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Posts about Rare earth and metals in the media are very numerous. Unfortunately, the most interesting articles and interviews in English. Although we always strive to report only in German language is not always so. Video posts about Rare earth and metals in English are marked accordingly. By clicking on the appropriate video, will this play and it is possible for an open discussion lead to.

Movies and interviews on the subject of rare earths and metals



Fascination knowledge – Rare earth

Very interesting article on Rare Earth. Time 29 Minutes.



Resource War: China and the rare earth monopoly

A post, the reports on the basic problem in the rare earths.



Nano special report

Nano-3SAT report dated 2.12.2010 with contributions by Gunther Maasen of Haines & Maassen about the shortage of raw materials. Indium, Gallium, Tantalum, Tellurium, Rare earth, Rhenium and many other metals are scarce.


Plus Minus

It is widely known, China to restrict access to valuable natural resources. This includes high-tech metals, such as indium and rare earth. These are then broken down almost completely and are indispensable for high-technology industries in the major industrialized countries. What impact does this have for Europe and America, is described in this report.


Heute Journal

Federal Chancellor Merkel – Commodity agreements with Mongolia. Deutschland und die Mongolei wollen in Zukunft bei der Rohstoffgewinnung in dem zentralasiatischen Flächenstaat enger zusammenarbeiten. Both sides signed on Thursday in Ulan Bator, a corresponding agreement.




At the 19. January told the ARD Mittagsmagazin the vast fund of probably 38.000 Tonnes of rare earths 200 Meters under the soil of Storkwitz, a district of Delitzsch, Saxony. If the German commodity AG make their true plans and raise this enormous treasure, We could deliver a short distance from the dependence on China for rare earth.



Rare Earth Recycling – Valuable resources are lost

Whether in future high-tech applications in the computer industry, the electrical industry, the automotive industry or the solar industry, The demand for metallic raw materials, in particular the so-called rare earths will rise sharply in coming years. It was more than the 100 Participants in the 9. WEEE day agreed, at the invitation of the scrap bvse Association, Were e-waste recycling and car came to Berlin.


Tradium GmbH Frankfurt

Rare earths as a Strategic Investment

Form of investment: Rare earth in physical form


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