Q:Batch Europe AG to Acquire Manir

The negotiations between the Q:Batch Europe AG and the Croatian project- and planning company Manir d.o.o. bear fruit. On Wednesday, the two sides signed an agreement to acquire the shares in Manir doo by Q:Load Europe AG. Manir, a planning- and project company, has an innovative technology for the recovery of raw materials from industrial waste as well as technical waste. The Berlin Aktiengesellschaft thus gaining for her young business' recycling and raw materials "a strategic bridgehead in the operating business. The agreement signed today, now follow the concrete takeover negotiations, the modalities and conditions will be determined. Q batch is currently assumed, that the acquisition can be completed in December.

About the Q:Load Europe AG

Q Die:Batch Europe AG since 2011 listed on the Berlin Stock Exchange. The company had initially with the infrastructure for electric mobility. As a new business, the raw material recycling was established, the Management Board resolution in October 2013 was extended to all sectors of the Extractive Industries. Thus, the basis of market development and value creation is broadened. The focus of the company's activities currently focus on innovative technologies for niche- and key positions, their target groups can be recycled using both the commercial and the manufacturing industry.

Those: IRW-Press.com.

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