Rheinmetall and U.S. company General Dynamics form JV for large caliber ammunition

Rheinmetall and U.S. company General Dynamics form JV for large caliber ammunition

20.04.2012 Dusseldorf – Rheinmetall Defence and the U.S. company General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (GD-OTS), a business unit of General Dynamics, have concentrated their activities in the area of ​​tank ammunition in a transatlantic joint venture company. The new “Defense Munitions International (DMI)” based in United States is tried and tested and new 120-mm-balancing- and develop multi-purpose ammunition for the American and international market and distribute battle tank ammunition.

In the DMI, the partners bring all its activities – Development, Production and sales – one in the field of battle-120mm ammunition for main battle tanks; excluded are only 120mm-caliber training ammunition and other ammunition. By merging their activities in the DMI target Rheinmetall Defence and GD-OTS from the fact, international market access continues to expand, To realize synergies in production and to realize common development.

With this joint venture a long and successful German-American cooperation leads to a pioneering new company constellation. Rheinmetall Defence and General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems will be working in the area of ​​120 mm ammunition for more than ten years together in a variety of projects, such as the development of advanced types of tungsten bullets KEW KEW-A1 and-A2 for international users of the Abrams main battle tank. Rheinmetall has the technology and uranium-free explosive force of ammunition without tungsten-based – so-called KE-ammunition, where KE stands for Kinetic Energy – Since the mid-70s and developed as a DM 63 delivered to a number of Leopard 2 users, such as the Bundeswehr and other NATO forces.

The joint venture is, that DMI will continue these activities and improve the family continues to KEW. In addition, the new company plans to, advanced multi-purpose ammunition to develop and manufacture. They can be connected to the success of Rheinmetall's newly imagined programmable tank ammunition DM 11 tie, the U.S. Marine Corps will begin already in Afghanistan.

Armin Papperger, Member of the Executive Board of Rheinmetall AG: “With this groundbreaking joint venture will Rheinmetall continued on the path of internationalization on the transatlantic level. The DMI will be the future needs of our customers worldwide can operate with a larger product portfolio and an expanded range of services even better. Our strategic partnership with GD-OTS in the framework of the joint venture to market tactical tank ammunition is a logical consequence of a more than 10 years of positive cooperation. Together, we are now at the leading position in global competition in the field of tank ammunition.”

Michael Wilson, President of General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems: “We are excited about the creation of this joint venture with Rheinmetall. Our successful collaboration over the last decade and more, this lays the foundation. With DMI, we will continue in the existing market segments to build on this success, while at the same time we expand our offerings specifically. The recently acquired by the Marines Rheinmetall DM 11 expands the arsenal of the armed forces a more powerful ability.”

Über General Dynamic Ordnance and Tactical Systems

General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (GD-OTS), a business unit of General Dynamics, is a leading global provider of large-, Means- and small caliber ammunition – both direct and indirect fire – and Mortar Systems and Components, Artillery ammunition and propellants. The company continues to specialize in the manufacture of precision metal components for launched munitions and tactical missiles, and provides for a variety of ammunition, Missile- missile programs and services in the area of ​​explosive assembly, Assembly and packaging. Furthermore, it designs and produces shaped charge- and Penetratorgefechtsköpfe.

More Information: www.gd-ots.com.

About Rheinmetall AG

Rheinmetall is one of the well-known and big names in the international defense- Industry and Security. Mit ca. 10.000 Rheinmetall Defence staff recorded 2011 an annual turnover of around 2 MrdEUR (2,6 MrdUSD).

In the weapons and munitions segment, Rheinmetall with a wide range of medium- and large-caliber. The spectrum extends from guns for the Euro Fighters and medium-caliber guns for naval vessels and infantry fighting vehicles to weapons systems, artillery and main battle tanks in the area, including their ammunition.

More Information: www.rheinmetall-defence.com.

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