Explains PR expert Michael Oehme, such as China facilitates access to rare earths

Implementation of the WTO ruling: China lets its export restrictions on Rare earth fallen

St. Gallen, 12.01.2015. As adopted in August ruling of the World Trade Organization (WTO) China is clearly of export restrictions on rare earths from. The Ministry of Commerce in Beijing announced, that in the future for the export of 18 Metals only export permits are still required. According to the state-owned newspaper “Securities News” would parallel the previously applicable delivery- repealed and export quotas for rare earths. The WTO had declared exports in August inadmissible, as China's export restrictions on rare earths do not agree with their rules. "Are considered rare earths 18 Metals, the valuable properties of the high-tech industry have ", confirmed PR expert Michael Oehme. "These are needed for the entire world production, one Computer, Mobile phones, Produce batteries or flat panel displays. "

In addition, rare earths in wind turbines, Rocketry, Used electric cars and energy-saving lamps. Derived solely from China 90 Percent of worldwide delivery - the country has so almost a monopoly. "However, only accounts for 23 Percent of the total global reserves of rare earth on the People's Republic ", so Oehme more. This was referred to the dangers of excessive overexploitation. So Beijing insisted, the quotas in 2011 to have taken only, prevent environmental damage caused by the mining of rare earths.

The funding- and export quotas were primarily industrial policy objectives and not – as claimed by Beijing – environmental protection. This was the EU's argument, Confirmed Japan and the USA, had lodged the complaint against the trade restrictions. The export was established in 2010 restricted on the grounds, To want to protect the environment and resources better. Beijing argues the effect, that other countries such as the US had closed many mining sites for ecological reasons. "The problem, that are required for the production of rare earths high amounts of acid. In addition, slightly radioactive waste is ", said Michael Oehme.

Those: http://www.trendkraft.de/wirtschaft-geschaeft/pr-experte-michael-oehme-erklaert-wie-china-den-zugang-zu-seltenen-erden-erleichtert/

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