Regulation of the rare earths under fire

Regulation of the rare earths under fire

30.04.2012 – China in the 1980s- and 1990s, sold large amounts of its deposits of rare earth very favorable to other countries. The current requirement, Such a bargain in the long term to continue to offer, According to a Chinese expert would rather irrational.

Zhang applications, stellvertretender Generalsekretär der Chinesischen Gesellschaft für Rare earth, said on Tuesday at a seminar, that the allegations are insulting the Chinese regulations on the export of rare earth. He was referring to some members of the WTO, who claim, China supplies the stall torque. Zhang calls a solid pricing mechanism, helps, to protect the environment and the ecosystem. Since the prices were for rare earths in the past always been underestimated, Now they must necessarily increase just.

At the 13. March, the U.S., The EU and Japan before the WTO jointly suing China, because of its alleged export controls on rare earth. They argued, that the shortage on the world market affects the business of local producers.

The excessive exploitation of rare earths in the past three decades has led to, that China now has more than 90 Percent of the rare earths around the world provides. Here, the reserves declined dramatically. Barg China three decades ago still 90 Percent of total global reserves of rare earths, today it is only just a third of.

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