RECOGNITION OF TRADE PARTNERS – Faster, better, better

RECOGNITION OF TRADE PARTNERS – Faster, better, better

14.05.2012 – “Today's agreement is an important step for the trade relations between the EU and the U.S.”, said the EU Commissioner for Taxation and Customs Union, Algirdas Šemeta, On Friday of last week. The Lithuanian politician says the recent agreement reached between the European Union and the United States of America. These have been agreed formally, their “secure dealer” to recognize each other. Currently the EU applies some five thousand companies as a safe trader, where it is formally correct “AEOs” is. These companies will benefit from faster Zukunt checks and customs clearance. They may also hope to lower costs and simplified processes.

Authorised Economic Operators

As part of the security changes to the Code, the Member States of the EU can been 2008 any economic operator status “AEO” (AEO) grant. Receive this status at the EU level, secure and reliable company, who are active in international trade. This requires, that the company has adequate Sichherheitsstandards and solvent is. A company, as the authorized economic operator is registered, benefits from customs simplifications. In the European Union are around five thousand companies registered as AEOs and the number is growing every year. The certification is recognized by all EU member states and thus the AEO also operate across national borders to enjoy the benefits.

Improving the trading opportunities

The AEO can look forward to the new agreement – This accelerated and reduced the transatlantic trade. Currently, the EU and the U.S. recorded a year- and of exports, worth almost 500 Milliaren €. The agreement, on the 04. May was signed, is the further expansion of trading opportunities. The agreement aims to ensure, that the movement goes smoothly from Equip and is not blocked by elaborate security precautions. At the same time the mutual recognition improve the overall safety of the trade, as the customs authorities in the future with the new regulations can concentrate on the actual risk areas. Approved traders are granted by the EU exports to the U.S. market incentives. In return, apply for the certified members of the U.S. Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) conditions also cheaper when imported into the EU. Mutual recognition of trading partners is an important step towards global harmonization of customs practices and procedures.

Targeted safety checks

The EU Commissioner for Taxation and Customs Union, Algirdas Šemeta, considers the agreement a major step forward: “At a time, need in the company as much support as possible, this agreement will lead to, that are easier and cheaper for many businesses, the transatlantic active traders”. The Commissioner believes that the agreement also allows, to improve the safety standards: “It will also help, that the security checks for merchandise targeted and effective run and thus the protection afforded by the duty of every citizen protection is further improved”.

Increase in world trade

The great advances in terms of communication and production of the borders between the countries it downright. World trade continues to grow and has particular expertise in the last ten years a tremendous growth. Alone between 2010 and 2011 is the international trade order 19,4 Percent increased. The logistics system for the intercontinental trade is becoming increasingly complex and complicated. Therefore, the customs administrations are forced, adapt their instruments to monitor and control the international movement of goods to the markets accelerated. In this context, the recognition of AEO 2008 already a huge step forward. Business, recognized as AEO, correspond formally to the high safety standards. Certified companies are also in customs control as a trusted trading partner and are thus subjected to less physical checks. With the benefit of the export operation saves on top of that transportation costs. Not only is the company, but also the customs administrations of prof t from the new rules. This may be the future focus more on the control of risky transactions.

Negotiations with other countries

But with the recent adoption agreement there is not enough. The EU is working to, recognize that all important trade partner status to reliable operators. Both Switzerland and Norway and Japan have already accepted the EU certification. With China currently is negotiating a similar agreement.

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