Rio Tinto: Production figures of light and shadow

Rio Tinto: Production figures of light and shadow

18.04.2012 London/Melbourne – Yesterday was only known, that the Anglo-Australian mining giant Rio Tinto's iron ore production is expected a decline for the first quarter 2012 will report. So bad it was not, although the figures presented are still mixed.

Although the iron ore increased funding over the first quarter 2011 to make up nine percent. Overall, the British produced during this period 45,6 Million tonnes of iron ore. However, the promotion was over the fourth quarter of last year from eleven percent lower. On a positive note, however, the output growth in Australia's Pilbara. For these additional climbed to five million tons of iron ore on now 230 Million tons per year in the amount. Mainly through the expansion of the port in Dampier could benefit the company to the effect. According to the company, was the bauxite- and aluminum output in the first quarter 2012 increased compared to the same period by ten percent. However, the British had in the copper production suffered a pullback. This was to clear 18 Percent.

In the area of ​​Rio Tinto iron ore can be moderate by production volume does not irritate. Because experience has shown that Australia has to struggle especially in the first quarter of the year with bad weather conditions, which, therefore, associated with production losses. The second quarter should therefore run for the group much more satisfactory, for extreme rainfall and storms in these three months, not to be expected. The company is therefore optimistic, especially since the company has claims to be a consistently strong operating performance. For the full year 2012 The group expects a global iron ore production 250 Million tons. Last year the output was still 244,6 Million tons. And wants of the cake, the mining giant deposit determines a good bit.

Although the declines in iron ore seem- and copper-promotion rather dramatically. However, these production numbers in Australia seasonal. Therefore, the company shows basically satisfied, since the group on the whole is well. Thus raw material could possibly find fans delight in the share of Rio Tinto.

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