Analyzes and reviews of rare metals and isotopes

Most metals, rare earth elements and isotopes are not listed on a stock exchange and do not receive daily value position. Your price is determined by the real economy, by supply and demand, determined. In collaboration with international universities, Institutions, Trading Companies, Firms in the manufacturing sector, Mines and investment advisory firms, we find for the current price of a commodity.

Value determination of metals, Rare earth and isotopic

The German Chamber of Commerce provides no “abstract need” in the order of a publicly appointed Sachverständigers Rare earths in the area, Rare metals and isotopes.

No public order available, the requestor is to be a specialist, as Institute for Rare earth and metals. According to the Deutsche Börse prize is elicited by a representative group, which has the necessary qualifications and expertise, is questioned.

The Institute of Rare earth metals and lead in their job interviews with various subject-specific contacts in the above group for Pricing. For a representative ratio is the minimum number of ten interviewees per Valuation.

For the determination of a price we need an analysis report in German or English language and a proof of the existence of the goods in the form of a depot- or deposit slip.

Analysis of metals, Rare earth and isotopic

We carry element analytical studies and advise you in solving your analytical tasks. For this purpose you can use the long-standing expertise of our team of experts as well as our extensive and modern facilities available.

Their analyzes are carried out in our ISO 17025 laboratories accredited by. In addition, we also provide analyzes under GMP- and GLP conditions. The measurements are made in a variety of matrices with almost all elements of the periodic table of 100 % may be determined to the ng / kg range. Even complex tasks will be executed accurately and may them when you need a strong analytical methods of composite.

Contact is: a.uhlendorff @

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