Q:Batch Europe AG concentrated in Croatia recycling streams from Balkan neighbors



Berlin, 3. December 2013. Q Die:Batch Europe AG builds with the acquisition of Manir doo Croatia as a central recycling location for the throughout the Balkans from. The comparatively young and dynamic economies of countries such as Macedonia or Croatia, but also Serbia and Bulgaria produce in the coming years growing share of electronic. Are in Macedonia last year, about 12.000 Tons, as recorded Serbia 30.000 Tons, Bulgaria 40.000 Tonnes and Croatia 55.000 Tonnes of electronic waste from mobile phones, Computers or other electrical equipment. Remember man, invest more in particular, the very young population groups in the Balkans in mobile phones and computers, Q increases:Batch Europe in time and thus securing access and plenty of prospects market position in a growth market.

About the Q:Load Europe AG

Q Die:Batch Europe AG since 2011 an der Berlin Stock Exchange listed. The company had initially with the infrastructure for electric mobility. As a new business, the raw material recycling was established, the Management Board resolution in October 2013 was extended to all sectors of the Extractive Industries. Thus, the basis of market development and value creation is broadened. The focus of the company's activities are currently innovative Technologien for niche- and key positions, their target groups can be recycled using both the commercial and the manufacturing industry.


Markus Leu
Q:Load Europe AG
Fritschestraße 62 · 10627 Berlin
E-Mail: contact@q-charge.de
Tel.: +49 30 225027-128
Fax: +49 30 225027-101

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