Rio Tinto seeks copper in Kazakhstan

Rio Tinto seeks copper in Kazakhstan

20.04.2012 Melbourne/ Astana – The Australian mining company Rio Tinto plans to invest in the Asian country, to broaden its base of copper reserves.

As the company announced, intend it, later this year about 100 Spend millions of USD in Kazakhstan, to conduct exploration activities in the country. Sought after in the region will be abundant red metal copper. The exact start of the activities'm not yet fixed. If the search but gekröhnt of success, Rio Tinto expects other expenses necessary for the production of the mine up to one billion USD.

Owned half of local partners on board

As reported on, go with a group of Kazakh partner in a joint venture to launch. These were considered by a state fund, was the increase of national wealth to the task. Both sides would ever 50 % received on the project.

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