Colt Resources durchkreuzt 5,42 g / t Au over 23.58 m, including 11,60 g / t Au over 7,58 m on his Boa Fé Gold Project, Süd-Portugal

Colt Resources durchkreuzt 5,42 g / t Au over 23.58 m, including 11,60 g / t Au over 7,58 m on his Boa Fé Gold Project, Süd-Portugal

02.05.2012 Montreal, Quebec – Colt Resources Inc. (“Colt” or the “Business”) (TSXV: GTP) (FROM: P01) (OTCQX: COLTF) is pleased to announce, that further to the final analytical results 3 recently completed drill holes from its ongoing drilling- and excavation program at its Boa Fé Gold Project, within the 100% proprietary, 47 km2 Boa Fé experimental mining license (EML) received in the south of Portugal. The Boa Fé EML is entirely of the 100% proprietary (732 km2) Montemor exploration concession surrounded.

The results from the Chaminé Ligeiro and deposits are as follows:

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Nikolas Perrault, President and CEO of Colt, said: “”We remain impressed with the results from this well-mineralized shear zone. Our mine development team is working hard on the tests of the known deposits, During our exploration team regional exploration with a variety of techniques, including drilling, Ditches and Geophysics, building. We remain committed to provide evidence to, that this area has the potential to host significant gold mineralized system is a very. “

Program Strategy

Gold mineralization in several deposits along a shear zone, extending over approximately 30 Kilometer (Figure 1) extends, identified. Earlier, shallow holes (Figure 2) were the highest-grade portions of the gold anomalies, closely follow the regional shear zone, focused. The mineralization style is adopted in the current model so, that high-grade gold mineralization occurs there, where overlap conjugating amounts of scissors and mutually reinforcing (see press release 15. March 2012).

Hole BFCH-12-021 was drilled vertically to section 6350N, to test the structural continuity of the model and in-fill drilling on this section line (Figure 3) to complete. The results of this hole confirm the presence of high grade mineralization near surface, where a series of westward dipping shear horizontal “Saddle roof”-Type structure cuts.

Hole BFCH-12-023 is a vertical hole 25 meters north of hole BFCH-12-021 and was drilled to the continuity of mineralization along strike to confirm. Consistent, high-grade mineralization occurs over a longer Durchschneidungs-latitudes and reaffirmed the continuity of the structural interpretation to the north.

Hole BFLG-12-005 is a vertical step-out hole, However, that was drilled to the west of the mineralized zone Ligeiro to the presence of near surface mineralization in an area, which was not previously tested, to investigate. Low-grade gold mineralization was intersected, but no significant assay results were reported.

The results of excavations at the Chaminé Ligeiro-gap (BFLGT-12-004-BFLGT to 12-008) show anomalous gold values. These results are reviewed together with other multi-element analyzes from the earlier excavation results, to investigate, See whether other metals secondary anomalies, can serve as a precursor for the deeper mineralization, where gold and arsenic anomalies could not be found on the surface.

Colt now has a first round of the structural interpretation of the entire property Chaminé completed and referred to the planning of cross-sections, the concept of conjugated shear orientations, which reinforce each other and lead to higher levels of gold mineralization, contain. This work will now be further streamlined and built into a robust 3D model.

The company will continue its aggressive, advanced exploration campaign on Boa Fé with a combination of vertical and inclined boreholes continue, prior to drilling on the Chaminé, New Homes, Bracos Banhos and to confirm properties and to examine the gaps between Chaminé-Casas Novas and Chaminé-Ligeiro and increase the resource potential. Results from the geophysical exploration (Resistance- and seismic studies to Chaminé) the target identification in the gaps in areas strongly support. High-priority regional targets, identified by historical data and assessment from the field prospecting, will also be tested. The results of this phase of work is the basis for an initial NI 43-101 compliant resource estimate later in the year 2012, the number of previously drilled, include gold-bearing deposits within the Boa Fé EML.

Few wells have been for testing depth extensions below average 100 Meters along the strike zone or between known mineralized deposits made. Given the shear zone mineralization and extensive gold anomalies in soil is good potential for on previous work, which several non-NI43-101 compliant resource estimate supported (see press release 7. March 2011), build.

Quality assurance / Quality Control (QA / QC):

Sample sections in the piece (m) Hole and reported as such are not the true width of the mineralized sections. All samples are by employees of the company from the drill site to a nearby, secure facility for logging and sampling carried. Sample intervals are defined by core logging and determination of probable high-grade zones of mineralization and favorable structure for visible. The core is cut in half using a rotating diamond wheel saw and then a half of the core sent for analysis, while the other half is stored in core boxes for future use.

All half-core samples are sent by courier to ALS Chemex facility in Seville, Spain sent, where they are subjected to the sample preparation. The resulting residue is sent to her by ALS Laboratory in Romania for gold assay and ICP multi-element routine analysis. Gold analysis for all samples is about method “At – AA23″ carried out. (Au by fire assay and AAS, 30g-rated Proben Einwaage) The detection limit for this method is 5 ppb. For each sample with Au values ​​above 3 ppm, the residue by methods “In-GRA21″ reanalyzed. (Au by fire assay and gravimetric, 30g nominal sample weighing) The detection range for this method is 0,05 to 1000 ppm.

A set of standards and blanks was Colt in the drilling sample stream at regular intervals in addition to the laboratory's own, internal QA / QC standards and duplicates included. QA / QC of the results so far are well within the accepted norm.

Über Colt Resources Inc.

Colt Resources Inc. is a Canadian junior exploration company engaged in acquiring, Exploration and development of mineral properties with an emphasis on tungsten and gold. It is currently focused on advanced exploration projects in Portugal, where it is the largest holder of mineral properties.

SRK ES Managing Director Gareth O’Donovan CEng MSc BA (Hons) FIMMM FGS is an independent Qualified Person, as defined in NI 43-101 defined, Colt for the projects in Portugal. Mr. O'Donovan has reviewed the contents of this press release and consents to the information in the form and context, in which it appears, to.

The company's shares are traded on the TSX-V – Symbol: GTP, der OTCQX – Symbol: COLTF.PK and at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange – Symbol: P01 gehandelt.

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