The services of the Institute of Rare Earths and Metals Association.

Our services are directed to mining companies, traders, private and institutional investors, the rare earths and metals groups. With our extensive network, the Institute looking for a source of information to the SE of politics and the press.

Reviews for rare metals, Rare earth and isotopic

We analyze, weigh, store and find the value for non-Quoted metals and isotopes such as copper powder, very fine nickel wire, Rhodium, Bismuth, Lithium, rare earths, Seltene Metalle etc.


Periodic Table

Current market prices of the most common rare earths

Here are the current prices of the rare earths . such as Europium, Terbium, Yttrium, Dysprosium, Gadolinium, Neodymium and Praseodymium. The prices are updated monthly and reflect the price , that must be paid for the goods offered in Germany.


Isotope seltene erden metalle seltene metalls

Sale of isotopes

Through our global network, we are able to them at any time any desired amount of stable, to deliver non-radioactive isotopes. A list of quickly deliverable isotopes we have put together for them.


Rare earths and metals’ news from prints - and Internet media

Stay up to date with Rare Earths . There is daily updated news on the topics of rare earths . press releases, Likewise, press releases, Opinions and messages of the Institute for Rare earth and metals.


Investing in stocks of rare earths and metals

The stock prices of both Molycorp and Lynas companies have quadrupled 12 in the last 12months. Many other corporations in the field of rare earths have laid at a doubling to tripling range. Is it a bubble? Is this only the beginning of a huge price rally? Who are the competitors and what's behind it?


Invest in funds of the rare earths and metals

So far there are very few investment opportunities in the rare earths. Moreover, unlike other raw materials, the metals are not listed in the stock market. so the easiest way is to participate in mining companies. The growing interest of investors carries the, UBS with its UBS STOXX of Global Rare Earth ETF, which is the first ETF in Europe to be taken into account.


Invest in physical metals and rare earths

The TRADIUM Company does not only offer an extensive know-how, but also opens up new perspectives: Interested private investors now have the opportunity , to invest in special metals and rare earths. Similarly, they benefit from favorable conditions, a simple order processing and a professional all-round support.


Direct investment in mining companies of the rare earths and metals

You are truly confident about investing in rare earths and metals, and would like to directly bring in the medium- to long term investment in a company or you want to take a strategic advantage through a partnership of a mine.


Purchase - and sell of rare earth and metals

You are the owner of rare earths and metals, or even more traditional products such as iron, copper, scrap etc. and you are looking for a purchaser or a seller for specific products of the aforementioned. group, then, here you are exactly at the right place. Here we are to help you, of course, through our established network.


Rare earths and metals news from TV and the Internet – .

There is extensive collection of videos with backgrounds, explanations and introductions all about the rare earths theme. Due to the huge range of English-language films on this topic, both the German-language films and also the English ones have been presented.


Analyses and reports of the rare earths and metals

The stocks of rare earths have been as the premier class in the market during the past 12 months. Why is this so, what will happen with the rare earths in the future, how will the prices display and what will be done in order that the western world's achieve an independence from the current major suppliers of the far east. All will be shown here.


Newcomer corporations, the rare earth metals and

Newcomer corporations of the rare earths. There are many exciting projects , that are completely worth pursuing. There are, however, great deals of the black - gray ones , that want to bask in the splendor of the market price. Here we regularly name some of the very interesting titles.


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