Rare earth producer Molycorp with high losses

08.05.2014 (www.4investors.de)

Die Aktie des Rare earth-Produzenten Molycorp (WKN A1C2GY / NYSE MCP) is listed on NYSE in after-hours trading yesterday at almost 12% crashed. The company reported for the first quarter 2014 a net loss of 40 Cent for Aktie aus, the still was higher than expected on the market.

Based in Colorado Molycorp reported a decline in quarterly sales compared to the same period of 18,5%, while observers had expected an increase and even though sales to 10% on 3.518 Tons of rose.

This was because, that the average selling price in the first three months 2014 at 13% on 33,69 USD for Kilogramm fiel. Thus, the persistent decline continues. 2013 total Molycorp had an average selling price of 42,26 Achieved USD per kilogram of its Mountain Pass mine and processing plant.

The Molycorp's stock is very popular among speculators and heard regularly among the most actively traded securities on the NYSE. At the end of the regular trading session yesterday closed at Molycorp hardly changed 4,55 USD and around 5,6 My. traded shares. In after-hours trading but it came to 11,6% except for 4,01 USD down.

Molycorp has been around since the beginning of 19% an Wert lost. 2011 listed on the stock is still more than 70 USD.

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