high-tech industry. While the world has with China's dominance in the production of graphite must deal, takes the exploration of graphite by Australian companies at- and abroad. Graphite is one of the critical minerals, characterized by a high demand. Australian mining company, follow the trail of Canadian junior exploration company and have their graphite in recent years, driven, to ensure, that reliable western resources of this mineral in the near future are available.

03.07.2012 Institute of Metals and Rare Earths, Düsseldorf - The Institute of Rare Earth Metals and opened the first trading platform for rare earths and metals

The Institute for Rare earth und Metalle e.V. eröffnet seine Handelsplattform für Rare earth and metals. By organically grown network of dealers, Mines, Investors and industry, Düsseldorf Institute regularly receives offers of remnants, which are usually offered below-market price. The Institute examines the origins, the quality and the existence of the goods offered, before it is set on the trading platform, waiting for her future owner.

21.06.2012 www.institut-seltene-erden.org – Rare earths market price developments in June 2012

Most rare earth prices remained low this month. Some, however, recorded movements based on the europium oxide Nachfrage.Die prices recorded the biggest loss with a slump of 9% for trade per kilogram. The prices of lanthanum oxide decreased 5,06% to RMB 74,000 (RMB Chinese Yuan Renminbi = 1 EURO = approx. 8 RMB) pro metris cher Tonne.

18.05.2012 - MMOBILISING for a revolution in materials

McKinsey has taken an interesting report on the resource situation in the next few years out. Must end with a growth of the global middle class of around three billion people in the extractive industries, – recycling and distribution can be rethought. New technologies must be used to promote the recycling of valuable raw materials. This 15-page report in English with a vision for the next 25 Years.

14.05.2012 - Anlagebrief Spezial Mai 2012

Rare earth: The new star in the sky commodity. What advisers and your clients should know about

For more than a year is a new term to the basic vocabulary of well-informed investors and investment advisors – "Rare earths", in (Roh-) Material, arising from the recently many investors dream. But what are "rare earths"? Why is it suddenly so red-hot topic, why are the prices for these commodities suddenly explodes? This INVESTMENT LETTER is a brief introduction to this complex and fascinating topic and shows, what to look for investors should, who wish to participate in this market. Until a few years ago was the subject of "rare earths" (SE) still to be found in any investment advice or in any popular business magazines. Few may remember the long days gone chemistry class, where the 17 Find elements on the periodic table in the group of "lanthanides" were.

08.05.2012 – China launches new satellite reconnaissance

China on Sunday 15.10 Its sensing satellite clock Tianhui I-02 from the Jiuquan space center in northwest China's Gansu Province gebracht.Der satellite successfully into orbit, with the launch vehicle “Long March 2-D” started, has reached its preset orbit. A further, similar satellite, Tianhui-I, launched in August 2010 ins All.

27.04.2012 Freiberg - 18. Beak-Business Symposium - New technologies in the Geosciences

To 18. Beak time invites you to company after Freiberg colloquium. Are presented and discussed innovative technologies in the Geosciences.

25.04.2012 – Jena researchers develop strategies for contaminated mining areas

While it was gold, Silver and iron ore, today there are copper, Aluminum and above all the rare earths: Metal-metallic raw materials are indispensable for industrial companies. For centuries accessible deposits and ore mined. But what the industry benefits, is often a disaster for the natural: The mines are exploited, remain not only destroyed landscapes. The soil and groundwater are often heavily loaded, Prof. sagt. Dr. Erika Kothe of the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena.

16.04.2012, Paris – Enormous natural resources in Afghanistan

Institute of Rare earths and metals - Afghanistan is rich in natural resources. This is an open secret. In an interview, eV which is the Institute of Metals and Rare Earths. mit Herrn Atiq Sediqi, General Direktor des dem Afghanistan Geological Survey (AGS) led, was now known, as numerous, qualitatively and quantitatively high as they are available.

26.03.2012 – Rare earth: The urchins of Mining

According to China's export restrictions for the rare earth industrial nations seek alternatives.
The China's export restrictions for the rare earths have triggered an outcry. With the European Union, the United States and Japan are the major industrialized countries drawn from the World Trade Organization, to enforce the usual rules on international trade.

19.03.2012 – Arctic melt are tons of free natural resources

Eldorado am Polarkreis: The dwindling ice frees valuable ores. Only in the south of Greenland store estimated 6,5 Million tonnes of rare earths. Global warming makes Greenland's glaciers and melting sea ice off the coast of the Arctic island more quickly. Thus, the retreats of polar bear, Musk ox, Arctic wolves and whales threatened.

19.03.2012 – Eldorado am Polarkreis
The vanishing ice in Greenland are free valuable ores and rare earths

Continues the trend, in the region could 2000 Jahren eisfrei sein. Global warming makes Greenland's glaciers and melting sea ice off the coast of the Arctic island more quickly. Thus, the retreats of polar bear, Musk ox, Arctic wolves and whales threatened. Confirm the dramatic melting ice satellite observations over the past decades. Even up to two miles thick is melting Inlandeisdecke.

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