Rhodium as an investment

Long time it was not a classic rhodium plant material. Due to the increasing interest of investors, the expected long-term rising prices for Special Metals, Rhodium can now be purchased as a commercial and certified Industrierhodiumpulver or Rhodiumbarren. Due to the high melting point is usually treated as a rhodium powder. In this consistency is rhodium provides the main reason as to plant, because it has a higher purity than bars and can be immediately processed in the industry. But since the demand in recent years has increased to such an extent, now also be offered Rhodiumbarren. These are in England at the LPPM (London Platinum and Palladium Market) certified Mint Mint produced Baird. Upon surrender of the refineries Rhodiumbarren still need to be converted back into complex powder, if it is to be reused in the industrial production.

Volatility Rhodiumpreises

Rhodium is more expensive than gold, but its price depends heavily primarily by demand in the automotive industry, since this is the major consumer of rhodium. Through the interim sales problems in the automotive industry in the last banking crisis was also the price of rhodium more volatile. 2012 achieved mainly the German car manufacturer record sales. The boom in the industry has consequently driven the rhodium price sky rocket in the air. The current price for Rhodiumbarren (March 2013) is ca. 1.300 U.S. dollars per troy ounce. Due to the volatility of the price of rhodium is at the margin between buying- and selling price higher than other precious metals. As the rhodium price is almost directly linked to the automotive industry, you should always be aware, that investing in rhodium is not free of risks.

Properties and degradation

Rhodium is the rarest among precious metals and has similarities to platinum and palladium. Its name derives from the Greek word "rhodeos" from, what "rose" means. The name was, because many compounds, incurred by the rhodium, a pink coloration have. In its pure form, however, rhodium silver-metallic. Rhodium has the periodic number 45 in the periodic table and is abbreviated "Rh". Its melting point is approximately 1963 ° C and its specific gravity at 12.38 g / cm ³. Rhodium is mainly in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Canada and Russia dismantled. Every year, just 20 Tons of the precious metal produced from the mines. The low yield can be attributed also to, that the extraction of rhodium is very difficult, because in ores together with precious metals such as silver, Gold or platinum occurs.


Rhodium finds its use mainly in the automotive industry, which produces catalysts of this material, rhodium as well as platinum has a catalytic effect. Since the use of rhodium in catalytic converters less ammonia and nitrous oxide produced, It is even much more appropriate than platinum itself. So the jewelery industry rhodium often processed as a protective layer for their products.

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