Rare earth – Current Mai 2013

Praseodym / Neodymium

The prices for praseodymium / neodymium metal was during the last days, in response to the declining demand of NdFeB producers, weakened. Some suppliers have prices for 99% pure praseodymium / neodymium to U.S. $ 60,00 for Kilogramm gesenkt, im Vergleich zu etwa US$ 62,00 pro Kilogramm in der letzten Woche. Ein Produzent aus dem Norden berichtete, dass Preise um US$ 59,20 pro Kilogramm von einigen Lieferanten aufgrund eines Mangels an Käufern und den im Überfluss vorhandenen Lagervorräten akzeptiert werden könnten.


The dysprosium oxide demand stagnates as consumers wait for lower prices. Some suppliers offered prices of U.S. $ 243.00 / kg. However, it was reported only limited business activity.


China europium oxide prices are once again dropped and go with the weakening of demand from manufacturers of fluorescent powder amid the economic slowdown accompanied. 4N europium oxide prices have fallen to U.S. $ 634.00 / kg. A few days ago yet prices were spotted by U.S. $ 682.00 / kg.


The 4N terbium oxide prices are at U.S. $ 478.00 / kg. Towards the end of last month, they stood at U.S. $ 488.00 / kg. A number of manufacturers of fluorescent powder had reduced their consumption of rare earth oxides, da Prices 2011 are greatly increased. Together with weak demand, caused by the economic downturn, the demand for terbium oxide was sluggish in recent months and the prices are more in downtrend.


The prices are for lanthanum metal with falling prices for lanthanum oxide and a relatively weak demand currently on the wane. Some providers offer U.S. $ 11.38 / KG for 99% pure lanthanum metal at. From some suppliers' prices of U.S. $ 10.70 is accepted / KG. Meanwhile, the prices of 99-99.9% pure lanthanum oxide from U.S. $ 5.53 / KG have fallen to about U.S. $ 5,20 / KG, due to the abundance of existing domestic inventories.


Due to high inventory levels and increasing production, especially in northern China, there are ample supplies of cerium oxide on the Chinese domestic market. Coupled with an increasing overseas production and relatively low consumption on the cerium oxide abrasive powder market is present in excess. This is reflected in the price drop. The prices of 99-99.9% pure cerium oxide hold at around U.S. $ 5.53 / KG. Some suppliers offer at a higher price of U.S. $ 5,85 an.

Those: Charts von www.metal-pages.com

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