Polyus Gold with strong organic growth

Polyus Gold with strong organic growth

18.04.2012 Moscow – That it is Polyus Gold to one of the few established gold companies, whose production can be relatively easily expanded, the most recently published figures show the output in the first quarter of this year concerning.

All in all, encouraged the Russians from January to March 2012 328.000 Ounces of the yellow metal. In the first quarter 2011, as it only 258.000 Ounces were, This represents a considerable increase of more than 27 Percent. Particularly pleasing: The growth was mainly organic and was not generated primarily through acquisitions.

Mine expansions are already showing effect

Possible the apparent increase in emissions was primarily in, that Polyus Gold has expanded the production capacity in several mines. Both in the Olimpiada- and in the mine Blagodatnoye, which are both located in the Krasnoyarsk region in Eastern Siberia, could be reduced significantly more gold than a year ago. The same goes for the gold mine in Yakutia Kuranakh in the North East of Russia. In addition, preparations were made, to also increase the emission of Verninskoye mine near Irkutsk in eastern Siberia.

Companies optimistic on

Against this background of strong organic growth, the company is confident for the future. After all, Polyus Gold operates a number of producing mines and exploration projects in five Russian regions, with huge gold deposits. Carried out so far modernization- and expansion of measures covered only selected deposits. But also the other properties have no doubt the potential, medium- to produce more long-term, so that must be assumed, that the Russians may well continue to increase their production above average dynamic.

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