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Trading platform for rare earths and metals

Through our network of dealers has grown organically, Mines operated and investors, we have regularly qualified offers of rare earths and metals. Each vendor is the Institute known, each product offered is spotted and has an analytical report. The Institute for Rare earth and metals brings buyers directly with the seller of the goods offered in conjunction. At the special request of a party may accompany the purchase transaction, the institute also as an independent body. After successful completion of the transaction, the Institute for Rare Earth receives a commission of 3% plus. the valid VAT. by the seller. Please understand, that the prices here are called. Upon proper identification of the interested buyer internals are exchanged via e-mail.


Special offer for the purchase of rare earths and metals

Listed goods are from the Institute of Rare earth and metals sighted. An analysis is in all offers from. If interested, please contact info@ise-ev.org .

If you want to offer goods, Please also contact them at info@ise-ev.org .
It MUST be present in each case an analysis and an existence proof provided.

Holmiumoxid120 KGGermany99,5 %Fresenius
2.Thuliumoxid20 KGGermany99,5 %Fresenius
3.Neodymoxid2.500 KGGermany99,560IGAS March 2012
4.Copper Powder110 KGGermany99,9994IGAS
5.Iron Ore50.000 MT / monthSouth America64%on request
6.Dysprosium Oxid650 KGGermany99,99IGAS
7.SE melting block2.000 KGGermanyOn requestIGAS
8.Gadolinium Oxid460 KGGermany99,879IGAS
9.Praseodym oxide1.300 KGGermany99,5IGAS

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