Rubicon Minerals Announces Funding in the amount of 100 Million C $ known to bought deal basis


Rubicon Minerals Announces Funding in the amount of 100 Million C $ known to bought deal basis

Rubicon Minerals Corporation (TSX: RMX | NYSE-MKT: RBY) ("Rubicon" or the "Company") are known, it with a syndicate of underwriters led by TD Securities Inc. und BMO Capital Markets (taken together, the "consortium") an agreement is entered into. The consortium has agreed to, 64.600.000 Units of the Company (the "Units") at a cost of 1,55 C $ per unit on bought deal basis (Gross total income of 100.130.000 C$) to acquire. The consortium will also have the option, up to 9.690.000 to acquire additional units. This option can be at any time fully or part to up 30 Days after completion of the Offer ("Graduation") be exercised. The consortium has the option, the option in the form of units, only shares, only warrants or a combination of these exercise. In the event of, that the over-allotment option is exercised in full, be the gross proceeds of the offering total 115.149.500 Amounted to C $. The offer will occur on or around the 12. March 2014 be completed. The conclusion is certain conditions including receipt of all necessary permits, as well as the approval of the Toronto Stock Exchange, NYSE Amex and the securities regulatory authorities, Reserved.

The company intends, use the net proceeds of the offering for the further development of the Phoenix Gold Project.

Each unit consists of one common share of the Company (a "Share") and one-half share purchase warrant (ein „Warrant“). Each whole warrant is the owner for a period of 12 Months after completion of the financing for the acquisition of a share by the Company at a price of 2,00 Entitle C $ per share.

The units are used in all Canadian provinces under National Instrument 44-101 Short Form Prospectus Distributions by means of a prospectus and in the United States pursuant to a registration statement, the foreign part of the Canada-United States Agreement on disclosure requirements, on U.S. exchanges admitted to trading companies (Multi-Jurisdictional Disclosure System) was filed, offered. A preliminary prospectus relating to the units and the offering will be filed with the securities regulatory authorities in all Canadian provinces. A registration statement relating to these securities has been filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, However, this is not yet valid. The securities may be sold in the United States any, nor may offers to buy be accepted in the U.S., until the registration statement is valid. This press release does not constitute an offer to sell or. No solicitation of an offer to buy the units, in which such an offer or solicitation of an offer prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such state would be illegal, give.

A copy of the prospectus relating to the offering can be in Canada at TD Securities Inc. in writing (z.Hd. Symcor, NPM, 1625 Tech Avenue, Mississauga, ON L4W 5P5), by phone +1 289-360-2009 oder per E-Mail an bzw. in the United States at TD Securities (USA) LLC in writing (W 52nd Street, New York NY 10019) or call +1-212-827-7392 request.

Über Rubicon Minerals Corporation

Rubicon Minerals Corporation is a company, which specializes in the development of gold deposits in the advanced stage. The company focuses on the responsible and environmentally sound development of the Phoenix Gold Project in Red Lake (Ontario). About 12-14 Months after the completion of the remaining financing is to start with the gold mining. The Phoenix Gold Project has received all permits and was for an initial production capacity of 1.250 Tons per day allowed. In addition, Rubicon controls in the profitable Red Lake gold district, which also Goldcorp's high grade Red Lake Mine is located, about 100 Square miles of real estate, which are ideal for exploration. The Company's shares are traded on the NYSE Amex (RBY) und an der Toronto Stock Exchange (RMX) traded.


„Mike Lalonde“
President und Chief Executive Officer

The NYSE Amex LLC and the Toronto Stock Exchange has reviewed this news release, which was made by the company management, not reviewed and assumes no responsibility for its accuracy or appropriateness.

This press release contains statements, that constitute "forward looking statements" within the meaning of U.S. securities laws and "forward looking information" within the meaning of applicable Canadian provincial securities legislation (collectively, "forward looking statements") apply to. Forward-looking statements are often, if not always, on the use of terms such as e.g.. "Seek", "Expected", "Believes", „plant“, "Estimates", "Anticipates" and "intends" to recognize, and of statements about, that an event or result occur or be achieved "may", "Is, "Would", "Should", "Could" or "might" or. and other similar expressions.

Forward-looking statements are based on the opinions and estimates of management company at the time the statements are made. They represent the current state of knowledge and are based on currently available data and assumptions, believed by the company management to be reasonable. Such forward-looking statements are based u.a. on the following assumptions: that the demand for gold- and base metal deposits developed as expected; that the gold price remains at a level, on the gold mining operation Phoenix is ​​economically viable; that operation- and investment plans by mechanical failures, Lack of technical equipment, labor disputes, Transport- or infrastructure problems or weather conditions thwarted; that Rubicon will meet its schedule for the development of the Phoenix Gold Project; that Rubicon can continue to hire skilled workers and keep in operation; that in the economic assessment of 25. June 2013 („neue PEA“) published resource estimate is feasible; and that there are no material unanticipated variations in the energy- or material costs or. in investment- and operating costs prior to production, which are identified in the new PEA, comes. Rubicon can not guarantee, that business people with good judgment, which have the same information, also draw the same conclusions.

Huge investment and an enormous amount of time for the development of new deposits are required. Changes in the cost or construction plans can lead to, that are needed much more time and funds for the construction and completion of a mining project. With regard to the Phoenix Gold Project, further investment may be incurred.

Since this is a preliminary assessment in the new PEA, are also inferred mineral resources contain, which are too speculative geologically, to be classified as a commercially viable mineral reserves can. It is not certain, whether the values ​​of the new PEA will actually be achieved. Mineral Resources, are not mineral reserves represent, are not necessarily economically viable. The estimation of inferred mineral resources may be of various factors, such as e.g.. Environmental regulations, Permits, Legislation, Claim of ownership, Control, the socio-political situation, Marketing, or other important factors are significantly influenced. The quantity and grade of the listed in the new PEA inferred resources are not reliable. The exploration carried out so far are not enough, to define these inferred resources as an indicated or measured resource.

Forward-looking statements in this press release include, among other things, statements regarding planned promotion, plans to use the net proceeds, the exercise of the over-allotment option and the estimated completion date of the financing.

Forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, Uncertainties and other factors, which may cause, the actual results, Performance or achievements of Rubicon materially from any future results,, Performance or achievements expressed, which were called expressed or implied in these forward-looking. Such factors include, inter alia,: future prices of gold and other metals; possible changes in the mineralization, in grade or recovery rates; the actual results of current exploration activities; the actual results of redevelopment work; Conclusions with respect to future economic evaluations; Changes in project parameters due to the continually improving planning; technical failures or unexpected processes; Accidents, Labor disputes and other risks of the mining industry; Delays and other risks related to joint ventures; the timely receipt of regulatory approvals; compliance with government regulations Rubicon and other relevant parties; the financial viability of the proposed transactions and programs on reasonable terms; the proper and timely performance of work by third-party companies; and delays in concluding the necessary planning- or works. Among the factors, which could cause, that actual results to differ, u.a include. Market prices, Exploration Results, Availability of capital and financing on acceptable terms, Denial of regulatory approvals, unforeseen difficulties or costs, which can be obtained at a possibly necessary rehabilitation, market conditions and general economic, competition related, political and social factors and other risk factors, in the Company's Annual Report on Form 40-F and Annual Information Form, filed with the SEC and the Canadian securities regulatory authorities and available at or. be viewed, are listed.

It must be pointed out, that the information in this press release are provisional. It is not certain, whether a potential mining operation can be built. A production decision, based not on a bankable feasibility study, involves additional risks, such as e.g.. the inclusion of Inferred Resources, applicable in geological terms considered too speculative, order to be categorized as mineral reserves can be economically. The mining plans and dates, metallurgical operations and the designs of the processing equipment may need to be refined, in order to ensure a well-functioning operation.

The forward-looking statements contained herein reflect the state of things at the time, was created as of this release. Rubicon is not obliged, to update these forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information or future events or. Results are for other reasons, unless, this is expressly required by applicable securities laws. It can not be guaranteed, that turn out to be forward-looking statements as truthful. Actual results and future events could differ materially from such statements. Readers are therefore advised, that they should not rely on forward-looking statements without reservation.


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