Projects of the rare earth Storkwitz AG

Seltene Erden Projekt Storkwitz


The SES intends, bring down in the well-known rare earth deposits Storkwitz Delitzsch in an exploratory drilling. The bore is at an angle of about. 10Degrees from the perpendicular towards the northwest and drilled to a depth of 700 m reach. This corresponds to the current depth exploration of this deposit through historic East holes.

The main goal of our hole, it is, to confirm details of the GDR and mineralization content (Table). The newly acquired data to a deposit resource estimate for the internationally recognized JORC standard (Joint Ore Reserves Committee) enable.

At the same time it is provided, deliver with the new hole abzuteufenden further evidence, that a further exploration, at greater depths, is promising.

The core drilling is carried out but also for the purpose of material gain. With the help of the resulting ore is to be not only a geological-mineralogical characterization, There are also extensive process-technological processing tests planned, To verify the feasibility of extraction and enrichment of the coveted rare earths.

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