Rio Tinto cancelt Pläne für malaysisches Aluminium-Werk

Rio Tinto cancelt Pläne für malaysisches Aluminium-Werk

25.04.2012 London/Melbourne – The fact that the Australian-British mining giant Rio Tinto does not want to completely withdraw from the aluminum sector, has become clear later than, became known as, that the group wants to build a suitable facility in Paraguay. However, Rio Tinto seems to want to restructure the sector and establish new. Is affected by these plans including Malaysia.

For, as was recently announced, announced that Rio Tinto Alcan aluminum daughter a letter of intent to build an aluminum smelter in the Malaysian state Sarawek. For the construction of the mill was two billion dollars provided, of which the Rio Tinto subsidiary would have to spend one billion U.S. dollars. The other 50 Percent had been contributed by joint venture partner Cahya Mata Sarawek Berhard.

Insufficient power supply as the main reason

On the lack of funds, the decision certainly not due. Rather it is the two participating companies failed, lead to an acceptable agreement on the supply of energy in the way. Known is the production of light metal's most energy-intensive industries of all. And in this regard has Paraguay, the enormous amounts of electricity generated by hydropower plants, had the all-important competitive advantage.

In addition, however, are likely to have contributed to the wages to the decision. In Paraguay, which is still primarily an agricultural country, where the minimum wage at 150 € a month. On average, earn less than workers in the South American country 250 Dollar pro Monat. Malaysia can not compete, as the country is on its way to an industrial nation already much further than Paraguay.

Rio Tinto will continue to remain present in the aluminum sector. However, should continue the restructuring process, since one because of the relatively low world market prices extremely pay attention to the costs must. Does the company continue this path, could range in the foreseeable future write ordinary black.

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