Rare earths market price developments in June 2012

Rare earths market price developments in June 2012

21.06.2012 www.institute-rare-erden.org – Most rare earth prices remained low this month. However, some recorded motions based on the demand.

The prices of europium oxide recorded the biggest loss with a slump of 9% for trade per kilogram. The prices of lanthanum oxide decreased 5,06% to RMB 74,000 (RMB Chinese Yuan Renminbi = 1 EURO = approx. 8 RMB) pro metris cher Tonne.

Prices for praseodymium remained low and closed at the end of the week with RMB 30.000 pmt. The prices of yttrium oxide fell by RMB 160,000 pmt and praseodymium oxide fell for something from.

Neodymoxide remained constant so far, show however a decreasing trend. Experts from one to 20% reduced price within the next three months from.

Other prices of rare earths tend to trade sideways, for the majority of the month, without significant changes.

Those: Institute for Rare earth und Metalle e.V. – www.institut-seltene-erden.org

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