Rare earth and metals

Rare earth. If you type the first letter of “rare” in , the Google search engine, the term “rare earths” directly appears first on the list of the most-searched terms. What are the backgrounds of these rare-earth “hysteria”? The often used abbreviated name of “rare earths” instead of the metals of the rare earth is misleading. The name of this group roots back to the research and discovery of these elements and is based on the basis , that have been found first in the rare minerals and were isolated from them in the form of their oxides. Previously, the oxides were also known as earth.

Trading platform for rare earths and metals

Through our network of dealers has grown organically, Mines operated and investors, we have regularly qualified offers of rare earths and metals. Each vendor is the Institute known, each product offered is spotted and has an analytical report. The Institute of Rare Earth Metals and brings buyers directly with the seller of the goods offered in conjunction.


The history of the rare earths

A summary of the findings of the rare earths. Wikipedia offers an overview, of the early period of discovery, which could not be written better than that.


The rare earth elements

There are 17 rare earth elements with the general, physical and atomic descriptions. How are they obtained, what are their characteristics and for what purpose are they used.


Strategische Metalle und deren aktuelle Marktpreise

Strategic Metals, also referred to as secondary metals , are required , in order to produce specific products. These strategic metals are usually only needed in very small quantities, however, without them, the manufacturing chain would be interrupted with the consequence that products, such as fuel cells, thin-film photovoltaic or hybrid vehicles could not be emerged.


The rare earth elements as a presentation- or gift box

About a member of us, the company Seltenerdmetalle24, You have the opportunity the rare earth elements to acquire in a beautiful presentation box.


Current market prices of the most common rare earths

Here are the current prices of the rare earths . such as Europium, Terbium, Yttrium, Dysprosium, Gadolinium, Neodymium and Praseodymium. The prices are updated monthly and reflect the price , that must be paid for the goods offered in Germany.


Analyses and reports of the rare earths and metals

The stocks of rare earths have been as the premier class in the market during the past 12 months. Why is this so, what will happen with the rare earths in the future, how will the prices display and what will be done in order that the western world's achieve an independence from the current major suppliers of the far east. All will be shown here.

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