take-e-way und VERE e.V. Old phone support collection of the Bavarian Environment Ministry

take-e-way und VERE e.V. Old phone support collection of the Bavarian Environment Ministry

“Handy clever entsorgen” at approximately 7.000 Collection sites in Bavaria
25.04.2012 Hamburg – Old cell phone collection in Bavaria with the StMUG and EFICOM

The take-e-way GmbH and VERE e.V. support the collection of mobile "smart phone dispose", under the auspices of the Bavarian State Ministry for Environment and Health (StMUG) Together with the project company at about EFICOM 7.000 Collection sites in authorities, Train, District offices, Municipalities, Associations, Churches and businesses of the Free State of Bavaria is carried out.

The collection started after yesterday's press conference in StMUG Oskar-von-Miller-Gymnasium in Munich-Schwabing, to the Minister of State Dr. Marcel Huber, the overall concept of the old cell phone collection presented.

“The mobile phone collection is the largest collection of mobile phone and flächendeckendste, has there ever been a federal state.”, stressed Dr. Huber in Munich yesterday.

Urban-Mining: What is feasible, what the future will be feasible and what is illusion?

This is the central question for Jochen Stepp, Board of VERE e.V., of the collection along with the middle class for the collection system designed “take-e-way” supports: "The initiative of the Bavarian government is very important for us, because only in this way reliable data on the acquisition- and potential for exploitation as well as the costs of such fundraising can be determined. For the realization of the idea, that an old cell phone can provide some of the raw materials for a new device, are largely determined by their accumulated knowledge into practice. Therefore, encourage take-e-way and VERE collection without any commercial interest. ", Jochen Stepp yesterday in Munich.

Be a misuse of the data stored on the mobile phones must be avoided

Oliver Friedrichs, Managing Director of the take-e-way GmbH, it is particularly important, Althandybesitzern the fear of misuse of the data to refer to the information stored on mobile phones.

"I see this as the real reason, why the cell phone owners do not intend to dispose of your old appliance. With a guaranteed data destruction, we want to take the citizens of this legitimate fear. ", so Oliver Friedrichs.

Second-raising campaign of large electric VERE and take-e-way

"Dispose of mobile clever" The old mobile phone collection in Bavaria is for take-e-way and VERE, according to the voluntary return system for small electrical appliances and energy saving lamps in Hamburg, The European Green Capital 2011, already the second major fundraising.

With the joint commitment to raise awareness and take-e-way VERE citizens to deal with the waste, could go their valuable components otherwise lost through the disposal of the waste forever.

take-e-way and VERE happy to support other projects of this kind in Germany.

Über take-e-way GmbH

The take-e-way GmbH compliant implementation of the requirements and obligations pursuant to assume power- and Electronic Equipment Act (WEEE / ElektroG), Battery Act (BattG) and Ordinance (Packaging) for manufacturers, Importers, Wholesaler, Retailers and distributors of electrical- and electronic equipment from home- and abroad. With the innovative trading platform www.make-e-business.de offers take-e-way its customers the opportunity, to use the compliance with environmental laws to global marketing.

Vere e.V.: Together with the 2003 Association was founded to take back and recycling of electrical- and electronic equipment (Vere e.V.), the largest membership organization of suppliers, Manufacturers, Business organizations and individuals in the implementation of the WEEE in Germany, represents take-e-way in the political sphere the interests of over 2.400 small and medium-sized enterprises.

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